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      Haldi Badam WHEY Protein Powder


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      Wanna try an authentic, all time favorite Indian flavor in whey? This Haldi Badam Whey protein is a combination of - Natural protein from premium whey made with antibiotic-free cow’s milk, that strengthens & builds bones & muscles - Turmeric (haldi) that boosts immunity and reduces swelling - Ashwagandha and green tea extracts that boost energy 15 Single serve sachets - no measuring, no weighing, just rip, mix and enjoy! Each sachet gives you 24 gms of protein (equal to 3 bowls of cooked dal). Smile, sweat and repeat with the kick of this delicious Haldi Badam! Classic kesar flavour that makes great shakes and smoothies. Just add chilled milk or water (200 ml) for every sachet.

      Haldi Badam Whey Protein Powder

      Who says healthy treats can't be delicious? Order Haldi Badam Whey Protein Powder online and take a sip. You will be surprised to find a perfect blend of health and taste in one sachet!

      At Eat.Fit, we make sure you get focused on your health without compromising on your health. And that is why we offer Haldi Badam Whey Protein Powder home delivery. The whole pack contains 15 serving sachets that you can use as per your needs. This Haldi Badam Whey Protein Powder is ideal for gym enthusiasts. You can also drink it if you are a working person or perform yoga or pilates every day. You can also carry the sachets and drink them whenever you want.

      To make the drink, you need to rip a sachet and add it to a glass of cold milk or water (200ml). Stir a bit and your tasty Haldi Badam Whey Protein drink is ready to be relished.

      A single sachet is packed with Haldi (turmeric), badam (almonds), whey protein, Ashwagandha, etc. While turmeric boosts your immunity, almond adds the dash of protein and monounsaturated fats along with fiber to your diet. The whey protein fulfills the protein requirements fantastically. There are also green tea extracts in this protein powder that adds antioxidants to fight free radicals damage. In short, you get loads of nutrients and good fats for your body.

      That being said, Haldi Badam Whey Protein Powder does not contain added sugar, preservatives, antibiotics, or trans fat. Even the whey powder that it contains is prepared from the milk of grass-fed cows. To know more about the ingredients, refer to the product’s label.

      Now think no more and search for the Haldi Badam Whey Protein Powder near me and head to our website. You can easily place the order in a few seconds and get it home delivered within minutes.

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