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      Banana Walnut Cake


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      Nutritional Info.

      ProteinFatCarbsFibre198 Cal198 Cal198 Cal198 Cal
      • 2gProtein
      • 6gFat
      • 22gCarbs
      • 8gFibre

      The perfect way to end the meal, if you're craving some dessert, it doesn't get better than a banana walnut cake. Rich in potassium and good fats, the combination of ingredients score high on nutrition while satisfying your taste buds too. - Whole wheat base - Sweetened with jaggery - Walnuts rich in food fats - Banana rich in potassium Allergen Information: Contains gluten, nuts and vinegar.

      Order Banana Walnut Cake Online

      A dessert a day keeps the brownies away. The banana walnut cake near me option from creates a potassium-rich dessert with only good fat, which also scores high on nutrition. Satisfy your taste buds with our desserts specially made with love and care. Our sugar-free banana walnut cake is sweetened only with jaggery and blended with high amounts of walnuts that provide tremendous good fats to the consumer. This cake is purely made with a wheat base and hence is highly nutritious. One serving of this dessert only contains 198 calories with 6 grams of fat and 8 grams of fiber.

      Banana is used in making these finger-licking brownies, and so our dietician team makes sure that this particular dessert is loaded with high amounts of potassium. Furthermore, order the healthy banana cake home delivery and get 2 grams of protein and 22 grams of carbohydrates which is nothing but instant energy in just one serving. is our new venture with exciting offers that you can avail directly from our page. We make use of mindful strategies to offer holistic fitness to our followers. With passion, we have also developed a healthy meal subscription plan which provides free shipping to all orders. You can order food online after subscribing with us right away to get discounts for all orders beyond Rs.250.

      Make a banana walnut cake order online directly on our site as the offers are not valid to third-party applications. Feel free to check out our page for more details and information on the allergens that are possibly seen to cause serious effects. In this dessert, the allergens are nuts and gluten. Please take note of all these essential parameters and end your meal with our perfect healthy dessert. Satisfy your taste buds with our ingredient combination that never fails to surprise you.

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