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Urolgogist specializes in surgical and medical treatment of diseases of urinary tract in both men and women and reproductive tract in men. They treat issues of prostate, bladder, urethra, kidneys, adrenal glands and ED and UTIs.

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Why and when should I consult a Urologist?

Urologist specializes in surgical and medical treatment of diseases of urinary tract in both men and women and reproductive tract in men. They treat issues of prostate, bladder, urethra, kidneys, adrenal glands, and ED and UTIs. Warning signs that you might have problems in your urinary tract include - -Bloody Urine. -Leaking urine -Difficulty in passing urine -Pain in the back -Burning uri ... nation -Increase in urinary frequency -Cloudy urine -Nagging stomach pain -Severe constipation -Blocked urine While the above-mentioned symptoms may occur in men and women, there are a few symptoms that pertain only to males which include - -Pain in the pelvic area -Erectile dysfunction -Infertility -Testicular mass -Decreased sexual desire As soon as you notice any problems with erections, it is important to consult a urology doctor as soon as possible as it can be a symptom of bigger health issues like hypertension, vascular disease, renal failure, or so on. A common symptom that often occurs in women is urine incontinence. Women suffer from this problem more than men. This issue can make it difficult to hold in urine especially while sneezing, coughing, or performing any form of exercise. This condition is more commonly seen in women who have delivered children vaginally. If you are experiencing burning sensation in urine, your search for urologists near me ends here, book the next online appointment with the top urologists in the country with the help of carefit. Rather than attempting to seek out home remedies, it is smarter to seek urologist online consultation. Carefit understands the demands of time and work, this is where online consultations can come in handy. You can pick an appointment time that suits your schedule and talk to a top urologist from the comfort of your home.


What are the conditions that our Urologist can treat?

Kidney Stones: They are formed in your kidneys and tend to move into your ureters, resulting in severe pain, vomiting, nausea, chills, fever, and blood in your urine. It is caused due to the formation of crystals due to calcium, oxalate, and uric acid. Depending on the severity of the issue, it can be treated with medication or surgery. Micturition Syncope: Micturition Syncope is a condition wh ... ere the patient tends to faint or feel light-headed during or after urination. Bladder syncope is caused due to stimulation of the vagus nerve while urine is passed. Urinary Tract Infection Urinary tract infection usually occurs when bacteria enter your bladder or urethra and start multiplying. They cause several symptoms including cystitis. It causes your bladder to become irritated, swollen, and red. It can be easily treated with medication. You should never try urine infection treatment at home as it can backfire and lead to complications. Pyelonephritis: The condition when the kidney gets inflamed due to a bacterial infection is called Pyelonephritis. It needs to be treated as soon as possible to prevent sepsis or even kidney failure. Pelvic Organ Prolapse: The medical condition caused due to the dropping of the pelvic organs from their normal position is called Pelvic organ prolapse. It is often caused due to injury to the tissues or muscles that are responsibly supporting the pelvic organs. It is more prevalent among women. Bladder Exstrophy: This is a congenital abnormality that arises when the skin does not form properly over the lower abdominal wall. Bladder exstrophy leaves the bladder exposed. It can be treated with the surgical repair without compromising urine continence and sexual function. Overactive Bladder: The urge to urinate frequently is caused due to a condition known as overactive bladder. It can be caused by weak muscles, alcohol addiction, infections, nerve damage, or obesity.

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What can I expect in an Online Video Consultation with a Urologist?

Once you have made the wise decision of consulting with one of our top specialists, you no longer have to go searching for Urologist near me. Instead, you can- -Book an appointment with the doctor of your choice from our app or website -Share your medical reports or records with your doctor to help them understand your case beforehand. -Before the day of consultation, note down all your symp ... toms and any questions that you may have to make the best use of the time given. -During the consultation, the doctor will do a thorough investigation. and recommend the best way forward.


What are the benefits of doing an Online Urologist Consultation?

Best Doctors: Connect with the Best Urologist in the country to get accurate diagnosis and the best possible treatment options for your condition No wait time: You do not have to worry about waiting in line at a doctors clinic as the consultation starts exactly at the time chosen by you. Digital records: All your prescriptions from the doctor and medical records are digitized which gives you ... the convenience of accessing it from just about anywhere and at any time. Free follow up session: Get a free follow-up within 8 days of your consultation. Convenience: Our objective at carefit is to facilitate best services in a hassle-free manner and you can pick the time slot as per your convenience and get the consultation from doctors at the comfort of your home. After successful payment, a confirmation email will be sent to the registered email id with a link for Online Urologist consultation. We have Female Urologists too if you prefer to be seen by a lady doctor.

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