Butter Paneer (Serves 1-2)


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Nutritional Info.

ProteinFatCarbsFibre621 Cal621 Cal621 Cal621 Cal
  • 34gProtein
  • 34gFat
  • 48gCarbs
  • 7gFibre

Savour the goodness of protein that’s simmered to perfection with tomatoes and a nuts & seeds paste in our version of the famous butter paneer. A dish that defines divinity, this one tastes just as good with rotis as it does with parathas. Now available in a bigger pack so that you can share the love..or not! Allergen information: Dairy, nut, seed, vinegar, traces of celery and mushroom. Serving size: 400 g

Order Butter Paneer Online (Serves 2)

When you think of Butter Paneer- you think of the mild flavors and the distinct taste that makes it stand out from all other paneer recipes. Its silky and smooth buttery taste is loved by almost everyone. But at times what makes us stop from taking another helping of this delicious dish is its calories. But worry no more! With Eat.fit, you don’t have to go looking for the healthiest butter paneer near me anywhere else now.

Coming from the brand Cult.fit, which has encouraged lacs of people to adopt physical fitness and mental wellbeing as a part of their lives, we at Eat.fit, completely understand the role that nutrition plays in letting people lead a healthy life. Wholesome and nutritious food is extremely necessary for having a holistically healthy approach to life. For this, our in-house teams of experienced dieticians tweak the most loved foods into low-calorie and healthier versions., while retaining their original taste. So, what you get is a balanced and healthy diet when you order food online with Eat.fit.

Our Butter Paneer home delivery meal is a super-sized pack at around 400 grams, that’s perfect for two people to share. You get all the goodness of proteins (34 grams) from the chunky paneer pieces and antioxidants from the homemade spices and nuts. At 7 grams of fiber, this dish is great for your gut health too. Lightly simmered in a paste of tomatoes, the dish tastes nothing but heavenly and goes well with both parathas and rotis.

Wondering how to get your hands on this? We have made it super easy for you to order Butter Paneer online. Just log on to our website Cult.fit, avail of all the exciting offers, and place the order.

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