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      Beaten Moong: Spicy Masala Mix (60g)


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      Nutritional Info.

      ProteinFatCarbsFibre234 Cal234 Cal234 Cal234 Cal
      • 14gProtein
      • 3gFat
      • 38gCarbs
      • nullgFibre

      Beaten, roasted, spiced, and ready to win you over when you get the munchies! Give your tastebuds a treat with this mix of moong sprouts that make for a perfectly healthy snack. - Protein-rich moong - Roasted, not fried - No additives or preservatives - Antioxidant-rich spices

      Beaten Moong: Spicy Masala Mix (60 grams)

      Hunger pangs can strike anytime! Be it between the meals, at work, and even late at night. When this happens, most of us reach out for the usual high-calorie, sugary, or fried stuff. We do this despite knowing that they harm our health. But if you are someone who is settling into a new wellness routine or looking for healthier snacking alternatives, you will just love’s range of snacks.

      Coming from the family of, we understand that nutritious and balanced meals form the basis of your physical fitness and mental wellbeing. That’s why we strive to make fresh and wholesome meals available to everyone right in the comfort of their home. We have a wide range of foods on our menu ranging from Indian to world cuisine, with everything having the signature twist of health-focused meals, curated by our expert dieticians.

      At, we love to experiment and curate unique and fun snacks, that can be enjoyed without guilt. One of our all-time bestsellers is Beaten Moong Spicy Masala Mix. An amazing taste on the traditional Indian chana jor garam, this one is made with protein-rich moong dal. In your Beaten Moong Spicy Masala Mix home delivery, you get moong dal sprouts roasted to crispy perfection and sprinkled with our tangy spice mix of amchoor, rock salt, pepper, and amla. These spices are not just super digestive but are also rich in antioxidants and are great for boosting your immunity. You get almost 14 grams of proteins, ending your search for the healthiest Beaten Moong Spicy Masala Mix near me. What’s more, this snack contains no preservatives or synthetic flavouring.

      It’s super easy to order Beaten Moong Spicy Masala Mix online too. Just log on to our website, sort your cart, and order food online](**) using a credit or debit card, Internet banking, or your E-wallet. Not just your snacks, we have got your daily meals sorted too. We understand that managing all the meal preps is by no means easy, especially when you have to manage a million things in a day. For this, we offer weekly and monthly [healthy meal subscription](**). With this, you get super tasty, personalised, and healthy value-for-money meals delivered at home without having to worry about cooking.

      We do free deliveries that can be managed according to your convenience.

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