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      Healthy Snickers Whey Smoothie


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      Nutritional Info.

      ProteinFatCarbsFibre301 Cal301 Cal301 Cal301 Cal
      • 24gProtein
      • 11gFat
      • 27gCarbs
      • 4gFibre

      Scoring high on taste and nutrition, our healthy snickers whey smoothie is lip-smackingly delicious with its dominant peanut butter flavour. While banana and skim milk form the base, the addition of dark chocolate and oats further fuel this energising blend. Topped with a scoop of whey protein, sip on your favourite snickers guilt-free. - Protein-rich smoothie - Dark chocolate rich in antioxidants - Good fats from peanut butter Allergen Information: Contains whey, nuts, seeds and dairy.

      Healthy Snickers Whey Smoothie

      Smoothies are an all-time favorite of almost everyone. The creamy and delicious taste tingles the taste buds and makes you feel fuller for a long time. If you wish to start your day with a healthy treat of smoothie, why not order Snickers Whey Smoothie online from Eat.Fit.

      This protein-rich smoothie can kickstart your day with loads of nutrition. Not just this, the lip-smacking taste further makes you happy and satisfied in the morning itself. Just search for Snickers Whey Smoothie near me on the internet and head to our website. You can also order it as a pre and post-workout drink.

      The drink is packed with healthy ingredients like banana, skim milk, dark chocolate, peanut butter, oats, and of course whey protein. Here are some other reasons why you should choose our Snickers Whey Smoothie home delivery:

      High-Quality Ingredients: We don’t just follow the best recipe but also use high-quality ingredients to make the whey smoothie. Eat.Fit is dedicated to your health and ingredients are a part of that. We use only fresh and high-quality ingredients to make foods and drinks. For smoothies, you get fresh milk and nuts to ensure the best taste.

      A Healthy Treat: As we mentioned before, Healthy Snickers Whey Smoothie is not famous just for its taste. Many of our customers order it for its nutritional value. This smoothie contains a lot of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and good fats too. Grab some chia seeds or nuts and make this healthy smoothie an even healthier combo.

      Fast Delivery: As soon as you order food online from us, we start its preparation. And once the food is prepared, your order is dispatched with safe packaging. And within minutes, you can enjoy the smoothie while sitting on your comfortable couch.

      If you haven’t tried our Snickers Whey Smoothie, now is the perfect time to do so. Just place the order and start your day with a healthy and tasty treat guilt-free.

      Eat.Fit takes its commitment to good health quite seriously. This is why we have come up with a healthy meal subscription. With this subscription, you can now order nutritious meals and combos of cold-pressed fresh juices, smoothies, salads, dal, and so on. Some plans also give you the chance to get suggestions about diet from nutritionists. Check them now and get started with your health journey.

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