Green tea- Honey lemon


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A healthy superchai which is not just flavourful but supports health benefits, ths Fittify Green Tea by Saffola is just for the likes. This tea supports immunity which is better than the regular beverage. It is also known to regulate weight management and improve metabolism.

Green Tea- Honey lemon

You know you are a healthcare enthusiast when you don’t settle with regular tea but prefer Green Tea instead. And there are some good reasons for preferring that - the Green Tea boosts your immunity, it keeps your digestive tract clean, and much more.

But all of these health benefits should not come at the price of taste. Tea, after all, is a beverage that we like the most when it is flavourful. Keeping this thing in mind, Eat.Fit brings to you the Honey Lemon Green Tea. This is a Green Tea made with fresh tea leaves that brings out to you the best of both worlds: taste and health.

You can easily order Green Tea online at Eat.Fit. All you have to do is just click on the Order Now button, pay through any of the easy payment options and you will get the Green Tea home delivery within the next few minutes.

If you are still not sure about it, here are some benefits that you get with drinking Green Tea: Weight Management: Green tea contains two compounds that improve the body’s metabolism - catechin and caffeine. Improved metabolism means that your body will be able to consume more energy to do the daily tasks. And when you consume more energy, your body takes some of the energy by burning fats.

Improve Immunity: Green tea also contains compounds called antioxidants. These antioxidants are capable of neutralizing free radicals. Many diseases are caused by free radicals such as cardiovascular and inflammatory disease, cataracts, and cancer. But once the free radicals are neutralized, the chances of developing these diseases get reduced.

If you search ‘the best Green Tea near me,’ you will find that our Honey Lemon Green Tea is among the top ones on the list. This is because a lot of people are already ordering Green Tea from us and they are liking the taste. If you also want to spend leisurely time with a tasty cup of tea, it is time to order food online from us.

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