Fruit Fix Pack of 5


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Nutritional Info.

ProteinFatCarbsFibre271 Cal271 Cal271 Cal271 Cal
  • 3gProtein
  • 1gFat
  • 66gCarbs
  • 0gFibre

All goodness of fruits at one go! 100% cold pressed juices without added sugar and preservatives, enjoy every sip of - Super Sugarcane with gingerly twist, - Aam ka Panna, a tangy raw mango drink with Indian spices - Pure Pomegranate, a powerful potion that contains pomegranate and pomegranate only - Bold Berries, a juice loaded with strawberries and raspberries that have been sweetened naturally using bananas - Chill guava with taste of mighty guava, peppy paprika and sweetness of sugarcane Allergen information: Berries.

Fruit Fix Pack of 5

There would be hardly anyone who doesn’t enjoy a cool drink on a hot and humid day. But don’t we often reach out for the fizzy colas and other sugar-laden drinks that don’t do anything for our health? And then we worry about packing the pounds and derailing our diet plan.

But not anymore! Eat.fit now makes fresh cold-pressed juices so easily available that you have no reason to go for all the unhealthy drinks. One of our bestselling combos is Fruit Fix Pack of 5. When you order Fruit Fix Pack of 5 online, you get the natural goodness of 5 fruits in one go! We have assorted some of the most popular flavors like sugarcane with a hint of ginger, pure pomegranate, aam ka panna with our Indian spice mix, berries, and guava with a taste of paprika. None of these juices contain artificial flavors or preservatives and are sweetened with natural alternatives like banana, ending your search for the healthiest Fruit Fix Pack of 5 near me.

Wondering how things are so healthy at Eat.fit? It’s because we come from Cult.fit brand that has made millions reimagine physical fitness and mental wellbeing. We understand that you are what you eat and how healthy food impacts your wellbeing and gives you a happy state of mind. That’s the reason why we strive to make healthy and wholesome food available for all delivered right at your doorstep. Our menu is unique and innovative and you have some amazing foods to choose from. Everything on the menu gets curated by our in-house dieticians who understand the requirements of different diet plans and workouts.

So, get your Fruit Fix Pack of 5 home delivery today and enjoy the rich goodness of fresh fruits. Just log on to our website, choose what you like, and order food online.

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