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      The Asana Library

      Browse our extensive yoga asana library, with a vast collection of postures with clear instructions on how to get into it, how to safely get out of it, and their benefits
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      What are Yoga Asanas?

      Whenever we talk about fitness, yoga is never behind. Yoga asanas are various body postures ranging from a sitting asana to positions where you are required to recline, stand, twist, and balance your body. Asana is a Sanskrit term that means “postures”. Different types of asanas have different purposes. They can be practiced to get a healthy body and mind. For instance, people do yoga for weight loss, yoga for strength, and also asanas for back pain. In fact, some people also do yoga nidra or meditation asanas to get better sleep.

      How Effectively Can We Do Yoga Asanas at Home?

      Since yogasana postures do not require specific equipment, you can easily do all types of yogasana at home. Even beginners can do basic yoga poses if they follow the instructions properly. Yoga asanas are actually a daily part of people's routine. Surya Namaskar is one of the most famous and common asana yoga poses that you can do effectively at home. Just take guidance from a yoga teacher or watch online videos for all yoga asanas.

      Who Can Do Yoga Asanas?

      Anyone who is generally healthy can do yogasana postures regardless of their age and gender. Even people who have never done asana can perform yoga asanas for beginners. It is because many types of yoga asanas are quite easy and can be done without any equipment like dumbbells. Basic yoga asanas are also very easy to do such that even kids can do them. To know more about the best yoga asanas for beginners, consult a yoga expert.

      Who Should Avoid Yoga Asanas?

      While anybody can perform yoga asanas, there are some exceptions. Even during the basic yoga asanas, your body muscles are engaged in postures. Some health conditions can create difficulty in such yogasana postures. These include: Those who have injuries or fractures in the back, wrist, or legs should avoid different yoga poses Those who have undergone surgeries or any serious treatment must not do any types of asanas Pregnant women or those women who recently have delivered babies should not do complex yoga poses Those with serious illnesses such as heart disease, arthritis or lung disease should stay away from yoga asanas In case you have any of the above-listed conditions, try to avoid yogasana postures. However, these people can do meditation asanas. If you want to continue easy yoga asanas, seek proper guidance from an expert or a yoga teacher to make sure you perform asana the right way.

      List of Best Yoga Asanas

      There are different types of yogasana ranging from easy yoga poses to difficult poses. Depending on your capacity and proficiency, you can choose different yoga poses. Some of the best yoga asanas you can try are: Ardha Matsyendrasana Virabhadrasana I Sirsasana Halasana Padmasana

      How To Do Various Yoga Asanas?

