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      Public Speaking

      Public Speaking

      01 Session
      Sessions in this pack

      Session 1

      5 Min

      About this pack

      A 5 minute session that boosts your confidence and decreases stress , so that you deliver your best possible speech.


      Reduce stress and fear of public speaking

      Improved ability to deliver on effective speech

      Greater relaxation on stage

      What to expect from Public Speaking?
      Relaxing breathing techniques: Just like every meditation session, this meditation for public speaking pack too begins with some powerful breathing techniques that can make you feel relaxed and calm in no time.
      Breathing to overcome phobia:
      The session may only be 5 minutes long but there’s a lot that you can gain by listening to the instructions in it. Breathing is actually a very powerful tool. By regulating your breathing, you can alter the way you speak and your public speaking skill will in turn improve. A lower and more relaxed breathing directly results in a more confident and clear speech. In addition to this, you just need to accept your feelings and emotions and reassure yourself that you are confident.
      Connect with your feelings:
      To begin focusing on your breathing techniques by connecting with those feelings, those positive confident thoughts, you will be able to feel the same confident energy, relaxed and completely energised. Also, you can pause the video at any time according to your convenience but we recommend that you try not to let your distractions bother you. Remember, you can come back to these sessions as many times as you like.

      What is Public Speaking?

      Public speaking is a skill that can be easily mastered. While some may have natural speaking abilities compared to others, anyone who knows how to speak can learn to be a better speaker than they are right now. It just takes some effort and mindfulness. Earlier public speaking was considered to be a part of the art of persuasion, but now it is viewed as any form of speaking between the audience and the speaker. Fear of public speaking is a common form of speech anxiety, and it can range from nervousness to full-blown panic attacks. Most people consider the lack of confidence to be the major reason for fear of public speaking. Still, it may simply be the inability to handle being the centre of attention or focus. Fear of speech is also known as Glossophobia. Speech anxiety or fear of public speaking isn’t a chronic condition or dangerous disease; it simply means that speaking in front of a group or gathering may induce feelings of anxiety or discomfort in those affected.

      What is Public Speaking meditation?

      Meditation can help create clarity, peace, and inner harmony and, over time, help in overcoming fear of public speaking. Meditation for public speaking is a relaxation guide that brings your attention back to the present and guides you on how to speak clearly. It is based on the idea that most people push away or ignore their present thoughts and feelings, leading to effective public speaking. Meditation can help soften feelings of anxiousness, reduce stress, and calm a panic attack. Mindfulness also helps you to learn to deal with difficult feelings without suppressing, analyzing, or encouraging them. When you acknowledge your worries, irritations, painful memories, emotions, and other difficult thoughts, it will be easier to deal with them and help in dissipating and overcoming the fear of speaking. This type of meditation may also help you increase confidence in public speaking.

      What causes Public speaking fear?

      There can be many reasons for facing the fear of Public speaking. It may be from past failures or any other reasons. Let us look into various reasons that can trigger the fear of Public speaking in an individual: Past Failures: when you have tried attempting public speech in the past, and you have had a bad experience out of it, it is likely that you will have fear of speaking again in front of the public again. Incomplete preparations: When you have not prepared properly for the presentation of the speech that is to be delivered, you might be fearful of the speaking portion. Lack of Self-confidence: This might be the biggest reason for the fear of public speaking. When you have low confidence in yourself, you care more about other people’s judgment rather than your capability. You might think you will go wrong or you will fail in this. This can generate nervousness and fear of speaking in groups. Comparison: The fear of speech also arises when we start comparing ourselves to another person. Comparing is never good, and it will never harbour positive results. The Comparison of yourself from another speaker might discourage you and affect your fear of the stage. Facing a group: Some people are naturally shy and do not want to appear in public. They are a little more self-conscious of themselves and fear to appear in public for any event, conference, or public speaking. They fear the crowd, which can lead to stress, anxiety, and fear of public speaking. Outside Pressure: people can also feel pressure from their peers, families, or friends. They might get influenced by social media and want to be perfect. The fear of what if I will freeze on the stage or forget the points can really be scary and can escalate public speaking fear. There might be other reasons for having fears to speak in public, but the constant dedication and little effort can overcome that.

      Symptoms of Public speaking fears.

      The symptoms of fear of speech are many and varied. These symptoms can be afflicted in any person, whether that person is an affluent speaker or the beginners who just are preparing for any public speaking event. Butterflies-in-the stomach Diarrhoea Excessive sweating or perspiring Heart rate quickens Rapid shallow breathing Shaking hands and knocking knees Excessive rising or dropping of body temperature Dry Mouth However, these symptoms might be mild and are not serious, they should not be ignored, and proper steps should be taken to take care of them through guided meditation techniques and breathing practices.

      Who Should Perform Meditation for Public speaking?

      Knowing how to speak is good for everyone, some stress relief Meditation for public speaking can be done by anyone and everyone out there. Everyone needs a little boost of confidence. Speaking with confidence is everyone's agenda, and Even the top speakers of the decade prepare and might get nervous before their big speech day, and it is completely okay. The meditation for effective Public speaking can be specifically done by the person who is having a public speech recently. Even children can also do a little meditation for kids to gain confidence and appear publicly to speak on their views and excel in public speaking. Try the 5-minutes meditation for Public speaking and experience the wonder that it reveals.

