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Public Speaking

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A 5 minute session that boosts your confidence and decreases stress , so that you deliver your best possible speech.


Reducing stress and fear of public speaking


Improving ability to deliver on effective speech


Greater relaxation on stage

What to expect from Public Speaking?
Relaxing breathing techniques: Just like every meditation session, this meditation for public speaking pack too begins with some powerful breathing techniques that can make you feel relaxed and calm in no time.
Breathing to overcome phobia:
The session may only be 5 minutes long but there’s a lot that you can gain by listening to the instructions in it. Breathing is actually a very powerful tool. By regulating your breathing, you can alter the way you speak and your public speaking skill will in turn improve. A lower and more relaxed breathing directly results in a more confident and clear speech. In addition to this, you just need to accept your feelings and emotions and reassure yourself that you are confident.
Connect with your feelings:
To begin focusing on your breathing techniques by connecting with those feelings, those positive confident thoughts, you will be able to feel the same confident energy, relaxed and completely energised. Also, you can pause the video at any time according to your convenience but we recommend that you try not to let your distractions bother you. Remember, you can come back to these sessions as many times as you like.
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