Butter Chicken, Aloo Gobhi & Jeera Pulao


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Nutritional Info.

ProteinFatCarbsFibre802 Cal802 Cal802 Cal802 Cal
  • 32gProtein
  • 29gFat
  • 101gCarbs
  • 11gFibre

Can you resist the irresistible goodness of not one, not two but three awesome dishes? This super bowl brings the best of all worlds together with its wholesome portion of jeera pulao, generous serving of our succulent and creamy butter chicken and a handsome portion of the humbly heroic aloo gobhi adraki! This one’s an absolute delight for your stomach and for your taste buds alike! Allergen information: Vinegar, nut, seed, dairy

Butter Chicken, Aloo Gobhi & Jeera Pulao

Once in a while, we all have that feeling when we are feeling hungry but do not know exactly what to eat. There are many good options but we still can’t decide which one to go with. If you are having the same feeling right now, we suggest you go with Butter Chicken, Aloo Gobhi, and Jeera Pulao.

This meal contains something from everything. You will have the rich taste of butter chicken, the homely taste of aloo gobhi with complementing jeera pulao. If you want to satiate your hunger with some good taste, you should order Butter Chicken, Aloo Gobhi, and Jeera Pulao online.

Search Butter Chicken, Aloo Gobhi, and Jeera Pulao near me, and you will find that our meal is on the top of the list. Here are some reasons why our meal is such a popular choice.

The Complete Meal: Butter Chicken, Aloo Gobhi and Jeera Pulao are tasty like a snack but they satiate your hunger like a fully-fledged meal. So, whenever you feel extra hungry, you can go with this meal.

Tasty Plus Healthy: Get Butter Chicken, Aloo Gobhi, and Jeera Pulao home delivery and you will find the taste and health in the delivered box.

A Safe Choice: When ordering food for others, we always worry if they will like the food or not. But that is not the case with Butter Chicken, Aloo Gobhi, and Jeera Pulao. This meal is liked by people of all ages and tastes.

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