      Ardha Matsyendrasana: Also known as Half Spinal Twist, this is one of the best asanas for back pain. You can also perform its variations to increase its benefits. This yoga also stretches the spinal cord, back muscles, and also benefits people with respiratory diseases. Other benefits you can get from Ardha Matsyendrasana are a better digestive system, weight loss, and a strong spine. Step-By-Step Instructions Sit straight on your yoga mat and stretch your legs out in front of you. Keep your spine erect and feet together. Now, bend the left leg and put the left heel beside the right hip. Lift your right leg over the knee and place the left hand on the right knee and right hand behind you. Twist your waist a bit so that you are looking over the right shoulder. Keep your spinal cord erect but turn your neck and shoulder in the right direction. Hold this pose and take long breaths. While exhaling, release the right hand that is behind you and slowly return to the initial position with a straight spine and legs stretched out in front. Do the same pose on the other side. Hold the Ardha Matsyendrasana on the left side. Exhale and return to the initial position. Duration: For beginners performing yoga poses, this pose can be done for two to five minutes. Virabhadrasana I: This pose derives its name from Virabhadra, a mythological character created by Lord Shiva. In English, it is known as the Warrior Pose. It is one of the most graceful yoga asanas. You can perform Virabhadrasana I to strengthen and tone your muscles in the lower back, arms, and legs. Not just this, this yoga also improves body stamina, eases frozen shoulders, and relaxes the mind. It is often recommended among the powerful yoga asanas for beginners. Step-By-Step Instructions: Stand straight. Put your right foot forward and left a bit backward. The distance between both feet should be around 3-4 feet. Now, shift your right foot outwards at a 90-degree angle while the left foot should have a 45-degree angle. The position of your foot should be such that the center of your leg left should align with the heel of the right leg. It is time to lift your arms sideways. Keep rising arms till they reach the height of your shoulders. Your palms must face upwards. Breathe out and bend your right knee such that your right knee and right ankle are in a straight line. After this, turn your gaze towards the right. As you move into this pose, stretch your hands further such that your palms are in a prayer position. Look upwards to your palms and gently push your pelvis down. Breath in and come up. While exhaling and slowly bring your hands down. Repeat this process with the left side Duration: You can do this pose for 10 seconds on each side, with 5 repetitions Halasana: It is called the Halasna as one has to pose like a Hal (plow in English) which is a very common agricultural tool used to prepare the soil of fields. Just like a Hal, you also have to make your body and mind ready for deep rejuvenation. Step-by-Step Guide: Lie flat on a towel or mat with arms by your side. With the help of abdominal muscles, lift your legs up to make a perpendicular angle to the floor. Raise buttocks by pressing against the arms. Try to touch the floor with your big toes. Try to lock the fingers of your arms or just keep them close. Ideally, you should achieve the position in which your chin gets placed in the center of your collar bones. But it might be hard to achieve this pose in the beginning. Move both your legs and arms back to the ground; lower down the spine. Relax your body. Duration: For beginners, even a few seconds in the final Halasana is enough. However, when you get comfortable doing this, you can do it for 2 to 3 minutes. Sirsasna: Also known as Salamba Shirshasana or Supported Headstand, this asana is presumed to be the king of all yoga asanas. Many celebrities have been seen in the past doing this asana. However, this asana is very old and is described in the many texts of Hatha Yoga. One must practice other simple yoga asanas before rushing directly to Sirsasna. Step-by-Step Guide: Kneel down and sit on your legs (a pose that is called Vajrayana). Widen your legs and place your elbows in a way that they become parallel to your shoulders. Now, interlock the fingers of your both hands. Place your head on the mat or a thick towel with the help of your fingers. Slowly, start lifting your shoulder blades and knees. Bring your feet a little close to your face in a way that your thighs get placed against the stomach. Lift both legs; use wall support by crawling legs against it if needed. You can do it without wall support after weeks of practice. Once you start lifting the legs without wall support, fully extend them above your head. After pausing for a few seconds or minutes, according to your comfort, bring your legs gradually with the support of the wall. Note: Remove any ring, watch, or any other wearable that can hurt in case you lose balance and fall on the floor. Duration: For beginners, pausing for 30 seconds in the final Sirsasana is enough. However, when you get comfortable doing this, you can do it for around 5 minutes. Padmasana: Unlike the other yoga asanas mentioned above, meditation asanas are different and focus mainly on your mental peace and calmness. Padmasana or Lotus position is one of the most common meditation asanas. It is a cross-legged yoga posture that can have calming effects on the mind and alleviate various physical ailments. It is also known as In Vajra position in Chinese and Tibetan tradition. Apart from offering mental peace, padmasana can also improve the digestive system, reduce menstrual pain, and help pregnant women in childbirth. Step-by-Step Instructions Spread your yoga mat and sit straight on it. Now, stretch your legs out in front. Make sure your spine stays erect and straight. Bend your right knee and place it over the left. Your sole of the left leg should face upwards and the heel should be close to the abdomen. Do this process with the right leg as well. Now that both of your legs are crossed and feet are placed on the opposite thighs with soles facing upward, put your hands on your knees in the mudra position. Your head and spine should be straight. Hold the pose and take gentle breaths in and out for a few minutes. Duration: Try this position for at least 20 minutes to get the best benefits from this yoga.

      Benefits of Doing Yoga Poses

      When it comes to the benefits of yoga asanas, you would be surprised to see the long list. Below are some of the most commonly known benefits of different yoga asanas: Doing yoga asanas reduces stress and anxiety. Easy yoga poses can boost mood and peace of mind. You can also get glowing and healthy skin with yoga. Simple yoga asanas like meditation can improve sleep quality. Easy yoga poses like Balasana can offer relief from menstrual pain and discomfort. Detoxification of the body can be done by easy yoga poses. Yoga asanas like Ardha Matsyendrasana improve the digestive system. Performing yoga asanas regularly helps with weight loss and calorie burn. Yoga asanas can also boost flexibility and good body posture. Yoga asanas increase self-awareness. Strengthen and tone muscles with easy yoga poses like Tadasana. Performing yoga asanas helps in relieving pain in the back, neck, leg, and other body parts.

      Disadvantages of Doing Yoga Poses

      If you do not perform yoga asanas in the right way, they can lead to the following disadvantages: Muscle injury or strain can happen if you cannot maintain balance during yogasana postures. Muscle sore and ache can happen if you overdo yogasana postures. Inverted asana can complicate your health if you perform it while suffering from arthritis or heart disease.

      Dos & Don’ts

      Do’s Always breathe via nose while doing any types of asanas. Wear comfortable clothes like yoga pants to allow your body to move freely while performing all yoga asanas. Practice yogasana postures at least two hours before or after having your meals. Drink water to stay hydrated during yoga asanas. Find a quiet and calm place to perform yoga asanas. Do warm-up before yoga asanas to avoid sudden strain on muscles. Don’ts Do not overdo yoga asanas or asanas for back pain as it can put a strain on muscles and cause injury. Avoid yoga asanas during heavy menstruation. Do not start strenuous or cardio exercises right after all yoga asanas. Do not perform even simple yoga asanas fast or in a hurried manner.

      Things Required to Do Yoga Asanas if You Are at Home & Gym?

      Performing all types of yogasana do not require any specific equipment. However, there are a few things you can get to improve your easy yoga poses experience. These include: A Yoga Mat A Water Bottle A Clean Towel Comfortable Clothes such as Yoga Pants

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