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      Saakshi Agarwal
      M.Sc. Applied Psychology
      Relationships, Anxiety, Confidence, Addiction
      Next available at 12:00 PM
      Dusi Annapurna
      MA Psychology
      Personal Growth, Anxiety
      Next available at 09:00 AM
      Sruthi Sridharan
      M.A Psychology (Clinical)
      Anxiety, Stress, Addiction
      Next available at 06:00 PM
      Nishtha Budhiraja
      MA Psychology, M. Sc Cognitive Neuropsychology
      Personal Growth, Anxiety
      Next available tomorrow
      Lakshmi Ravi Kumar
      M.Sc., Clinical Psychology
      Personal Growth, Anxiety, Stress
      Next available at 10:00 AM
      Pritika Sangwan
      M.A., Applied Psychology (Clinical Psychology)
      Depression, Relationships, Anxiety
      Next available 08 Dec
      Honeyika Khullar
      MA Applied Psychology
      Personal Growth, Anxiety
      Next available at 04:00 PM


      Emotional distress is as much a part of life as physical distress is. Mood swings, stress, and anxiety are common due to setbacks in personal or professional lives. But while most people come out of it on their own some need the help of a therapist. The best part is that they can be consulted online!

      Who is a Therapist?

      A therapist is a trained professional who understands the troubles an individual goes through and heals and comforts you when you need it the most. These are trained and licensed professionals with specialization in developing the emotional and cognitive skills of their clients. A therapist stays with you in your life journey and provides hope during difficult times. He/she is able to understand the problems that you are undergoing, helps you to get a proper insight into your life, and facilitates changes. A therapist also called a psychotherapist is aware of your life experiences and cares about you and your overall well-being. In a nutshell, a therapist is an individual who provides unbiased support and is non-judgemental. A therapist online assists in making the desired changes by providing objective guidance to become the best version of self just like the traditional therapist in a clinical setting.

      What does a Therapist do?

      A Psychotherapist basically works towards helping people solve or overcome their issues. The problems can be varied and range from problems in marriage, relationships, substance abuse, behavioural problems, etc. Depending on the type of therapy, look for a therapist online India. that specializes in what they do depends on it. Some of the examples of therapist online are: A family therapist works with families and helps resolve personal issues between them. A marriage therapist works with couples and helps solve marital issues. An occupational therapist works with people with temporary or permanent disabilities and helps them lead an independent life. A behavioural therapist resolves behavioural dysfunction in people and works towards changing their behaviour. A Cognitive and behavioural therapist identifies patterns that lead to destructive habits and change their patterns. A child therapist works with children with emotional and behavioural disturbances and helps them develop a healthy childhood. A recreational therapist works with people to increase their level of well-being through arts, crafts, or other such activities. Irrespective of the type of psychotherapist, they are client-oriented and their main focus is improving their well-being. It can be in different areas like mental, emotional, occupational, relational, or physical. If you are suffering from mental or emotional issues look for a therapist near me to book a session.

      When Should I Consult a Therapist?

      Determining when to see a psychotherapist is quite a challenge as most people are not aware of what they are feeling. However, due to the presence of an online counsellor, it has become easy to consult one without stigma. Below are some of the signs that can help you determine if you should see a therapist online: Not performing optimally: If you are having emotional or mental issues it can impact your attention, concentration, focus, and energy and that leads to working below your potential. Additionally, you lack interest in doing work and that can lead to more mistakes at work or school. That can prove risky in professionals like doctors, lawyers, or those operating machinery and hence should take the help of a therapist online India. Difficulty in controlling emotions: It is common to feel anger, sadness, or other intense emotions but it is essential to understand how often and how intense you feel these. If you are always ill-tempered, irritated, and frustrated it can be a sign of depression. Uncontrolled anger is seen as a sign of manifestation of negative feelings about someone, something, or self. A quick search for a therapist near me will give you a list of therapists to pick and consult. Inability to maintain or build relationships: People struggling emotionally have difficulty creating or maintaining relationships at work or school. They are unable to work in teams or work under someone. Such people also are unable to maintain relationships as they are insecure or pull away from people close to them. All this takes a toll on not just the person suffering from emotional problems but also people close to them. So speak to a therapist online India. Unable to enjoy activities that you liked: This is a typical sign of those struggling with psychological and emotional issues. They do not like the activities that they liked to do and feel disconnected. Such people feel an emptiness within and suffer from some form of mental disorder. It can be due to chronic depression, emotional abuse, or neglect. Such people can also attempt suicide as they feel their life is worthless. Lack of sleep or appetite: Changes in sleep patterns and/or appetite is another sign of issues with emotional or mental health. These tend to have a great impact on sleep and appetite. When you are mentally not feeling good, it leads to sleeplessness and insomnia or might sleep all the time. Similarly, people with issues either overeat or can barely eat. Thus if you see that you are having eating or sleeping disorders for a long period of time and it is time to take a step back and search for a therapist near me and consult one. Physically unwell: Not many are aware that mental health issues can indirectly affect physical health as they are both connected. The central nervous system is affected by psychological issues that impact the other parts of the body like the cardiovascular system, endocrine, immunity, etc. It also leads to many common ailments like cold, fatigue, aches, inflammation, and more. If you have any of these issues and suffering for a long time then you could benefit by consulting a psychotherapist. Using substance abuse to cope: When you are in emotional or mental duress people look for coping mechanisms. The most easily found are drugs and alcohol. When people are feeling anxious, hopeless, and have negative thoughts they become dependent on drugs and other substances. But it can become counterproductive as this interferes with treatment and causes further issues. So if you have issues, consult a therapist online India. You are not done grieving: Whether it is a breakup, divorce, or death grieving can be a long process and a sad one. But most people who have a shoulder to cry and someone to share their burden eventually get over it. But there are some who are unable to overcome it and are depressed and need therapy from an online counsellor.

