Control Cravings

These packs teach you how to overcome cravings.
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Beat Cravings

Beat Cravings

A 5 minute session that helps you curb and beat cravings
Overcome Cravings

Overcome Cravings

5 min session to build awareness of triggers, sensations and feelings to understand the nature of cravings and reactions.
Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating

5 min session to develop a practice of eating the meal without distractions, and appreciating and enjoying the meal by engaging all senses.
Control Cravings
Food cravings are very common among people. People crave to eat their favorite food or comfort food, and this is due to lifestyle factors like lack of sleep, lack of exercise, stress, or mood changes. It can also be due to hormonal imbalances in the body, resulting in weight gain. Cravings happen because the body is not getting proper nourishment, due to which it responds in the form of cravings. If you are also suffering from this and the guilt associated with giving in to it, here’s how to overcome cravings.
There are two ways through which you can beat your cravings, eating healthily and through meditation.
Easy Ways to Beat Cravings through a Healthy Diet
Nourish with Healthy Food Most of the time, people who are on a weight loss program follow a fad diet. These fad diets are highly restrictive and do not completely nourish the body. Instead, it leads to nutritional deficiencies, which causes irritability, mood swings, and cravings. How to beat the cravings while on a diet? Ditch the fad diet and shift to a healthy one, including all the vital nutrients essential for the body. How to overcome cravings when on a diet? Including food that contains protein helps as that helps you feel full longer and controls appetite. When you do not feel hungry, there are no cravings.
Eat Healthy First Stress eating is one of the main reasons people indulge in foods like pizza, burgers, fries, and other junk food. The brain releases chemicals that trigger cravings that are similar to what you get from sugar and fat. Food is a way of coping with their stress. You know you cannot completely avoid stress, but do not give up on these foods to beat the cravings. Instead, eat something healthy and have a small portion of the junk food you crave for. It is better to enjoy a little of these than to altogether avoid them.
Do not Stock Processed Food at Home You can beat cravings and even satiate the hunger for some time by eating sugary or junk food. But that is only temporary as the needs of the cells are not met. It only further increases cravings. To overcome cravings, do not stock foods that are processed or high in sugar and fats. Buy only items that are healthy that you plan to eat. If you do plan to give in to your cravings, then order it from a restaurant. That way, you do not have anything handy at home to munch on as and when you feel like having them.
Have Meals at Short Intervals Plan your meals in advance and do not have long gaps between meals. Most of the time, people have busy schedules and do not get enough time to prepare their food. As a result, they eat whatever is handy and easy to make, resulting in unhealthy food habits. To prevent this, prep every weekend and make a list of things you need and plan to make during the week.
When everything is in place and planned, it is easy to stick to it. Also, when leaving home for work, carry three meals for the entire day. Also, during the day between meals, opt for healthy snacks like nuts and seeds, seasonal fruit, rice puffs, etc., instead of going for chips or a doughnut. Having healthy snacks not only beats cravings but also won’t result in weight gain.
Still not feeling satiated and wondering how to beat cravings? Opt for a smoothie and creamy fat-free yogurt, a smoothie, or buttermilk.
Stay Hydrated Many times, when the body sends a signal for thirst, it is confused with hunger. If you are feeling a craving even after a good meal, then it is most probably thirst and not hunger. Drink a tall glass of water before hitting that snack box. This is the best method to reduce cravings and also feel satiated.
Get a Good Sleep and Exercise Sleep deprivation can lead to an increase in cravings the next day. So it is essential to get a good night’s sleep regularly to beat cravings. Another way to reduce cravings is to exercise regularly. That helps to reduce ghrelin which is a hormone that stimulates hunger.
Meditative Ways to Beat your Cravings
Press the Reset Button: Wondering how to overcome cravings through meditation? Meditation is one of the ways to release stress. When the mind is stressed, there is hormonal imbalance, the digestive system goes haywire, the mind is fuzzy, and the immunity is weak. When you meditate, the parasympathetic nervous system is invoked, and that leads to relaxation. That leads to decrease distraction, soothes stress, and improves overall wellbeing.
Improves Body Awareness: Meditation helps to connect the mind and the body. It also helps to focus sharper and relaxing better. Regular practice of yoga and meditation leads to the body being more in tune and reduces the cravings and impact of the foods on the body. As the sensitivity increases, the mind refuses to allow overeating as the body does not feel great.
Boosts Positive Thinking Many people resort to overeating as a way to deal with stress and unhappiness. Meditating regularly increases positivity and builds confidence and resilience. It is well documented that the frontal lobe responsible for creativity and positive emotions undergoes a permanent change due to meditation. It also increases the release of happy hormones in a meditative state and hence controls the addictive patterns. So meditation is how to beat cravings. Contrary to popular belief, meditation is not emptying the mind from thoughts. It is about being focused, aware and relaxed. When you can do that, it boosts confidence and positive thinking.
Eating Mindfully Mindful eating is another way to prevent cravings and overeating. People usually eat in front of a TV, laptop, or tablet. So they are distracted and unaware of what is going inside the body. They are unable to read the signals of satiety and indulge in overeating. The recommended way is to eat without any distractions away from any screens or books. Chewing slowly and eating mindfully means that you recognize satiety signals and stop when you are full.
Experiment with the various strategies mentioned above and see what works best, and that is the only answer for how to beat cravings.