cult.fit Gym in Crystal Point, Andheri West Workout Center

Cult Crystal Point, Andheri West


4th floor, Crystal Point Mall, New Link Rd, Sahayog Nagar, Shankar Pada, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053

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Hand Sanitisers
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Morning 12:00 - Night 11:59
Best Gym in Crystal Point, Andheri West
Looking for the best gyms in Sahayog Nagar? Then Cult’s exclusive gym in Crystal Point is your answer. It is loaded with high-quality equipment that would excite any fitness enthusiast.
The gym is also known for its yoga classes in Sahayog Nagar. All the trainers are highly qualified and professional. Keep reading to know everything about the gym.
What are the facilities/amenities available at Cult.Fit Gym in Crystal Point?
We bring the best of amenities to cater to our customers’ needs. Some of the most popular facilities include
1. State-of-the-art fitness equipment 2. Changing areas 3. Café 4. Drinking water and towels
Your safety is our first priority. We follow the best possible safety measures in all gyms in Mumbai. Some of the steps we take are:
1. Contactless attendance 2. Regular check-up of body temperature 3. Sanitized and Hygienic Changing Areas
What types of workouts are available at Cult Crystal Point?
Whether you want boxing or yoga in Crystal Point Mall, we have it all. Here is a list of them some of the workouts available Cult Crystal Point:
1. Strength and Circuit Training 2. Boxing 3. Yoga classes 4. Dance fitness 5. HRX Workout
What are the timings for Cult Gym in Crystal Point?
Here are the preferred timings for our gym in Crystal Point: Morning 06:00 to night 10:00
The timings can change based on the workouts you choose. For instance, the timing of yoga classes in Sahayog Nagar will be different than the boxing class. It is best to contact the gym to get the exact schedule for each workout.
Contact details for Cult Gym in Crystal Point
You can also contact us to know more about gyms in Sahayog Nagar or any other area.
Email: hello@curefit.com
Address: 4th floor, Crystal Point Mall, New Link Rd, Sahayog Nagar, Shankar Pada, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053