Muradabadi Biryani (Single) & Seekh Kebab


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The Perfect combination. Flavourful, slow cooked biryani paired with tender kebabs roasted in authentic spice mix.

Muradabadi Biryani (Single) and Seekh Kebab

There is nothing like a luxurious yet incredibly comforting biryani, especially when it is paired with the most loved seekh kebabs. This flavourful combination is enough to make you swoon. But do you worry about this lavish meal and all its calories derailing your diet plans? Now with Eat.fit, all you get is the delicious taste as we serve your biryanis super healthy.

We serve some great combos, one of our bestsellers being Muradabadi Biryani (Single) and Seekh Kebab. Your Muradabadi Biryani (Single) and Seekh Kebab home delivery get you the authentic Awadhi/Lucknowi dish that’s brimming with unique lightly-spiced flavors and tastes. We cook lean high-protein chicken pieces with long-grained Basmati rice and add our homemade Biryani masalas that add an amazing aroma. These masalas are rich in antioxidants and help in bettering your digestion. The crispy and slow-roasted Seekh Kebabs are melt-in-your-mouth. Low in oils, fat, and calories, with the freshest ingredients, this ends your search for the best Muradabadi Biryani (Single) and Seekh Kebab near me. It can be enjoyed as a guilt-free meal any time of the day.

It is pretty easy to order Muradabadi Biryani (Single) and Seekh Kebab online with us and enjoy it anytime you like in the comfort of your home. Just log on to our website, choose what you like, and order food online.

Our passion to serve delicious and healthy meals comes from our lineage of Cult.fit, which has made lacs of people active and fitter through mindfulness and workouts. We understand nutrition and how closely it connects to your wellbeing. That’s why you will find the best of Indian and world cuisine on our menu, with that signature Eat.fit twist of health. Everything on our menu is prepared under the guidance of our in-house nutrition specialists who select only the freshest seasonal ingredients. None of our foods contain preservatives, additives, or synthetic colors.

We love to make it easier for people to eat healthy at all times, especially when most of us don’t get time to cook owing to our busy schedules and lifestyles. That’s why you should give our healthy meal subscription a try. This lets us deliver customized and affordable meals for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

All our deliveries are free and we offer hassle-free payments. You can pay through E-wallets, Internet banking, and credit or debit cards.

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