Dal Makhani & 6 Parathas ( Serves 2 )


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Nutritional Info.

ProteinFatCarbsFibre1082 Cal1082 Cal1082 Cal1082 Cal
  • 41gProtein
  • 27gFat
  • 165gCarbs
  • 40gFibre

One of our most innovative and best-selling products, enjoy the goodness of dal makhani guilt-free. Made with a special no-cream, no-butter recipe, the health highlights of this Mughlai favourite include a clever combination of dal, honey, milk and some homestyle spices. Enjoy with soft whole wheat parathas. Serving Size: Dal Makhani - 400 g Parathas - 6 pcs Allergen information: Dairy, gluten, nuts, seeds.

Dal Makhani & 6 Parathas ( Serves 2 )

We all want to have that ‘sweet-spot’ kind of meal that is neither too heavy nor too light; neither too dull nor too spicy to be eaten. Eat.Fit brings you your beloved Dal Makhani and parathas- in an avatar like never before!

You will rarely find a dish that is as rich as Dal Makhani. Even if you find one, you will not get the taste of masalas that you get in Dal Makhani. In short, there is no competition for Dal Makhani. And the taste of Dal Makhani gets even better when you have it with Parathas. One can even say that there is no such thing as too much Dal Makhani and Parathas.

This meal is one of our best-sellers at Eat.Fit. When people [order food online](*https://www.cult.fit/eat/eatordernow*), they often think that they are going to get that generic taste of mixed masalas. But that is not the case with our Dal Makhani and Parathas. We deliver the classic North Indian taste that is hard to replicate anywhere else. Order Dal Makhani and Parathas online and check yourself.

Whether you are having it as lunch or dinner, Dal Makhani and Parathas are going to prove themselves as the best wholesome meal for you. This meal is enough to satiate the hunger of two adults. After having this, you will feel full for long hours.

Dal Makhani tastes best when you use fresh butter and pure spices. We understand and hence use only quality ingredients. Once you will get Dal Makhani and Parathas home delivery, you will better know the quality of ingredients by the taste of the dish.

Search for Dal Makhani and Parathas near me and you will find our meal on the top of the list. This is because a lot of people have already tried this meal and found it to be both tasty and healthy.

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