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      Taste of India Veg Homely Meals Subscription at

      Taste of India Veg

      A country with its sumptuous mix of traditions, India comes with a different taste across its culture and diversity. Regionally distinct recipes and a burst of mind-boggling flavours, here's an India inspired meal plan by, your very own Taste of India


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      Meals are delivered every day at the chosen address and time

      Full flexibility to change meals, delivery address, time and even cancel meals for the day

      Get a full refund for any meals you cancel. Refunds are credited to your account at the end of the cycle or adjusted against your next billing cycle

      You can auto-renew subscriptions and get the best price per meal. Subscriptions renew on the same day of every week/month from the start date

      Upcoming meals
      Sat & Sun meals will not be delivered if deliver on weekends is off

      Sun, 24 Oct

      Butter Paneer, Aloo Methi & Jeera Pulao

      The irresistable combo! This super bowl brings the best of all worlds together with its wholesome portion of jeera pulao topped with ghee, generous serving of our succulent and creamy butter paneer and a handsome portion of the aloo methi matar sabzi! This one’s an absolute delight for your stomach and for your taste buds alike! Allergen information: Vinegar, nut, seed, dairy, traces of mushroom and celery.

      Try for ₹110


      Mon, 25 Oct

      Fit Thali

      A sumptuous roti thali with flavourful matar paneer cooked and creamy dal makhani. Served with carrot cucumber salad, pickle of the day. Allergen information: Dairy, vinegar, gluten, nuts


      Tue, 26 Oct

      Veg Keema, 2 Paratha Thali & Gulab Jamun

      A quick and delicious light thali combo! Enjoy soft parathas with mildly spiced veg keema - a combination of tofu, soya granules, capsicum cooked with home made spices and topped with roasted peanuts. Served with carrot cucumber salad and sirka onion. Complete your meal with our authentic gulab jamun that's sweetened with jaggery. Allergen information: Gluten, soy, vinegar, nut, dairy, traces of celery and mushroom.


      Wed, 27 Oct

      Nilgiri Veg Korma, Bhindi Chana & Jeera Pulao

      A rice bowl with scintillating flavours! A combination of coconut-onion tomoato based Nilgiri veg korma filled with mix veggies and goodness of green leaves alongwith bhindi chana and aromatic jeera pulao topped with ghee. Allergen information: Soy, nut, traces of mushroom and celery.


      Thu, 28 Oct

      Butter Paneer Kulcha Burger & Badam Kheer

      This innovative and new age kulcha burger retains it's desi core flavour while you enjoy the layers of whole wheat kulcha, butter paneer masala and sauteed veggies together along with creamy rich and delicious kheer. This badam kheer is made with skimmed milk, rice, coconut, sweetened with jaggery and topped with roasted almonds. Allergen Information: Dairy, Vinegar, Soy, Gluten, Nut, Seeds, Nutmeg.


      Fri, 29 Oct

      Lasooni Methi Paneer, Shimla Aloo Mirch & Roti Thali

      This ain’t just a roti thali - but a flavourful protein thali!. Garlicky methi paneer, delicious aloo Shimla mirch and whole wheat rotis is all you need to appease your hunger. Served with salad, pickle and roti of the day*. Allergen information: Gluten, seeds, dairy. *Methi roti / Plain roti


      Sat, 30 Oct

      Dal Makhani, Shimla Aloo Mirch & Jeera Pulao

      A simple and humble authentic Indian rice bowl! This bowl of creamy dal makhani, humble Shimla aloo mirch and comforting jeera pulao topped with ghee is packed with the goodness of nutrition and taste alike. This bowl of ghar wala khana is something you can always relish! Allergen information: Dairy, nuts, seeds.