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COVID-19 Consultation (Adults)


In case of any Covid-19 symptoms, consult a doctor over a video/audio call. This consultation is for 18+ users

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Why and when should I consult an Internal Medicine Specialist?

Internal/Family Medicine specialists provide long-term, comprehensive care and can manage both common and complex diseases. They examine, diagnose, treat acute illnesses (e.g., infections, influenza) and chronic diseases (e.g., diabetes, high blood pressure). If you are experiencing any of the below mentioned symptoms, you are requested to consult an internal/family medicine specialist at the ea ... rliest. -If you have been experiencing any kind of inexplicable body pain for a few days. -If you have had high blood pressure for some time now. -If you have been sneezing continuously or have a running nose. -When your body temperature has been on the higher side persistently despite following general precautions. -All the above-mentioned symptoms can seem very trivial at face value, however, they might just be the window to something fatal which you should get treatment at the earliest.


What are the conditions that our Internal Medicine Specialists can treat?

We have listed down some conditions, which if you have been persistently experiencing, must consult an internal/family medicine specialist immediately -If you have been down with cough and cold for a few days now and it has not gone despite any treatment, then you should get it checked immediately. -When your fever has just been on the higher side and has not gone down despite following all th ... e guidelines of a general physician, then it is time to get it checked for more potential serious problems. -If you have been facing general allergies or any sort of allergies for a few days and are unable to understand the reason why, then we recommend you get it treated as it might be the symptom of a potentially chronic disease which you should eliminate in the earlier stages itself. -If you have been having any heart disease or anything else ranging from diabetes, obesity and chronic lung disease, then consulting an expert is the best way ahead for your body.

How it Works

What can I expect in an Online Video Consultation with an Internal Medicine Specialist?

Once you have made the wise decision of consulting with one of our top specialists, you no longer have to go searching for Internal Medicine Specialist near me. Instead, you can- -Book an appointment with the doctor of your choice from our app or website. -Share your medical reports or records with your doctor to help them understand your case beforehand. -Before the day of consultation, not ... e down all your symptoms and any questions that you may have to make the best use of the time given. -During the consultation, the doctor will do a thorough investigation. and recommend the best way forward


What are the benefits of doing an Online Internal Medicine Consultation?

Best Doctors: Connect with the Best Internal Medicine Specialist in the country to get accurate diagnosis and the best possible treatment options for your condition No wait time: You do not have to worry about waiting in line at a doctors clinic as the consultation starts exactly at the time chosen by you. Digital records: All your prescriptions from the doctor and medical records are digitize ... d which gives you the convenience of accessing it from just about anywhere and at any time. Free follow up session: Get a free follow-up within 8 days of your consultation. Convenience: Our objective at carefit is to facilitate best services in a hassle-free manner.You can pick the time slot as per your convenience and get the consultation from doctors at the comfort of your home. After successful payment, a confirmation email will be sent to the registered email id with a link for Online Internal Medicine Specialist. We have Female Specialists too for women who prefer to be seen by a lady doctor

