Power To Create Success

Power To Create Success

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Power to Create - Success

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Clarity of mind is the key to success. In this guided Chit Shakti meditation, Sadhguru points out some essential qualities that will help you achieve this clarity of mind. Disclaimer: Through this content, Cure.fit is solely promoting the practice of meditation and its benefits. Cure.fit in no way promotes or associate with any specific political or religious beliefs.


Sharpens your focus


Improved clarity of thought


Improved attention span

What can you expect from Power To Create Success?
About Chit Shakti meditation: Chit Shakti meditation is a practice that in itself involves a number of meditation techniques. This pack is specially designed to help us achieve whatever we wish to achieve.
About the session:
The session begins with us being seated in a comfortable meditation posture and we proceed to take a few deep breaths. Once you feel fully relaxed, we move on to the second stage of meditation which is breath awareness. Post this, we breathe in a rapid fashion or in other words hyperventilate which could cause some numbness and lightheadedness. For the next leg of this practice, we will harness the power of visualization by imagining a beam of light extending from our forehead. In the last part of this meditation practice, we focus on the goals that we wish to accomplish in the next three months and instill them in our minds. This technique will improve our focus and determination, helping us work towards our goals. Now, that you have a gist of this meditation technique, let’s get started with the session.
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