Weight Loss Exercises

This series is focused on weight loss workouts that will help you burn those calories and provide a lean look. The workouts here are designed to be scalable.
Calorie Crush - Beginner
6 sessions
Movements that focus on burning calories
Calorie Crush - Intermediate
6 sessions
Burn more calories, more variations
Calorie Crush - Advanced
6 sessions
More challenging, More Variations
HIIT - Beginner
6 sessions
High intensity movements. Higher calorie Burn
HIIT - Intermediate
6 sessions
High Intensity Work out. High Calorie Burn
What is Weight Loss?
When weight decreases by a significant amount, it is called weight loss. Weight loss is of two types: voluntary and involuntary. Voluntary weight loss is when you lose weight through a change in diet and by practising weight loss exercises. In contrast, involuntary weight loss is when your weight decreases because of a medical condition. If you think you have gained unnecessary weight, it is best to do voluntary weight loss by enrolling in weight loss programs.
What Are Weight Loss Exercises?
Weight loss exercises are exercises that help you burn calories way faster than you consume them. To need more calories, your body will burn fat, which will lead to a reduction in weight. People usually do running, cycling, walking for weight loss, and these exercises focus on the frequent movement of major muscles. So, if you want to lose weight naturally, opt for an easy weight loss workout that will help you lose some extra kilograms without overwhelming you.
What Causes Weight Gain?
Before jumping straight to weight loss exercises, it is better first to know what is causing your weight gain in the first place. Once you know the reason behind your weight gain or obesity, you will know what type of weight loss exercise will work for you. A few common causes of weight gain are:
1. Improper lifestyle 2. Bad eating behaviour 3. Hormones and genetics 4. Underlying medical conditions 5. Use of certain medications
Once you've identified the cause, you can start doing weight loss exercises at home to help reduce the access.
Symptoms of Weight Gain
If you detect weight gain very early, you can easily control it by practising a workout for weight loss. However, if you detect it later, you must enrol in weight loss programs to stop the weight gain. If you know the symptoms, it becomes easier to know that you are gaining weight. Here is the list of the most common symptoms of weight gain:
1. Abnormal menstruation 2. Lethargy 3. Difficulty in breathing 4. Swelling in abdomen
Who Can Do Weight Loss Exercises?
From children to adults, everyone can do this weight loss exercise routine. That said, there is a difference between the intensities of different exercises for weight loss. Some like walking and jogging are less intense and doable by even children or people with low stamina. At the same time, some are very intense, like High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and can be done only by people who have stamina.
Another thing to be noticed here is that both men and women can do almost all the exercises. This list of weight loss exercises for men is almost the same as exercises for weight loss exercises for women. However, the sets and reps can be a little different.
Who Should Avoid Weight Loss Exercises?
Although almost anyone can try these weight loss exercises at home, some conditions make weight loss exercise & working out potentially harmful. If you have any of the below-mentioned conditions, you should avoid doing these exercises:
1. Pregnancy 2. A spine injury in the recent past 3. Irritable Bowel Syndrome 4. Strained muscles and ligaments
When these conditions improve or change, you can start doing exercises for weight loss exercise. However, to be on the safer side, we suggest you consult an expert before starting a workout for weight loss. cult.fit offers you an online weight loss program where certified trainers teach you the safest exercises you can do at home. You can consult about your condition with them and then know what weight loss exercise will suit your health.
List of the Best Exercises For Weight Loss
There is no doubt that one of the easy ways to lose weight is by doing various weight loss exercise at home. Even if you are a beginner and have no idea how weight loss exercises are done, you can still find some beginners exercises like jogging, jump roping, or HIIT for beginners. However, the only problem is that the list of the best exercises and workouts for weight loss is long.
To make it easier for you, we have prepared a list of the exercises for weight loss. Have a look:
1. Jump Rope 2. Burpees 3. Step-ups 4. Lunges
There are many other easy ways to lose weight, as a change in diet, but you get the best results when you complement the other ways with exercises.
How to do Exercises for Weight Loss?
Even if you find the best exercise to lose weight at home, you can not get the full results until you do it the right way. Doing home workouts the right way is not important to get effective results, but it also helps you stay safe as erroneous poses can often cause injuries.
Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do different calories and fat burning exercises. Read this guide thoroughly and follow the exact steps so that you get the best out of weight loss exercises:
Jump Rope:
Jump rope is often considered the best exercise for weight loss at home as it can burn as much as 10-12 calories per minute. You need a small space and a rope to do it, making it the best weight loss exercise at home. Here is how you can jump rope the right way: Keep your hands at your hip level and swing the rope by rotating wrists. As the rope comes close to your feet, take a very small jump. You can jump with your left foot, right foot, and both feet alternatively.