      How Can Meditation Be Effective for Public speaking?

      It is normal to feel nervous before any speech or appearing in front of the public to deliver your views. Meditation helps in calming down that nervousness and increasing confidence so that you gain more trust in yourself and your views to deliver your speech confidently. Meditation focuses on public speaking by diverting their attention away from the fear and anxiety due to public speaking and overcoming this by dissipating the fear naturally and more easily. The meditation calms you down, breaks the cycle of stress, and turns the stress cycle to positive self-talk, which will help you increase confidence and connect with the audience properly. It will help you not only release your public speaking anxiety but also help you deal with exam stress. Try the guided meditations provided by the cult. The fit platform that helps you learn the techniques on how to improve public speaking. The guided meditation for public speaking is a powerful tool that can help you unleash your potential as a good and effective speaker. With relieving the stress, fear, and anxiety coming from the fear of the stage, meditation also helps you believe in yourself. It opens a lot of possibilities and opportunities in your personal as well as professional life. Once you start doing the meditations for public speaking, you will feel the benefit of your speaking confidence. Still, it will also help you control desires that affect your life in many other ways that you have not imagined.

      List of Meditation Activities to reduce Public speaking Anxiety

      Many root causes lead to public speaking anxiety, and guided meditation has been proven to alleviate its stress. Find the list of meditations that guide you on how to overcome fear of public speaking the stage fright, and give you a positive attitude to deal with it: Focus your attention on your breath: The breathing techniques are basically the meditation technique that can help you in anything. If you feel that your mind is wandering, bring your focus to your breath. Bring your attention to your body: Very often, it happens that your body is doing one thing, and your mind is wandering elsewhere. This is a powerful technique that helps you shift your attention to the present and let your mind come back from its little world. Just concentrate on your body from toe to head slowly and see the results. Noting Down: This little practice is very effective in knowing where your mind is and noting it down. It is a simple awareness technique to understand where your mind is wandering, and knowing the area or place of thought can help us let go of that thought easily with counter thinking or taking your attention back to the place where you are. Imagination: If you are few steps away from appearing on a stage and you are fearful, imagining if you stuttered is way equal to death. But to imagine a calm and serene place as you enter or imagining people sitting in front clapping for your performance can surely boost your confidence. Visualizing different calm and serene places around you to imagine any physical sensation is a part of this technique that can help you deal with the panic and fear of public speaking. Focus on Love and Kindness: It is a fact that you only attract what you give out. So, while public speaking or at any other event, focussing on the face of people in front of us, even if they are strangers, and emitting a vibe of positivity can definitely help obtain a positive attitude towards the people ourselves. It will help you in speaking with confidence and connect with the audience at the same time. Skilful compassion. Focussing on our loved ones, this meditation technique asks you to provide attention to them and emit love and attention to them from our hearts. In the same way as for others, if we open our heart and mind for love and compassion, we will be able to receive the same but will be able to gather the happiness around also. Get to know the effective meditation techniques from the platform of the cure. Fit and dust away from the layer of anxiety and fear away from your image and reveal strong confidence and an effective speaker in you.

      Health Benefits of not having Public Speaking Fear

      One may wonder why we should bother with public speaking. If you're like most people, you probably don't like public speaking. You may even be afraid of public speaking. But there are some genuine advantages of public speaking that can help you in your professional and personal life. There are actually more benefits of public speaking than you might think like: The advantages of public speaking range from increased confidence to meeting others to becoming more marketable. You can ace through the meetings, presentations, and any during any speech events that will impact your career growth and personal lives as well. You can also excel at your personal groups like friends or families to put forward your own ideas and thoughts without fear. The confidence to speak properly will lead to the personal satisfaction that will lead your way to happiness and contentment.

      Disadvantages of Public Speaking Fear?

      According to the National Institute of Mental Health, over 70% suffer from Glossophobia – more commonly known as ‘stage fright’. Many cite ‘confidence in public speaking as the number one thing they are fearful of in their lives, even above death! The disadvantages of not knowing how to speak on the stage can be listed down as under: The public speaking phobia can heavily limit one’s self-confidence and pursuit of life goals. It can affect work and personal opportunities in life. It can affect the satisfaction level that you will have with yourself. It can also lead to a lack of control over your self-thoughts and actions.

      Dos & Don’ts

      Do’ The preparation of the meeting or the speech is most important. Be prepared beforehand to avoid getting disappointed. Keep your energy high while you speak and make connections with the audience to have a better connection. Stay properly hydrated before the speech. Be consistent in practising the short meditations to get better with confidence and public speaking. Practice slow and breathing techniques to calm yourself down. Be positive and have faith in yourself that you will do good. Try including Meditation sleep in your routine. Don’ts Don’t stress out yourself just before the speech on how it will go and how you will manage. Don’t get overwhelmed by the number of the audience present. Don’t skip your food or water before the speech or speaking events. Don’t overthink how things will go, and concentrate on your breath. Don’t back out from public speaking anytime.

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