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      Grilled Chicken Coleslaw Sandwich


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      Nutritional Info.

      ProteinFatCarbsFibre355 Cal355 Cal355 Cal355 Cal
      • 16gProtein
      • 8gFat
      • 52gCarbs
      • 10gFibre

      Enjoy a classic coleslaw sandwich that packs in the goodness of carrots, cabbage and capsicum enveloped in low-fat yogurt mayo. With succulent shreds of grilled chicken in the mix, this quick bite will fill you up while still being light on the stomach. - Steroids and antibiotics-free chicken - Lean chicken breast meat - Low-fat yogurt mayo - High-fibre slaw Allergen Information: Contains dairy, gluten, mustard and nuts.

      Grilled Chicken Coleslaw Sandwich

      A classic Coleslaw sandwich is something that you can enjoy any time of the day. Whether it is lunchtime in the office or you are just enjoying your weekend, watching television on your couch.

      The taste of a regular coleslaw sandwich is already jaw-dropping and it gets doubled when you add grilled chicken to it. That said, it is not easy to make the perfect Grilled Chicken Coleslaw Sandwich.

      But why worry about the recipes when you can order food online from Eat.Fit? We make the best Coleslaw sandwiches in the town. Don’t believe in our words. Search ‘the best Grilled Chicken Coleslaw Sandwich near me’ and you will find our sandwiches on the list with a ton of good reviews.

      Here is a list of some reasons why so many people are loving our Grilled Chicken Coleslaw Sandwich: Chicken that is healthy for you: The chickens that we add to the sandwich are steroids and antibiotics-free. Also, we add lean chicken breast meat which means that you don’t have to worry about the addition of fat to your body because of binge eating your favorite sandwich.

      Nutrition-rich veggies: What makes the Coleslaw sandwich better than the other is its nutrition-rich veggies. We add fresh carrots, cabbage, and capsicum to the sandwich. A mixture of these veggies is going to ensure that you get the required nutrients.

      Mayo with low fat: There is no benefit of adding lean chicken breast meat if the mayo is full of fat. We understand this and hence add only low-fat yogurt mayo in the sandwich mixture.

      You don’t have to wait for hours to get your sandwich. Order it now and you will get Grilled Chicken Coleslaw Sandwich home delivery within minutes.

      To ensure that your next meals are going to be healthy, you can take our healthy meal subscription. You are offered healthy meal combos, cold-pressed juices, and other tasty foods and drinks with this subscription. With some subscriptions, you can also get guidance about healthy meals and nutrition you should take from our expert nutritionists.

      Enough talking about how healthy and tasty the sandwich is. Now it is time to order Grilled Chicken Coleslaw Sandwich online and why are so many people in your town gushing over it.

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