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      A Guide to Meditation (Hindi)

      A Guide to Meditation (Hindi)

      04 Sessions
      Sessions in this pack

      Session 1 - What is Meditation and Awareness practice

      10 Min


      Session 2 - Breath awareness (sitting up)

      12 Min


      Session 3 - Body Scan (lying down)

      19 Min


      Session 4 - Visualization (sitting up)

      15 Min

      About this pack

      This pack by Anvita Dixit focuses on the foundational Meditation techniques of breath awareness, body consciousness and Visualisation. It serves as a toolkit for a beginner practitioner to get started with a regular Meditation practice.


      Create a habit of meditation

      Learn the basic skills of meditation

      What to expect from A Guide to Meditation (Hindi)?
      This pack from is a completely beginner friendly pack. So don’t worry if you are just getting started with meditation.
      Get started:
      In the first session, we learn about the basics of meditation and start by understanding what meditation really means and slowly uncover the secrets of meditation. Then we move on to the first meditation technique called Breath awareness. In this guided mindfulness meditation technique, we completely focus on our breath and analyse its pattern and let it flow naturally in a rhythmic fashion.
      About the next sessions:
      In the successive sessions we explore a variety of meditation for healing body techniques such as the body scan technique wherein we constantly move our focus to the different parts of the body or in other words, scan the body and notice any sensations, discomfort making us more in line with our body. In the final session, we discover the power of visualization and the effect that it can have on our mind. Now, that you know what’s in store for you, let’s get started with our first meditation session.

      What is Meditation in Hindi?

      Meditation is the process of training your brain to make you conscious and improve your state of awareness. The meaning of meditation in Hindi is Dhyana or Chintan. There are different types of techniques of meditation. For example, mindfulness, practice gratitude, and meditation sleep. A few types of meditation in Hindi are yoga asanas, yoga nidra, and others. Once you start practicing meditation on a regular basis, you will feel that inner harmony is increasing in you. It is often asked by people how to meditation in Hindi or what are various types of meditation in Hindi? Below down is a full guide on meditation meaning in Hindi and its various aspects.

      How Effectively Can We Do Meditation at Home?

      If you want to practice meditation, there are no prerequisites or need for any special equipment. You just require a peaceful room for it. So, home is a good space to start doing meditation. Unlike popular opinion, meditation is not just for spiritually aligned people. Anyone can do it if he or she is interested enough to do it. There are many classes available on meditation for beginners in Hindi.

      Who Can Do Meditation?

      Meditation does to your mind what physical exercises and workouts do to your body. Any person who is interested in improving his or her consciousness can perform meditation. It is a popular opinion that only yogis or experts can do meditation well. But this is only a myth that is spread by people who have never tried meditation in Hindi once in their life. The truth is that even beginners can do meditation very well. There is another myth spread about meditation Hindi that only Hindus can meditate on various types of meditation in Hindi like chanting meditation or Surya namaskar. The truth, however, is that anyone can meditate without thinking about his or her religion.

      Who Should Avoid Doing Meditation?

      Usually, performing meditation does not cause any kind of side effects. However, it is generally advised that people who are suffering from any kind of mental illness like depression should meditate under the guidance of a meditation expert. Actually, meditation can trigger negative thoughts in people who are already having any mental health disease.

      List of Best Meditations

      There are many types of meditation in Hindi that you can easily do to improve your state of awareness. Here is a list of some of the best meditations: Yoga meditation Vipassana meditation Guided meditation Mantra meditation Sleep meditation You can learn how to meditation in Hindi with these easy types.

      Benefits of Doing Meditation

      People who have never tried meditation Hindi usually think that it is an ancient practice that is beneficial for people with spiritual inclination. However, various scientific studies have proven that doing meditation has many health benefits. Here is a list of a few health benefits of doing meditation in Hindi: Stress Reduction: In the modern age, one of the major reasons for various types of disease is stress. However, doing mindfulness meditation in Hindi can help you in reducing your stress very easily. Various symptoms of stress such as anxiety and insomnia can be treated with the help of mindfulness. Even physical stress symptoms like fatigue get decreased with the help of mindfulness meditation in Hindi. Anxiety Control: Performing guided meditation in Hindi can actually help you in controlling anxiety in various social situations. Many scientific studies done on meditation have proved that performing meditation regularly helps in reducing the level of your anxiety. Emotional Health Improvement: Among other health benefits of doing meditation yoga in Hindi, the improvement of your overall emotional health is probably the most popular one. People who perform yoga and mindfulness in Hindi are found to be in a better emotional state than the other lot. There is a chemical compound produced in the human body called cytokines. This chemical compound increases the chances of depression. It gets lowered when you do meditation. Self-Awareness: People usually think that only Buddhists can become self-aware by practicing various forms of meditation. However, the truth is that there are various types of meditation for beginners in Hindi that can help you in improving your self-awareness. Attention Span Improvement: In the modern culture of hustling life, the attention span of people has reduced to mere seconds. This attention deficit can actually decrease the quality of your life. By doing mindfulness in Hindi, you can increase your attention span to many folds within a short time period. Memory Betterment: It is a very common phenomenon that people start losing their memory with increasing age. This memory deterioration process is very slow in the earlier years; hence, people cannot detect it until it becomes a very serious problem. It is found that performing morning meditation in Hindi can help you in improving your memory and slowing down the degradation of your memory due to increasing age. Sleep Improvement: A majority of people in our society struggle from one kind or another of insomnia at some point in their lives. Meditation yoga in Hindi has been found very helpful in increasing sleep time and improving the quality of sleep. If you do guided meditation in Hindi on a regular basis, chances are that you can even treat your condition of insomnia.

      Disadvantages of Doing Meditation

      Here is a list of some disadvantages that one can experience while doing meditation Hindi: If you are unable to channel your thoughts in the right direction, you can start having negative thoughts. You might relive some of the worst experiences of your life. You might have some anti-social feelings while doing meditation Hindi.

      Dos & Don’ts

      There are certain dos and don’ts that you should know before doing meditation in Hindi. Dos: Try to include morning meditation in Hindi in your list of daily rituals. Once it is incorporated into your lifestyle as a habit, it will be easier to do it. Try different meditations if one type is not working for you. The meditation meaning in Hindi is Dhyana. And you can do Dhyana with various perspectives and forms. Try to make a separate place for practicing meditation. Don’ts In the start, do not do meditation in Hindi for a long time. Don’t compare the results of your meditation experience with some other person. It is often seen that one type of meditation shows different results to different people. Hence, try to make your own path of peace without looking at others, Don’t feel irritated if you get interrupted while doing meditation. The very idea of being angry for pity things is against the grain of meditation. Don’t think that technology is against meditation. While it is true that you should leave other worldly temptations behind while doing meditation, at the same time, you might need a smartphone and internet connection for doing guided meditation at home.

      Things Required to Do Meditation if You Are at Home?

      By now, you must have known how to meditation in Hindi and the fact that it requires no special equipment. You might need the following to do it in a proper manner: A clean yoga mat A quiet place A smartphone and a stable internet connection if you want to do guided meditation in Hindi Considering the large number of its benefits, the list of things required to do meditation Hindi is very small.

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