What is CoronaVirus?
Coronavirus is a new strain of virus that came into existence in 2019 and spreads from one person to another person through saliva or discharge from the nose. It is highly contagious, and people with problems like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and chronic respiratory diseases are in serious trouble as it causes severe problems. So, it is advised in recent times to practice respiratory etiquettes like coughing with the elbow flexed. Other necessary steps that one can take are social distancing, making use of alcohol-based rub on the hands frequently, washing hands regularly and wearing proper protective face masks. Check out the symptoms of corona virus for a better understanding.
Symptoms of Covid 19 in Adults
The Covid 19 symptoms are respiratory failure, permanent lung and heart muscle damage. Very rarely it is seen to damage the kidneys and nervous system of the body. At times these symptoms of coronavirus turn out to be life-threatening when the health deteriorates tremendously. The various and common Covid 19 symptoms in adults are: Fever Cough Headache Fatigue Sore throat Loss of smell and taste Breathing difficulty and shortness of breath The less common Covid 19 symptoms in patients are: Chills Nausea and vomiting Runny nose Diarrhoea Body aches and muscle pain
Covid 19 Preventive measures for Adults
The preventive measures that have to be necessarily done to stop the spread of the deadly virus by everyone are: Keep all the rooms and residing spaces well ventilated. Avoid moving around and refrain from walking amidst crowds or highly populated zones. Clean the hands regularly with soaps and sanitize them frequently with alcohol-based hand rubs. Follow proper etiquettes like coughing with the mouth covered and elbows bent to prevent the nearby people's discharge. Get vaccinated as early as possible and wear masks all the time when you step out. Maintain social distancing with at least one-meter distance from other people. This will reduce the risk of infection whenever they talk, sneeze or cough. Avoid air-conditioned rooms as this increases the chance of the virus spread. Monitor your health continuously. Be alert of all the corona initial symptoms that your body is experiencing. If the temperature is high, you are at higher risk and keep track of your oxygen levels with the help of an oximeter. Take care not to measure the oxygen and temperature reading within thirty minutes after physical exercises or medications like acetaminophen.
Covid 19 Treatment for Adults
A person who is infected with coronavirus requires immediate medical help to prevent the severity of the disease. If the patient exhibits mild symptoms or is asymptomatic, then he/she requires no medication and can isolate them from the rest of the world and give some time for the body to heal and recover. But if the person showed various Covid 19 symptoms that exhausts his/her health, then he/she should opt for immediate online medical consultation or physical medical help. By looking into the various treatments, a consolidated general treatment plan for adults is explained below. Those infected with Covid-19 have to take all the below-mentioned drugs to help their body fight against the harmful virus and save the body. The first crucial antiviral agent to be administered to the patient is Remdesivir in severely affected patients. This is the first line of treatment for any adult who is infected with the coronavirus. It is recommended only for patients who are at least 40 kilograms in weight. This is for patients who require supplemental oxygen but not under mechanical ventilation conditions. And this is a medicine that has to be done only under medical supervision and must not be administered at home. Dexamethasone is the following necessary medication for covid patients, which is a corticosteroid. This is best for patients who are under mechanical ventilation conditions. Tocilizumab is a drug; when added to the above therapy was seen to be more efficient to improve the survival rates of all the infected patients. This is mainly used when the patient exhibits rapid respiratory decompensation because of the virus. Paracetamol of 650 mg must be taken for the whole of a week thrice to combat body temperatures. Ivermectin 250 mcg is taken on an empty stomach for five days, and besides all the above, a patient must gargle with hot water and salt twice a day. He/she must steam twice a day without fail. Aspirin is recommended for nearly twenty days as it leads to thinning the blood and prevents the blood clots that are most liable to occur in the body because of the virus invasion. Becozym C forte is another supplement that the patient should take to help the body recover and react to the drugs administered to treat the virus. It also helps the body cope with all the heavy doses and soothes the stomach to absorb all the necessary constituents. Inhaling budesonide with inhalers with 800 mcg twice a day is seen to ease cough symptoms if it is persisting beyond five days. If temperature and other symptoms of corona virus continue beyond five days or the patient's oxygen levels are seen to be dropping, then he/ she should seek immediate medical help to prevent any further life-threatening incident.
How to consult an Adults Covid Specialist Online?
Online consultations for adults are widespread these days as many mildly affected people do not want to get physically examined and treated. Various sites like care.fit provides Covid online for adults developed and operated with reputed and well-experienced doctors. This gives extra trust for the patients as they have online consultation sessions with their in-house doctors rather than hiring anybody new. The things that one should do to get tested for Covid online for adults are: Type the requirement on google mentioning Care.fit. Covid 19 help online will provide the patients with the details of all the doctors who offer online support. Select the preferred doctor, or you can even search by name. Mention your query on the Covid 19 help online and choose the doctor you would like to contact. Fix an appointment with them and then upload all the necessary medical documents and details about you along with your previous records and reports. This allows the doctor to have an idea about your case history. At this stage, one must make the payments for booking for covid online for adults with an online doctor visit. The day before the consultation, take note of all the prevailing symptoms and jot down all the questions to make the best use of the time allotted for you during the appointment schedule for Covid online for adults. The doctor will thoroughly investigate you on the day of the consultation for Covid 19 online for adults. They further suggest any tests if required for proper diagnosis. Then he/she will suggest medications and ask you to report after your course of drugs ends. Just check for Covid 19 online for adults to get the best care and treatment. If the health does not improve, you will be offered a free consultation, or else you will be just asked to write to them back with your present recovery status. These free follow-ups are the highlights of Covid 19 online for adults. Then your case in Covid 19 online for adults will be closed and then surveyed further if required.
Benefits of Online Consultation for Covid
The Covid 19 consultation for adults is done online with the best doctors by Care.fit, and the benefits of doing this without a physical visit to the doctor are: Covid 19 consultation for adults online provides the most accurate diagnosis with the best treatment suggestions. This is because they go through all the previous medical records and reports thoroughly, investigating everything. Covid 19 consultation for adults online is done in a faster time when compared to physical visits. Covid 19 consultation for adults online is seen to save time and money considerably. Covid 19 consultation for adults online prevents and reduces the virus spread to other people who access the infected patients as the online consultation is done in their own home. They need not move from one place to another and get treated with just one click on their computer or laptop or even their phones. Covid 19 consultation for adults online reduces the waiting time and standing in queues and can meet the doctor face to face in the assigned time and slot. The records and prescriptions are all digital in Covid 19 consultation for adults online, and therefore they are very conveniently accessed from anywhere and can be sent to anyone around the globe with ease. The follow-up session in Covid 19 online consultation for adults online is free of cost, and this is usually done within eight days after the online consultation session. The slot is left to the patient's choice as per his/her feasibility and convenience during Covid 19 online consultation. The whole Covid 19 Consultation for adults procedure is hassle-free and is done at the comfort of one's own home. One also has the freedom to choose the doctors. If a person is particular about having a lady doctor, she is immediately provided on request. They also offer Covid 19 consultation for kids under unavoidable circumstances. They also have well-experienced pulmonologists and ENT specialists in treating related problems.
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