Exercise for Kids at Home

Workouts curated specially for the junior members of the cult family. These workouts will focus on all parts of the body for the kids to keep them agile and moving. The sessions are categorized into different age groups and different workout formats. Each workout is around 17 minutes long with a warm-up, the main workout, cool down, and stretching.
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Cult Junior

Cult Junior

Guided by Ritesh Telang Simple workouts are curated to build endurance in children’s bodies through basic exercises. No experience level is needed to practice these workouts, and any session can be chosen in the pack. Each session consists of a collection of movements that focus on various parts of the body, for full-body focus altogether. Benefits: - Increases muscle strength - Improves stamina and mobility - Keeps children active and agile - Builds endurance

5-7 Years

Guided by Anishka Bagla Join Anishka as she takes kids between ages 5 to 7 years olds on an enjoyable journey, introducing them to the practice of Yoga in a fun and engaging manner through storytelling. Each session is about half an hour and engages full-body movements. Do pick the session appropriate for your child as per their age. Benefits: - Improve full-body strength - Relaxes body - Improve mobility and flexibility of the entire body - Helps in increasing concentration and focus
8-10 Years

8-10 Years

Guided by Anishka Bagla Join Anishka as she engages children between 8-10 years in the joyful experience of yoga. These sessions are ingrained with techniques that will help increase their concentration levels as well as their memories. They also aid in relieving anxiety. Each session is about half an hour and engages full-body movements. Do pick the session appropriate for your child as per their age. Benefits: - Improve full-body strength - Relaxes body and mind - Improve mobility and flexibility of the entire body - Helps in increasing concentration and focus Each session is about half an hour, Do pick the session appropriate for your child as per their age.
Fitness for Teenagers

