Butter Chicken & Lasooni Kulcha


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Crowd favourite. Aligarh style butter chicken, paired with our perfect naan. Breakfast, lunch or dinner- fits all the day. Save Flat 30/- & upto 40% on checkout.

Butter Chicken and Lasooni Kulcha

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t love the spicy and creamy Butter Chicken. Especially when paired with Lasooni Kulcha, it’s a match made in heaven. But for those watching calories, the mere name of the dish is enough to make them worry about calories. But no worries. Your search for the most delicious and healthiest Butter Chicken and Lasooni Kulcha near me ends with Eat.fit.

Coming from the house of Cult.fit, which has made millions rethink their physical fitness and mental wellbeing, Eat.fit knows how important nutrition is in building a stronger you. We are driven by a passion to help everyone enjoy low-calorie and delicious meals. And for this, we offer a huge menu that includes a range of simple and satisfying foods that can be enjoyed any time of the day. Our in-house team of experienced dieticians tweaks the most-loved foods and drinks into foods that are healthier and more wholesome, perfect to suit all tastes and needs. When you order food online with us, you get dishes made from only the freshest responsibly sourced seasonal ingredients.

When you order Butter Chicken and Lasooni Kulcha online, you don’t get the usually available greasy and high-calorie fare. We pair Aligarh-style butter chicken with whole wheat kulchas that are lighter on the stomach and have fewer calories. The dish gets its aroma from our handmade mix of spices that are great for your digestion and immunity. We don’t add any heavy cream or butter and the food is free of any artificial colours, additives, and emulsifiers. You can enjoy this guilt-free meal any time of the day.

What’s more, your Butter Chicken and Lasooni Kulcha home delivery is super easy too. Just log on to our website, sort your cart, and place the order. It’s really this simple!

At Eat.fit we promote healthier living by including nutritious meals in your lifestyle. We understand that cooking 3-4 healthy meals at home for everyone’s taste leaves people with little time to do anything else. For this, we offer weekly and monthly healthy meal subscription. This gets you personalized meals at great prices delivered right in the comfort of your home.

We accept payments through all the major debit and credit cards, Internet banking, and E-wallets. All our deliveries are free and can be slotted at your convenient time and availability.

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