Boosten up- Isotonic (Fruit Punch)


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ProteinFatCarbsFibre371 Cal371 Cal371 Cal371 Cal
  • 0gProtein
  • 0gFat
  • 93gCarbs
  • 0gFibre

Time for boost your energy levels with some fruit punch isotonic water.

Boosten Up- Isotonic (Fruit Punch)

We all need an energy-restoring drink after a long run or a heavy gym session to replace the lost fluids and avoiding stress and fatigue. More often than not, most of the available energy drinks are high in calories. This not just negates the efforts of our workout, but also leads to several health problems. But now with Eat.fit, you don’t have to worry about consuming excess calories in your post-workout drink.

At Eat.fit, we understand the value of balanced foods and drinks and the role that they play in helping you achieve your fitness goals. Coming from the brand Cult.fit, which has helped lacs of people reclaim their mental and physical fitness, we strive to make healthy food available to everyone right in the comfort of their home. Offering the healthiest alternatives, our menu gives you a great choice of soul-satisfying foods from Indian and world cuisine. Everything on the menu is approved by our in-house dieticians and made with the freshest ingredients.

One of our bestsellers is Boosten Up Isotonic Fruit Punch. Loved by those who are into heavy sports and workouts, this is the perfect drink to provide you with an amazing boost of energy. When you order Boosten Up Isotonic Fruit Punch online, you get a power-packed drink fortified with electrolytes and vitamins. It is made with natural fruit flavourings and gives you that amazing burst of freshness. The drink doesn’t contain any synthetic colours, preservatives, or chemicals. It also doesn’t contain unhealthy white sugar but is sweetened with natural options like jaggery and honey, ending your search for the best low-calorie Boosten Up Isotonic Fruit Punch near me.

With Eat.fit, it’s pretty easy to get your Boosten Up Isotonic Fruit Punch home delivery to enjoy it at your convenience. Just log on to our website, sort your favourite foods, and [order food online](*https://www.cult.fit/eat/eatordernow*). It’s that simple!

Eat.fit is not just about healthy drinks. We are passionate about helping everyone make nutritious food a part of their lifestyle and not missing out on it due to lack of time. For this, we offer weekly and monthly [healthy meal subscription](*https://www.cult.fit/eat/subscribe*). Once you subscribe, you get personalised and affordable meals delivered at home without you having to worry about cooking.

Our deliveries and payments are hassle-free. We accept credit & debit cards, Internet banking, and E-wallets.

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