Fitness for Teenagers

Fitness for Teenagers Guided by Ritesh Telang Fun and refreshing full-body workouts for young and active teenagers. The sessions consist of a warmup, main workout, and a cool down with a surprise element in the middle to keep the engagement level high. These sessions have simple-to-follow exercises that aid in building strength and stamina in the body. Benefits: - Improves muscle strength - Increases stamina - Improves endurance
What is Fitness for Kids?
Physical fitness for kids means that they can perform physical activity without getting exhausted too quickly. We often assume that because it’s kids, they will naturally be fit. However, that’s not the case. The lifestyle and food that the kids have access to these days making them unfit and immobile. This is where interesting kids exercises come in to motivate them to get moving.
What are Kids Exercises?
Kids exercises are those that are specially designed, keeping in mind the fact that the kid’s bodies are still developing. They are still developing their motor skills and need at least 60 minutes of activity each day. Exercises for kids are age-appropriate that are developed to keep their attention focused on the exercise. These are fun exercises for kids that may use superhero worksheets, props, names, dance moves, and more. While designing exercises for kids, it is especially ensured that they are not overtly exerting or strenuous.
What Causes Children to be Unfit?
Several reasons make a child unfit. These include: Kids these days have umpteen choices when it comes to high-calorie junk foods that leave them with problems such as obesity. Today, several screen-based attractions such as mobile phones and games take up most of their time. This leaves hardly any time for them to move around and shed calories. When their parents, who are their role models, are themselves engaging in unhealthy behaviors. When the kids are not given enough opportunities to be active, this includes not being encouraged to exercise for children or sports. They play or participate in sports or exercise for kids but in an unstructured routine or don’t give it enough time.
What are the Signs that your Child is Unfit?
Here are some common signs that your child isn’t as fit as they should be and needs regular kids exercise program: They get exhausted after doing even minimal physical activity, especially exercise for children. They are irritable. Your child doesn’t want to play or exercise for fear of tiring themselves out. They are slow in their movements. They complain of frequent body aches. They feel sleepy during the day. The child has a low attention span.
Who Can do Kids Exercises?
Kids exercises can easily be done by: Kids who have never exercised can easily start kids workouts. Those who are over their weight limit can do kids exercises for weight loss. Kids who are underweight for their age. Kids who aren’t interested in sports can do kids exercises to get active. Kids recovering from injuries or surgeries can start with simple exercises for kids. Kids who may have limited mobility for some reason can do indoor exercises for kids.
Who Should Avoid Kids Exercises?
Exercise for kids shouldn’t be done by these categories of kids without discussing it with your doctor: If your kid is suffering from fever or flu, they should avoid kids exercises. Exercises for kids must be avoided when they are feeling fatigued due to sleep deprivation or a busy routine. When they are sleep-deprived. When the kid is complaining of muscular fatigue or soreness. If they are experiencing some breathing issues. Exercises for kids must be avoided if they have recently suffered an injury or undergone surgery and are yet to heal.
What is the List of the Best Kids Exercises?
Wondering how to make your child more active through exercising? Here is a list of some of the most effective kids daily exercises. 1. Bear crawls 2. Crab walks 3. Jumping Jacks 4. Squats 5. Hip Bridge pose 6. Child pose 7. Downward facing dog pose
Which Exercises Help Kids Get Fit at Home?
Here are the most impactful exercises for kids explained in detail. These are easy exercises for kids at home or the playground: Bear crawls One of the best exercises for children; this helps get your child more flexible. It is also one of those simple workouts for kids at home that improves their strength and coordination. Start by getting on all fours. Your hands and feet should be on the ground. Keep your arms shoulder-width apart with your hips in the air. Start walking with your right hand and left foot. Follow this with your left hand and right hand. Duration: 4-5 minutes Sets: 1-2 sets of 2-3 reps Crab walks: This is one of the most effective morning exercises for kids that get them ready for the day. This is one of those compound exercises for children that work on their abdominal muscles, hamstrings, glutes, and triceps. It is a great exercise for teens and kids who are mostly sitting during the day. Sit with your knees pointing upward, and feet placed flat on the ground. Place your hands on the floor and bend your back gently. Lift your hips and walk backward. Duration: 2-3 minutes Sets: 1-2 sets of 3-4 reps Jumping Jacks: Jumping is one of the best exercises for kids. It can be done anytime, anywhere, and improves their flexibility. This is also effective kids exercise to improve the strength of their legs, spine, and arms. Stand straight with your arms at your side and legs straight. Bend your knees a bit and jump in the air. As you jump, spread your legs to shoulder-width and stretch your arms over your head. Come back to the starting position. Duration: 4-5 minutes Sets: 3-4 sets of 4-5 reps Squats: This is an amazing kids workout that helps in improving their cognitive functioning and, in turn, performance at school. This is a great girl and boy exercise that builds stronger muscles and bones, enhancing balance and coordination. Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Look straight ahead. You can use a toy or a prop to help your kid concentrate on this spot. Put your arms straight out in the front, keeping them parallel to the ground. Push your butt back and lower your body as if you are about to sit in a chair, Hold the pose and return to the starting position. Duration: 10-20 seconds Sets: 5-6 sets of 3-4 reps Hip bridge pose: This is a yoga pose, also known as Setu Bandha Sarvangasana, that can be included in your kids exercise routine to induce calmness and reduce stress. This is a great morning exercise for kids pose that builds strength in their legs and back. To begin this kids exercise, lie down on your back and rest your arms by your side. Bend your knees gently and put your feet flat on the floor. Gently lift your hips towards the ceiling. Hold the pose for a few seconds. Lower your hips and return to the starting position. Duration: 20-30 seconds Sets: 3-4 sets of 2-3 reps Child Pose: Also known as Balasana, this is an easy exercise for kids that stretches their hips, ankles, and thighs. This is the best exercise for kids that relieves pain from sitting for long hours, especially while studying and playing video games. To start this kids exercise, kneel on the floor and sit on your hip. Place your knees hip-width apart. Gently bend forward and lay your torso between your thighs. Stretch your hands forward. Hold this pose and gently return to the starting position. Duration: 2-3 minutes Sets: 3-4 sets of 2-3 reps Downward facing dog pose: Adho Mukha Svanasana is the perfect kids exercise to improve weight-bearing capacity in their wrists and hands. This, in turn leads to better control while writing, using scissors, and making a good grasp. This exercise for children also works towards better stability and strength in the lower body. To start this kids workout, come onto all fours. Lift your hips gently and straighten your knees and elbows to form an inverted V-shape with your body. Press your hands on the floor and widen your shoulders. Ensure that your ears touch the inner arms. Hold the pose for some time. Bend your knees gently and come back to the starting position. Duration: 30-40 seconds Sets: 5-6 sets of 2-3 reps
What are the Health Benefits of Fitness in Kids?
Kids must be introduced to fitness from the outset for them to make this a lifelong habit. In addition, exercise for kids at home has tremendous benefits for their minds and body as they age. Here are some of the most important reasons why kids should be fit: Regularly doing kids exercises helps in improving their cardiorespiratory functioning. This reduces the risk of heart diseases, asthma, diabetes, etc. later in life. Kids workouts strengthen their bones, joints, and muscles. This enhances their ability to participate in sports and prevents conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis. One of the most important benefits of kids workout is that it improves their cognitive abilities like concentration and memory. This is critical for good performance at schools and leads to fewer leaves and dropouts. Better strength, flexibility, and agility that come through home workouts for kids lets them do daily activities with more energy reducing crankiness and irritability. Kids exercises release happy hormones known as endorphins. These help in reducing their stress and anxiety. Kids are happier and make more friends.
What are the Disadvantages of Being Unfit in Kids?
An unfit child may face several disadvantages such as: Being tired all the time. Poor performance at school. Stressed relations with friends. Falling ill too frequently. Inability to go out and participate in activities.
What are Some Dos and Don’ts of Kids Exercises?
Since children are still developing their bodies, there are certain things to be kept in mind before initiating a routine of exercises for children. These include:
An adult must always supervise kids exercises. Always integrate a warm-up and cool-down session in the exercises for kids to avoid injuries. Mix up different kids exercises such as walking, playing football, splits, and dance exercises for kids to keep them engaged. While doing indoor exercises for kids, use good music or props.
Never give your kid unrealistic goals. The idea is to induce fitness as a way of life and not make a superhero. Don’t do exercises for kids without learning them from an experienced trainer. Don’t differentiate between girl and boy exercises. Don’t let them take long breaks between exercises for children at home to get the best results.
What are the Things Required to do Kids Exercises if you are at Home or the Gym?
Here are some things that will make the routine of exercise for children more effective:
1. Good music 2. A yoga mat 3. Comfortable shoes 4. Breathable and stretchy clothes 5. Water bottle 6. Toys to use as props
Frequently Asked Questions related to kids exercise & fitness in kids.
Which Exercise is Best for Kids?
Aerobic exercises for kids are the best to improve the strength of their muscles, bones, and cardiorespiratory system. This helps them get active and improve their stamina.
What are the Five Basic Exercises?
The five basic exercises for older people and kids include: 1. Walk exercise 2. Swimming 3. Push-ups 4. Running 5. Yoga
How can Kids Exercise Easily at Home?
Here are some tips for doing kids exercises at home:
Use fun exercises for kids to avoid them getting bored. This may include dance fitness for kids, spot jogging, etc. If you can’t wean them away from the screen, use it as a prop to make home workouts for kids a success. Be a role model for fitness. Induce fitness exercises for kids that involve the whole family. This could include fun things like hiking, bird watching, swimming, etc. Reward them for good kids exercise performance. Let them bring their friends for a routine of exercise for kids at home.
Why Should Kids Exercise?
Kids exercises lay the foundation for a healthy adulthood. They help them develop a strong body that can fight diseases, infections, and deficiencies. In addition, exercising keeps them active, performing better at school, and responding to stressful situations better.
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