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      Boosten up - Isotonic (Pineapple)


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      Nutritional Info.

      ProteinFatCarbsFibre371 Cal371 Cal371 Cal371 Cal
      • 0gProtein
      • 0gFat
      • 93gCarbs
      • 0gFibre

      For all fitness enthusiasts out there, try this MuscleBlaze Electrolytes (Isotonic) drink for athletes, weight lifters and players. It works as a supplement of glucose and a running drink for champions.

      Boosten Up-Isotonic (Pineapple)

      After a heavy gym session or a football game in the park, we often reach out for a sports drink to get our energy back. These drinks seem to be a healthier choice as compared to all the fizzy colas. But that’s not so. In terms of calories due to their high sugar content, these sports drinks fare only a tad bit better than sodas. But now, with’s amazing range of isotonic drinks, you never have to worry about the calories.

      One of our most-loved drinks is Boosten Up in pineapple flavour. A drink perfect for all those who lift heavy weights or are into athletics, it also hydrates you during those sweaty summer sessions. When you order Boosten Up Istonic Pineapple online, you get a healthy dose of energy-boosting glucose that will keep you active for hours. It comes in an amazingly refreshing tangy and sweet tropical pineapple flavour. With zero fats, no artificial colours, preservatives, emulsifiers, or additives, this ends your search for the healthiest Boosten Up Isotonic Pineapple near me. What’s more, there is no white sugar in the drink. Instead, we sweeten it with natural sweeteners like jaggery and honey.

      Getting your Boosten Up Isotonic Pineapple home delivery is super simple. Just place the order on our website and we will deliver it to you in no time.

      At, we are on a mission to offer affordable and nutritionally balanced food for all. Coming from the tribe, which has made lacs of people take notice of their mental wellbeing and physical fitness, we understand that food is the most important thing needed for achieving your fitness goals. We have a whole range of dishes curated from India and around the world that are tweaked into healthier versions. Everything on our menu is approved by our in-house nutrition specialists and is made using only the freshest seasonal ingredients.

      At, we strive to make your life easier. We understand that hours of work leave no time and energy for cooking. But this doesn’t mean that you should miss out on healthy meals. For this, we offer weekly and monthly [healthy meal subscription](**) that get you personalised healthy meal boxes right in the comfort of your home.

      All our deliveries are free and we accept major cards, Internet banking, and E-wallets for payments.

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