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COVID-19 Consultation (Kids)


If your child is having any COVID-19 like symptoms, connect with a doctor over video/audio call from your home. This consultation is for children i.e below 18 years old.

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What is CoronaVirus?
Coronavirus is a type of virus that is known to cause a pandemic respiratory illness as Covid 19 symptoms, and they are highly contagious. It is assumed that this virus could have originated in animals and then mutated to cause disease in humans. One reportedly showed the symptoms within the fourteen days of exposure to this virus, and the infected person is contagious up to 20 days after they expose the symptoms. But the period purely depends on the individual's immunity level. Covid-19 got its name from CO from coronavirus, VI from virus and D for disease with 19 as it was first reported in the year 2019.
Symptoms of Covid 19 in Kids
As this particular virus is highly unpredictable and has a variation of Covid 19 symptoms in a different population, it is tough to identify in children. Therefore, all the exhibited signs and Covid 19 symptoms are mentioned below. This makes it easy for people to identify the problem in kids and children. The Covid 19 symptoms are: Fever Cough Short breath Fatigue Body chills Headache Muscle pain Sore throat Nose congestion Loss of smell and taste Vomiting Nausea Diarrhoea Pneumonia Respiratory failure Liver damage Septic shock Heart failure Chest pain The confused state of mind Blue lips and face Difficulty in waking Mucus and phlegm Stroke Disruption in speech clarity Numb or weak arms Blood clots inside the system
Covid 19 Preventive measures for Kids
The preventive measures one should take for kids to protect them from getting infected are mentioned below. Wear a mask that follows the safety protocols and guidelines. Any kid above two years of age should wear a mask to safeguard his/her health. This prevents and controls the spread. Also, take care to store, clean and dispose of the mask properly. All these include cleaning the hands well before touching the mask and also after taking it off. Store them in a clean plastic bag and wash them regularly if they are made of fabric material. If it is a medical mask, dispose of them in a trash bin without giving second thoughts. This will make the job more effective and prevent unnecessary infection through these external protective factors. Most importantly, make sure that the mask covers the nose, mouth, and chin and prevents using a mask with valves. Reports have stated that the virus is capable of moving ten meters in aerosols, and hence kids are highly recommended to wear double masks to reduce the transmission. Avoid going and playing in spaces that are enclosed and crowded. Reports have shown that places like play areas with indoor settings with proximity between kids have higher transmission risks. Therefore, little ones should stay home and stay safe. Clean the hands frequently with hand wash or rub them with alcohol-based sanitisers. This eliminates the germs and viruses from the hands and entering the system. Educate the kids to cover the nose and mouth while sneezing or coughing. Teach them to dispose of tissues into the trash. Always keep telling them to avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouth with dirty or contaminated hands. Clean and disinfect all their toys and books regularly to keep them safe from the virus.
Covid 19 Treatment for Kids
The treatment for kids with corona initial symptoms is slightly different from treating an adult. The necessary line of medicine that has to be given for children are as follows. In order to treat the symptoms of corona virus and all throat problems and phlegm developing in the body, kids are given an antibiotic known as augmentin that is a powder suspension that has to be stored in the refrigerator and used within one week after opening it and mixing sterilized water to it. The kid is asked to administer paracetamol 500 mg for five days thrice to treat his rising temperature levels and discomfort through body and muscle aches. Becozym C forte once a day is a necessary supplement to help the medicines act better. Vitamin C chewable tablet is advised to be continued for the next one month to boost the kid's immunity levels. Vitamin D is also highly recommended during these medications to help the body cope with the virus invasion and help in fast recovery from the symptoms of corona virus. The kids must steam twice or thrice every day and inhale hot air through their nostrils to prevent the virus from forming colonies in all the sinus cavities. Gargle with hot water and salt continuously to relieve the throat discomfort and ease all the mucus that forms in the throat and its canals.
How to consult a Kids Covid Specialist Online?
All the online consultation for kids for Covid work in a similar manner as for adults. The mildly affected children may be quarantined and treated at home. Kids are mainly liable to heal and recover very soon, but kids with respiratory and other related problems must take proper medical help. Care.fit provides consultation through Covid online for kids, and they work with specialized and highly professional paediatricians. All the online consultations are done with utmost care for children below 18 years of age. All the necessary steps that one should do to get Covid online for kids are: Type online consultation for kids on google mentioning Care.fit on the search bar. Covid 19 help online will provide the parents with the details of all the paediatrician, with their location, years of experience and when they will be available Select the preferred paediatrician you would like to go ahead with to treat your kid. Mention your query on the Covid 19 help online and upload all the necessary medical documents and details about the child. Tag all the previous records and reports. This allows the paediatrician to have an idea about your case history. The payment details for all Covid online for kids sessions are provided to all the people at this stage. Jot down all the symptoms experienced by your kids and think about all the questions for the paediatrician. This will help you make use of all the allotted time during the consultations for Covid online for kids. The paediatrician assigned for Covid 19 online for kids will then look into all the medical documents and exhibited symptoms and recommend any further lab tests. The paediatrician will then prescribe all the required medicines for the kids and request you to report if the health condition worsens. If the health improves, there will not be any need for further consultations or follow up sessions of Covid 19 online for kids. The free follow-ups are the highlights of Covid 19 online for kids, and if the health improves with the prescribed medicines, the parents can report through mails and update the paediatricians. After this, one will survey the case of the particular kid under Covid 19 online for kids. One will bring it to an end, stating that the child has recovered.
Benefits of Online Consultation for Covid
With the best paediatricians, the Covid 19 consultation for kids is done online by Care.fit. The benefits of doing this online without a physical visit to the paediatrician are: Covid 19 consultation for kids is done without facing the long queues and waiting amidst so many sick kids in a hospital environment. Covid 19 consultation for kids is diagnosed with more precision online, and the patients are given the best line of treatment. Covid 19 consultation for kids makes sure that they go through all the previous medical records and reports and then prescribe medicines to prevent the risk of any allergies or drug contradictions. They have a well-experienced Pulmonologist and ENT Specialist as Covid has significant problems associated with lungs and throat. Compared to physical visits, the Covid 19 consultation for kids online is done faster. It is seen to save money and time compared to physical visits, and all the Covid 19 consultation for kids online is user friendly with the help of the mobile app and online face to face video calls with a laptop or computer. Covid 19 consultation for kids provides digital prescriptions, records and reports that one can access from anywhere in the world. This makes it easy to maintain and share with other people in case of emergency. The follow-up session is usually done within eight days after confirmation of the virus. It is done free of cost for all the Covid 19 consultation for kids online. The slot is left to the patient's choice in terms of time and date. It is done as per his/her convenience for the Covid 19 online consultation for kids. All the kids can stay home in their comfort zones and get their medical examination done. The parents also have the freedom to choose the paediatricians based on their experience and field of specializations. They also offer Covid 19 consultation for adults under urgent circumstances. It helps the parents to feel comfortable without much stress to stay at home and solve all the problems. It helps a person cut down all the other unnecessary expenses that one has to spend on travelling to the hospital. The kid can escape the hospital fear, which is the usual phobia all children have. Online video calls make them stay calm, giving the parents great relief to handle their tantrums.
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