Sets and Reps: Jump for 90 seconds, take a rest of 30 seconds, and repeat. Complete three sets of 90 minutes each in this way.
What makes burpees the fastest way to lose weight is that it is one level up even than pushup - an exercise that itself is famous for making people sweat. Although doing burpees straight in a row can be exhausting, it really pays off when you do it regularly. Here is how you can do burpees the right way: Start with bending your knees and sitting in a squat position. Make sure that your back is straight and your feet are shoulder-width apart from each other. Now, lower down your hands inside your feet, on the floor. Put your weight on the hands and push back the feet. When you kick back and jump, get yourself in a pushup position with your body on your hands and toes. Do a pushup and ensure that your body stays straight from head to heel (do not point out your butt in the air or sag your back). After the pushup, do a frog kick and get your body in the position with what you started. Stand, explosively jump into the air, reach both arms over the head and land back again in the position with what you started. Get yourself in a squat position and repeat.
Sets and Reps: In the beginning, 5 sets of 10 reps are enough. Put a gap of 30 seconds in each set.
Another best exercise to lose weight is step-ups. Just like burpees and jumps, you require only a small space and a step. When you do this exercise, not only do you lose weight at home, but you also work on your leg and butt muscles. Here is how you can do it: Place your foot on a step, press through your right heel and stand on the bench. Return to the starting position with your right foot on the floor first.
Sets and Reps: Do three sets with 15 steps with each foot.
Health Benefits of Losing Weight
When you push yourself to the limit and try to lose weight in 10 days, there are a lot of health benefits that you get. You improve a lot in your body from physical health to mental health by doing proper weight loss exercise.
Here is a list of some health benefits that you get when you lose weight at home or gym:
Lesser Pressure On Joints
Putting extra pressure on the knees and lower body joints make them wear out earlier. Along with pressure, inflammation caused by extra fat also damages your joints. When you workout for weight loss, you reduce the pressure on your joints along with losing weight.
Reduces the Chances of Cancer
Women reduce their chances of cancer to a large percentage of losing weight. Hence, weight loss for women does not just help them get in better shape and prevent this dreadful disease.
Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes
Many researchers have found that you can prevent or delay Type 2 Diabetes by exercises for weight loss. And if you already have developed this disease, weight loss helps in taking less medication. So, if you plan to go walking for weight loss, prevention against Type 2 Diabetes can also be a source of motivation.
Controls High Blood Pressure
When your body weight is more than what it ideally should be, your blood gets pushed harder on the artery walls. This also puts a lot of pressure on the heart too. So, if you want to control high pressure, make some changes in the diet and start doing weight loss exercise at home.
Stop Sleep Apnea
Being overweight is one of the biggest reasons for sleep apnea. In this condition, an extra tissue gets formed in the back of people’s throats who are usually overweight. And that acts as a barrier in the airway. If you have this condition, you can do weight loss exercise at home and make your condition better.
Good For Mental Health
Losing extra weight helps you get comfortable with your body and make a better body image in your mind, and this lifts your mood and reduces the symptoms of depression. Many researchers have found that the confidence of obese people gets boosted when they perform weight loss exercises regularly.
What Type of Weight Loss Exercise is the Best?
Cardio is considered one of the best and easy ways to lose weight because you can maximize fat loss and calorie burn with it. Gym trainers often suggest this to people who want to exercise to reduce belly fat and weight quickly. And if you want to go one notch up, you can try HIIT.
cult.fit offers an online weight loss program where experienced trainers teach weight loss exercises at home for females and males. You can join the program and try out the best exercises.
Is Working Out 30 Minutes A Day Enough To Lose Weight?
Doing a workout for weight loss 30 minutes a day can give you good results. If you do it regularly, you are going to get good results. But, if your goal is to lose weight quickly, you have to increase your workout time.
For example, if you plan to lose weight in 30 days, you have to work out at least an hour a day and change your diet and lifestyle. At cult.fit, you can get training from an expert trainer who can teach you the best exercise to lose weight in a month.
What Exercises Should A Woman Do To Lose Weight At Home?
Generally, the weight loss exercises that work for men work for women too. Exercises like burpees, squat jacks, knee sprints, running, cycling, Pilates work for both genders. However, since every person’s body is different, you might not need a special set of weight loss exercises for your workout. cult.fit trainers can help you by providing a tailored workout to which your body will react best.
How Can One Get Slim In 10 Days At Home With Exercise?
Mere weight loss exercises are not enough to get slim in 10 days. You also have to change your lifestyle and eating habits to get the best results. If you are still confused about the best way to lose weight in 10 days, you can get training from cult.fit experts. Our experts have years of experience in training people with the best exercises for weight loss at home.
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