Butter Paneer & 6 Parathas ( Serves 2 )


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Nutritional Info.

ProteinFatCarbsFibre1305 Cal1305 Cal1305 Cal1305 Cal
  • 54gProtein
  • 50gFat
  • 162gCarbs
  • 27gFibre

Savour the goodness of protein that’s simmered to perfection with tomatoes and a nuts & seeds paste in our version of the famous butter paneer. A dish that defines divinity, this one tastes just as good with rotis as it does with parathas. Now available in a bigger portion along with whole wheat parathas. Allergen information: Dairy, gluten, nut, seed, vinegar, traces of celery and mushroom.

Butter Paneer & 6 Parathas ( Serves 2 )

From children to adults, if there is one dish that is liked by all, it would have to be Butter Paneer. The children like it for its taste and the adults like it for the taste and the nostalgia it brings in. In short, it is the perfect dish to have at any moment.

The taste of Butter Paneer gets doubled when you have it with Parathas. But there is a little problem with that. Who is going to stand in the kitchen for an hour? Well, worry not. At Eat.Fit, you can [order food online](*https://www.cult.fit/eat/eatordernow*) at pocket-friendly prices.

If you are planning to have a meal that not only satiates your hunger but also satisfies your taste buds, there is nothing better than Butter Paneer. Butter Paneer and Parathas is one of the best-seller dishes of all time. Here are some reasons that make people it so popular: Quality Ingredients: From whole wheat for making Parathas to the spices for making masala, every ingredient that goes into the dish is fresh and high quality. So, if you are the kind of person who takes meticulous care of what is going into their place, you can order Butter Paneer and Parathas online without any worry. Healthy Nutrients: Most of the time, the dishes that we find the tastiest are not the healthiest. But that is not the case with Butter Paneer. The meal contains carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and many other nutrients that you are going to need daily. Wholesome Meal: Your stomach will say ‘enough of it’ but your tongue will cry ‘I want more.’ Butter Paneer and Parathas is the kind of meal that is going to fulfill your hunger. You will feel full for hours after having it. The benefit of that is that there will be no need to have extra snacks in between the next meals.

Once you place the order, you will get the Butter Paneer and Parathas home delivery as soon as possible. Along with that, you want to have your next meals healthy, you can take our [healthy meal subscription](*https://www.cult.fit/eat/subscribe*). This will include cold-pressed fresh juices, healthy meal combos, etc.

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