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Nutritional Info.

ProteinFatCarbsFibre241 Cal241 Cal241 Cal241 Cal
  • 5gProtein
  • 4gFat
  • 46gCarbs
  • 0gFibre

Cool down the desi way with this chilled Indian combo of masala chaas, tender coconut water and lemonade soda. To enjoy lemonade soda, you just have mix soda with nimbu sherbet and drink. Allergen information: Dairy, nut. "For immediate consumption"

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Many of us are guilty of reaching for a soda or any other sugary drink when thirst strikes or when we crave something sweet. But we all know how these zero-nutrition fizzy drinks affect our health in the long run.

What comes to the rescue are the age-old recipes of the traditional Indian summer drinks. We have all grown up drinking the desi summer drinks such as chaas, tender coconut water, and lemonade soda, or the humble nimbu paani. With the paucity of time and the convenience with which the sodas are available, we skew towards them mostly.

But with Cult.fit inspiring the physical fitness and mental wellbeing mindset of lacs of people, more and more of us are reaching out for healthier alternatives for the sugary drinks including Indian summer drinks near me. Eat.fit has been launched to help you stay healthy and to make fitness more holistic for you. We offer a wide menu of simple and wholesome meals and drinks curated by our experienced dieticians. All our meals minimize allergens and include responsibly sourced seasonal ingredients and are perfect for a range of prescribed diets.

To help you keep hydrated, you can order Indian summer drinks online easily with us. We have a special summer drinks combo that includes a creamy and frothy chaas, delicious tender coconut water, and a sparkly and refreshing lemonade soda. Ordering this combo means that you don’t have to go looking for refreshing summer drinks near me especially when you have friends for company who have different tastes. These three drinks offer almost 5 grams of protein and have only 241 calories. None of these contain refined sugar and are made with natural sweeteners such as jaggery and honey. What makes them even healthier are our homemade spices that are good for your digestion and help fight infections.

The best part is that we make it very easy for you to order food online at Eat.fit. Just get on to our website, sort your cart, and avail yourself of all the exciting offers. In our drive to make you more conscious of healthy living, we offer healthy meal subscription . These let us take care of all your major meals and snacks and you get great discounts in return.

All our deliveries are free and we accept payments through all major cards and e-wallets.

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