Stop Panic

Stop Panic

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About this pack

A 5 minute session that uses your breath to stop a panic attack.


Stopping a panic attack early in the episode


Enhancing relaxation

What to expect from Stop panic?
About the pack: A panic attack can be extremely scary and is highly unpredictable in nature as it can happen anytime without any cause or reason. This short 5 minute session consists of effective meditation for panic attack. Especially designed to cure panic attack, this quick session helps you calm down with the help of meditation to reduce anxiety.
No equipment needed:
The best part about this session is that you don’t require any equipment for it. Getting sufficient sleep everyday, working out regularly and yoga sessions work great as panic attacks therapy and for panic attacks prevention.
Seek professional help if needed:
If you’re prone to anxiety and panic attacks we highly recommend that you consult a psychologist or a therapist. Psychotherapy is the most effective line of treatment that helps reduce the frequency of panic attacks over time and help you overcome them. We also provide specialised treatment for anxiety and panic attacks at Care.fit, our online doctor consultation service. Start your journey towards a better state of overall relaxation and wellbeing today with Mind.fit.