Therapy is also called counselling and is a meeting kind of approach to resolve problem-causing behaviours, relationship issues, somatic body responses, feelings and beliefs. The initial step in any therapy aims at creating a healthy version of the individual by living life in the best possible way. No matter how severe the challenges are, therapy will help transform the mind and get rid of self-destructive habits by resolving mental problems and improving various aspects causing pain to the mind. The therapy process is not definite and varies from one person to another and depends on the delivery mode. It can be provided for an individual, partners, group or even for a family as a whole.
Online therapy for depression aims to determine the steps one must take to ease mental stress. All therapists focus on the entire process and not only on the content shared by the patient. All the shared feelings and experiences are confidential with the therapist. The therapist listens patiently, supports unconditionally, follows therapy ethics and offers necessary advice tailored based on the individual's experience. The whole therapeutic process of any online therapy for depression considers how the person shares their problem, and it is a vital sign of how healthy they are in life, both mentally and physically.
Online Therapy
Online therapy is proven to be more effective than any other mode of counselling session as it brings the experience into reality with a whole variety of freedom in various aspects of the therapy. A traditional therapy session is planned once a week and is scheduled as per the convenience of the therapist. Therefore, for people who have an unbalanced and hectic lifestyle scheduling a traditional therapy session becomes challenging. They have to invest time and have a trial with online therapy sessions. This is the best method to help them realize and understand more about the online therapy advantages. Besides all the difficulties, few only prefer traditional therapy even in this modern era. But online counselling opens new methods to communicate at the comfort of one's home or office. The online sessions need not be formal like the traditional ones where the patient arrives at a location, has a seat and talk with the therapist. Then they depart meet at the same place after a week or so. Online therapy can be done with any attire and any place by performing tasks that require no attention, like snacking. Talk to therapists online and take the session as if it was a regular online meeting without panicking. There are various ways to find therapists online these days with just one click.
What are the Different Ways to Communicate through Online Therapy Session?
The different ways to communicate in an online counselling session are:
An online mental health counselling session is beneficial for socially anxious people as it does not get into any face-to-face conversation. Therapies based on text allow you to discuss and share your problems all through the day or week. There is no waiting time to address any issue, unlike a traditional session. Here the therapist is quick to respond, and the texts give the liberty to patients to cut straight to the point.
Audio therapy is another way to communicate with the therapist to vent out everything from your chest. It also offers the comfort of listening to the therapist's sessions without having to schedule an appointment. And it is ideal for people who are inquisitive to check the therapist's reaction during a session and react according to their body language.
Virtual therapy is the best online therapy via phone, laptop or on a virtual reality device as a video chat. Virtual therapy is for people who want to take treatment without traveling to the therapist and staying in the comfort of their own home. The different kinds of virtual therapy are virtual psychotherapy, virtual physical therapy, virtual occupational therapy and virtual speech therapy.
Virtual psychotherapy: This treats people with mental health problems, sexual health problems, relationship issues, etc. Virtual physical therapy: This therapy offers exercises to treat a person's health issues. Virtual speech therapy: A virtual speech therapy treats speech disorders like stuttering, aphasia caused by stroke or pronunciation problems. Virtual occupational therapy: Occupational therapy is used to master motor skills and may be used in conjunction with other treatments.
Some sites have established a particular app to access virtual therapy, and hence it is a type of telemedicine accessible through any electronic device. Online mental health betterment programs are trending and growing in recent times.
The best online therapy gives a person the freedom to decide on the time of the treatment. It also helps to develop a better bond with the therapist as the conversation becomes continuous over a week. Online counseling has no definite way of approach. It allows the client to clarify questions, seek advice and reframe one's thinking when it is a rough day or when things go perfect; they can enjoy and keep going with the flow by taking a weekly session. Any online mental health counseling therapy requires only an adequate internet connection, and so it is highly cost-effective.
Types of Online Therapies
Sleep Therapy
People who are tired, irritable, and unable to concentrate because of lack of sleep need to take therapies to safeguard their health. Poor sleep quality is seen to affect the performance of an individual and takes a drastic toll on their personal lives too. Sleep therapy is designed to improve sleep and targets people with issues like insomnia. It has a good effect on patients who have mental illnesses like bipolar disorder, OCD, depression, substance abuse, etc. The standard gold therapy for sleep problems is cognitive behavioural therapy which helps the individual replace unhealthy habits that hinder the sleep patterns.
Improving sleep hygiene is an essential task that is done by changing the basic lifestyle which influences sleep. This includes limiting alcohol, smoking and caffeine, thereby increasing exercise. A consistent sleep-wake schedule is another important way of living, and sleep therapy counselling emphasizes all these by providing simple tricks and hacks to bring them into action quickly. Sleep therapy is an online mental health program that starts by filling multiple forms and questionnaires to determine the cause of sleeplessness. Seeing a sleep therapist allows the patient to understand the reason and become aware of the daily routine and sleep hygiene habits. They also treat the mental health issues which are the root cause of the inability to sleep. The course of treatment might require medications like sleeping pills, and there is no potential danger in consuming them as they are always administered only for a short term.
Motivation Therapy
Motivation counseling is offered to a person who needs to improve and get focused on their motivational levels. People with self-destructive behaviour are the ones who need online counselling to prevent developing a negative impact on their family, health and social functioning. Motivational enhancement therapy is the one that is provided to treat such patients and direct them to a productive lifestyle. The primary goal of motivational enhancement therapy is to help people overcome their resistance to unacceptable behaviours. It focuses on increasing the confidence in one's ability and adjusts the self-defeating thoughts. The therapist encourages the patient to offer self-motivating statements along with other forms of therapy. Motivational enhancement therapy helps enhance and stimulate positive changes in a person's health. The four motivational principles that are used in online counselling are:
Empathy expression: Therapists patiently listen to the person and then deliberate, but slight modifications reflect on them. This reflective listening rather than confrontations creates a supportive environment and make the person feel accepted and respected.
Arguments avoided: The patients are treated by the therapist so that they are treated with gentle methods to create awareness of the problems. This lowers the risk of defensive and resisting behaviour by the patient. The online psychologist makes sure that any statement regarding the need to change is made by the individual only.
Discrepancy development: Motivational counselling focuses on the individual's discrepancy between the actual state of being and the desired state of being. This makes the person recognize the current behavioural patterns that hinder their growth.
Self-efficacy support: A person's motivation increases when they believe that they will perform the tasks and not only modify their behaviour. A therapist's role here is to help an individual who is struggling to become aware of their ability and attain success.
Final Thoughts
If you feel that you are all set to opt for an online psychologist session to prioritize your mental health, bear in mind that you will enjoy various benefits. Online counselling is a preferred mode due to its convenience and accessibility, even though it is a pretty new trend. Besides the comfort it offers, there are two significant advantages: it erases social stigma and is highly affordable. Talk to a therapist online and feel the change for yourself without being carried away by theoretical facts. To find a therapist online, do not stress. Just look for the best online counselling by surfing the net, and you will be provided with numerous options. Choose the ones that suit your requirements and pave the initial step for your transformation right away.
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