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Weight Wise 30+ Homely Meals Subscription at Eat.fit

Weight Wise 30+


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How it works

You will receive 3 meals per day - Lunch, Snack & Dinner. Hot meal for lunch & cold meal for snack & dinner

Consume the hot meal immediately. Refrigerate the snack & dinner cold meal immediately and eat it at the suggested time

A nutritionist consultation,scheduled within 24 hours of purchase + a 30 day unlimited chat support over WhatsApp

A meal plan for non serviced meals, recipes & resources will be shared to help with your weight loss journey

Upcoming meals


Tue, 18 May

Manganese Powered Meal

Have a wholesome roti thali by starting with salad and then scoops of homestyle yellow dal tadka and aloo gobhi adraki for lunch. Your lunch provides 40% of fibre recommended for the day that ensures healthy gut and improved metabolism. Your snack is a colourful fruit bowl that's vibrant , filled with micronutrients and antioxidants to keep you energetic. Ideal for weight loss, our fruit pop oatmeal with nutritious unprocessed rolled oats, sweetened with honey, dates and seasonal fruits is a perfect dinner. Unprocessed oats is rich in soluble fibre and highly bioavailable protein along with vitamins and minerals that keeps you full for longer hours therby averting night snacking. All your meals today provide you manganese that supports bone health. The nutritional value displayed is for all the meals together. Allergen information: Nuts, seeds, gluten.

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Wed, 19 May

Prebiotic Meal

Delicious dal makhani made creamy with good quality fats from nuts and seed, salad ( start your meal with this ), humble Soya Masala Sabzi and soft whole wheat rotis along with fruit bowl & fresh salad made with wild rice, high-protein paneer, pumpkin, beetroot, hydrating cucumber and other veggies topped with some freshly roasted cashews and nutrient-dense sprouts are your today's lunch , snack and dinner . Delicious homemade dressing will make the salad more interesting ( nutritional value excluded ). 40% of fibre requirement of the day is fulfilled by your lunch meal. This keeps your hunger at bay for longer hours, improves fat loss and acts as a prebiotic that improves gut microbiome. Vibrant snack adds to your vitality for the day with micronutrients and soluble fibre. Pigments and antioxidants in colourful dinner salad with good quality protein and carbs supports digestive enzymes, improves nutrient absorption, boosts immune system and faster tissue healing. The nutritional value displayed is for all the meals together. Allergen information: Gluten, nuts, seeds, dairy and celery.


Thu, 20 May

Heart Healthy Meal

Your today's lunch and dinner are nutrient dense dal palak khichdi, pure pomegranate juice and lipsmacking chocolate fruit pop made with fibre rich broken wheat, dark chocolate, sweetened with fruits and dates. Heart healthy pure pomegrabate juice will be your ideal snack option for the day. Your lunch not only is rich in protein but also a good source of vitamin K, A and folate that helps boost bone health and immunity. Dinner provides you healthy fat and fat soluble vitamins that aid recovery at the end of the day. The nutritional value displayed is for all the meals. Allergen information : Nuts, seeds, dairy.


Fri, 21 May

Cholesterol Friendly Meal

Relish light and protein-packed meal with soft idlis, veggie-loaded sambar, yummy coconut chutney and soothing fruit salad for lunch. This meal is a power-packed combination of protein, good quality fats and fibre - an undeniable trio to improve your metabolism, lowers cholesterol and keep your gut in good shape. Your snack is a highly vibrant and colourful fruit bowl that adds vitality and vigour to the day. Highly satiable crunchy zoodles salad with barley, mixed lettuce, roasted peppers, soft paneer and more not only in terms of colours but also in antioxidants that help fight chronic inflammation is your ideal dinner. Your salad comes with a dip ( nutritional value excluded ). The nutritional value displayed is for all the meals together. Allergen information: Nuts, dairy, seeds.


Sat, 22 May

Vitamin C Rich Meal

Today's lunch is a tasty and nutritious rice thali with salad ( start your meal with this ), yellow dal tadka, soya masala sabzi and jeera pulao - a meal that gives you 50% of recommended fibre intake and varied bioactive plant compounds that are potential antioxidants. Kick out the post noon slump and boost your immunity pure orange juice that provides you 100% of your Vit C requirement for the day. Dinner's served with delicious vegan tropical fruit pop loaded with high fibre and good quality fat ingredients - broken wheat, mango jaggery blend, coconut, and nutty dates. Healthy fat improves your mood and indirectly helps you sleep better. The nutritional value displayed is for both the meals. Allergen information: Gluten, nuts. seeds, vinegar and celery.


Sun, 23 May

Superfood Meal

Enjoy an indulgent guilt free kulcha burger with mashed chole filling for lunch. Though this is a weekend fun day meal, you will still consume good quality protein and fibre from whole unprocessed ingredients that keeps you on track:) Compensate your lunch with superfood rich snack , nuts and seeds trail mix and fulfilling fruit bowl for dinner that gives you the good dose of natural sugars, fibre and immune boosting antioxidants. The nutritional value displayed is for all the meals. Allergen information: Dairy, vinegar, soy, gluten, nuts, seeds, pineapple.