Borecha Guava Chilli Kombucha


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Nutritional Info.

ProteinFatCarbsFibre17 Cal17 Cal17 Cal17 Cal
  • 1gProtein
  • 1gFat
  • 5gCarbs
  • 0gFibre

A sparkling, zesty, low-calorie, probiotic beverage that soothes your system, repairs, refreshes and reboots it. Dive into the spice of Tsunami as you drink this low calorie red chilli and guava kombucha. -Vegan -Lactose free -Gluten free

Borecha Guava Chilli Kombucha

A long summer day calls for a refreshing cool drink. But sadly, most of the drinks that we often reach out are either too sugary or fizzy that don’t do anything for our health. And then we feel guilty about our diet plan or workout session going haywire. But with Eat.fit, now you have a choice of the healthiest drinks that you can lay your hands on.

Not just drinks, Eat.fit is passionate about making wholesome, fresh, and nutritious foods available to everyone. Coming from the Cult.fit family, which has made millions take notice and reclaim their mental wellbeing and physical fitness, we strive to deliver healthy meals right in the comfort of your home. Everything on our menu is curated and approved by our team of experienced dieticians. We offer a wide menu of the best foods from India and around the world, but with the unique Eat.fit twist.

One of the best things to have on a hot summer day is our Borecha Guava Chilli Kombucha. This is a unique probiotic drink that not only helps your digestion, but also builds your immunity, and metabolism that helps in weight loss. When you order Borecha Guava Chilli Kombucha online, you get a can full of zesty goodness of guavas mixed with the tantalising flavours of chilli. The drink does not include any chemicals or preservatives. To sweeten it, we add natural sweeteners like honey and jaggery instead of white sugar. The drink is free of lactose and gluten and is 100% vegan, ending your search for the best guilt-free Borecha Guava Chilli Kombucha near me.

Getting your Borecha Guava Chilli Kombucha home delivery with Eat.fit couldn’t be easier. Just log on to our website, select your favourite drink, and place the order.

At Eat.fit, we love to partner with families for them to enjoy a healthy meal each time they sit down to eat. But we understand that with the busy lives that we all lead, cooking is by no means easy. That’s why we offer weekly and monthly [healthy meal subscription](*https://www.cult.fit/eat/subscribe*). This lets you enjoy [order food online](*https://www.cult.fit/eat/eatordernow*) that is affordable and personalised without having to worry about spending hours in the kitchen.

All our deliveries are free and can be slotted as per your availability. We accept payments through all major credit & debit cards, E-wallets, and Internet banking.

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