      What are the Conditions the Therapist Treats?

      People seek counselling through a therapist when they identify issues that they want to work on. Sometimes family or friends encourage individuals to seek professional help. At other times, people are mandated by the court or legal authority to attend therapy. Whatever be the situation a therapist treats the following mental health conditions: Depression: It is a mental illness where a person is unable to enjoy anything or feels sad for weeks at a time sometimes for small things and other times without reason. The other symptoms of depression are lack of energy, irritability, mood swings, sleep disorders, and suicidal tendencies. People with depression are unable to lead a normal life and perform below par at their jobs and are unable to care for themselves and/or their family. It can be a short-term illness or a chronic one but with the right treatment, it can be overcome. People who suffer from this mental illness can lead a full and happy life if they seek the right treatment from an online counsellor or a therapist for depression. Anxiety disorders: It is a condition when anxiety starts to affect your life in a big way. Having anxiety can be quite distressing and makes life difficult. It is a condition that lasts for many months to years. Most of the time people with this condition are anxious even in situations that are not stressful and are worried about aspects they cannot control or are likely to cause problems. But by effective treatment and therapy anxiety disorders are treatable. Therapist for depression usually treat this disorder too. Addiction: It is a health disorder where you are unable to stop using the substance even though you know it causes harm. Some of the common addictions are drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and gambling. Addiction can affect not just health but also finance, relationships, and work-life too. Addiction takes a long time to cure and very often people relapse after recovery. However, visiting a therapist can help in managing this and also recovering from it. Personality disorders: It is a condition of the brain where a person finds it hard to feel comfortable in their own body. That leads to problems with self and other people. The other signs of this condition are they are sensitive, have painful thoughts about themselves and others. It can lead to distress in all aspects of their lives. Getting help from a therapist online can aid in managing the symptoms. Eating disorders: These are abnormal eating and exercise patterns that interfere with everyday activities and life. Some of the eating disorders are bulimia, anorexia, and binge eating. People with eating disorders worry about their appearance and body weight. With proper treatment, people can recover from this disorder. So Don’t wait for it to get worse but search for a therapist near me and consult now! Obsessive-compulsive order: This is a mental illness where people have obsessions like having unwanted thoughts and an urge to keep doing things compulsively. These thoughts and compulsions can take up most of the energy and time of a person. But with effective treatment, this can be resolved. Just search for a psychotherapist near me and get a list of therapists to consult. Post-traumatic stress order: This is another mental illness that happens after a stressful event like death, serious accidents, sexual attacks, etc. People with this condition have memories of this event and it affects physical and mental health. Taking the help of the right therapist by searching for a therapist near me who can help in quick recovery. They also treat long term issues like stress, relationship problems, emotional problems, and grief.

      What are the Benefits of Consulting a Therapist?

      Therapists provide a lot of value to people who are suffering from mental health issues. By looking up psychotherapist near me and consulting them, individuals get the below benefits: Identify the problems that are ailing the individual. It can be illness, death, divorce, breakups, loss of jobs, etc. Knowing the cause helps to understand several aspects of the problem and hence its effective resolution. Helps to understand the behaviours, moods, ideas, and emotions of the individuals and how it is contributing to the cause of the mental illness. Once it is understood work can be done on modifying it. Get back to living a happy and fulfilling life and enjoy the pleasures that life provides. Learn coping mechanisms and problem-solving so that when you are in a similar situation it can be handled effectively. Helps in clearly defining the goals and what they want out of life. Explore their emotions, behaviour, and moods in a safe and nonjudgmental place. Gain a different perspective of life on an issue and get a better understanding of their emotions. Learn better communication skills so as to convey their emotions better to others. Helps in boosting self-esteem and confidence. Improves relationships with self and others and has a better outlook on life.

      How to Consult a Therapist Online?

      To consult an online counsellor it is best to find a therapist that is a good fit. One of the main advantages of consulting a psychotherapist online is that you can do it at the place of your convenience. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a therapist online: Find the right match: Though recommendations from colleagues and friends are great but working with a particular therapist is effective only when you feel connected. What works for you might not work for others and vice-versa. Look for a psychotherapist near me and read reviews before booking consultations. Ensure that you have a personal connection as that helps in continuing the sessions for the full course. Know what you want to work: There are many types of therapists doing a little research on the type you want to work with help as it saves time. Consider whom you want to work with: If you are particular about gender, age or religion choose a psychotherapist near me based on that. Some people are comfortable speaking to older people while others prefer people of the same gender, etc. Credentials: Look for a therapist who is a licensed practitioner who is an expert. The professional should follow all the guidelines laid out and also the code of ethics. Online therapy type: Online therapy may not always mean video sessions. It can be chatting, texting, or voice messages. So check out what options are available when you search for a therapist near me. Some online therapists also provide a free session of consultation to make use of it to get to know the online counsellor and if you are comfortable to open up.

      Does Therapist Consultation help?

      Yes, consulting a therapist who is communicative, non-judgmental, and open helps in managing your anxiety, stress, problems, and clearing the mind. Moreover, they are available for Online counselling too, so you can call them whenever you have issues. Having an Online Doctor Consultation helps you get relief from symptoms caused by mental health issues and lead a good life.

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