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203- Above Yes Bank, 1/9, W Patel Nagar Rd, Block 1, East Patel Nagar, Patel Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110008

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Morning 06:00 - Night 10:00
Best Gym in Patel Nagar Delhi
Patel Nagar one of the subdivisions of Central Delhi is a place that boasts of many things. It has safe playgrounds, parks, and gyms. There are many types of gyms but if you are looking for the best with great facilities and trainers then the Cult.fit gym in Patel Nagar west has it all.
What are the Facilities Available at Patel Nagar Cult.fit Branch?
The facilities and amenities that the gym provides are some of the most important factors that influence the decision of joining the gym. Some of the facilities provided by our gym in Patel Nagar are: It has state of the art gym facilities that makes it the best gym in Patel Nagar area. Pandemic or no pandemic, our gym in Patel Nagar Delhi ensures that the pieces of equipment are kept clean. The cleaning staff not only just swab the floors but also wipe down the machines all through the day. Hand sanitisers are placed at suitable locations for frequent cleaning. Offers all the safety and security for ladies and hence among the safest ladies gym in west Patel Nagar. The changing areas are hygienically maintained and are thus considered among the best ladies gym in Patel Nagar. Get customized fitness plans to make the best use of the gym. Enjoy unlimited access to all our centres along with unlimited classes at our gym in Patel Nagar Delhi or any of our centres. Also, avail free membership passes for added convenience. Choice of subscription options.
What are the Workouts available at Cult, Patel Nagar?
Our gym in Patel Nagar has all the various types of workouts needed to stay fit and strong and one that suits everyone. Additionally, we hire only the best trainers and experts to guide you through the workout sessions and hence counted among the best gym in Patel Nagar Delhi. Some of the workouts available at our fitness center are: Yoga Center Dance Fitness HRX Workout Boxing Strength and Conditioning
Packages available at Cult, Patel Nagar
If you are looking for the best gym in Patel Nagar, then consider joining our centre. Find below the list of the package structure: Package Price Discounted Price 3 Month Package Rs. 15,650 Rs. 12,490 6 Month Package Rs. 30,450 Rs. 17,990 12 Month Package Rs. 58,150 Rs. 21,990 Also, get free trial classes before you commit to any of the above packages.
What are the timings for our Gym in Patel Nagar?
Morning 6:00 AM Evening 10:00 PM Contact details for Cult Gym near Patel Nagar west Email hello@cultfit.com Address 203- Above Yes Bank, 1/9, W Patel Nagar Rd, Block 1, East Patel Nagar, Patel Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110008
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