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Nutritional Info.

ProteinFatCarbsFibre482 Cal482 Cal482 Cal482 Cal
  • 18gProtein
  • 21gFat
  • 15gCarbs
  • 48gFibre

Deliciousness packed between breads, bite into this scrambled egg and chutney sandwich that's flavoured with a spicy chutney and fills in for your protein!


Endurance and willpower are gained when you have sound fitness and a healthy body. Experts say the egg is a major source of stamina to increase your endurance and strength. So why not call it eggdurance? Eat.fit provides you with a delicious snack that you can relish after your workouts to stay healthy and fit. Egg sauteed and scrambled is packed between slices of bread that are toasted carefully until golden brown to form a lovely sandwich looking crisp and brown. This egg sandwich is otherwise known as a chutney sandwich as it is flavored with spicy chutney that blends with the egg to make it tastier. You can [order food online](*https://www.cult.fit/eat/eatordernow*) to get them delivered to your home or office in just a few minutes.

Are you in need of a protein snack after your tedious workouts? Pull out your phones and look for eggdurance near me or visit our website. Once you visit our website, you will be aware of our [healthy meal subscription](*https://www.cult.fit/eat/subscribe*) plans to be precise on your food and enhance your fitness levels. Ordering directly from our website enables you to avail of discounts and exciting offers. Food cravings are a part of our fitness journeys. None of us can escape from our cravings easily. So the best way to balance food is to eat what we want to in a healthier form. For example, sometimes, we tend to order sandwiches loaded with cheese. Eggdurance is a healthier form of a regular sandwich.

If you’re really tired to go out and get food after your workouts, try the egg sandwich home delivery option to receive some crunchy munchies right at your doorstep. The egg is a lot of protein and Vitamin D. Eating a plain egg is quite boring, so we have brought out a yummy egg sandwich to excite your tummy. We have given you the simplest way to order egg sandwiches online and also an opportunity to avail yourself of exciting discounts. This is a chance to get better with eating habits and reach your fitness goals. Our egg sandwiches have only 482 calories and can be burnt easily. At the end of the day, your fitness goals are also ours.

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