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      cart-image Gym in Velachery Workout Center

      Cult Velachery


      3rd Floor, ASV Crown Plaza, No.391, Velachery - Tambaram Main Rd, Velachery, Chennai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600042
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      Morning 06:00 - Night 10:00

      Best Gym In Velachery Chennai

      Gyms are the fitness spaces mainly used as an indoor recreation for most of the population. The gym near Velachery always has a huge crowd as it is an excellent place to reside in Chennai. Therefore, it is a place with many gyms to work out, with the Velachery gym list being very long. Gym in Velachery Chennai offers a wide range of physical fitness programs with well-trained coaches to guide the people. In this pandemic situation, gym in Velachery offers a well-equipped team to monitor and take care of the hygiene and keep the gym safe from COVID-19.

      What are the facilities/amenities available at Gym in Velachery?

      There are unique amenities available at the gym in Velachery that makes it the best gym in Velachery. They are: It has a wide range of weights available for strength training. It offers yoga classes as a combined workout for better results. It is a unisex gym in Velachery wherein all can walk in and work together for the best results. The gym in Velachery has all the latest machinery and equipment needed for the workout. Ladies gym in Velachery are numerous, but is best with specially appointed lady trainers to assist them with an exclusive dance fitness program. They sanitize well before and after each workout, which is a very much appreciated feature amidst this scary pandemic.

      What Types of Workouts are available at Cult Velachery?

      The various types of workouts that are available at the Velachery branch is: Yoga Boxing S&C Dance Fitness HRX Workout All these workouts have an appointed expert in the respective fields to tutor and guide the clients joining the gym in Velachery.

      What are the timings for Cult Gym in Velachery?

      The preferred timing for the gym in Velachery is: Timing 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM

      Fees and Contact details for Cult Gym in Velachery gym in Velachery with price is listed below so that it is easy for folks to understand what to expect from the training centre with regards to the fees and the facilities they provide. Here is the package below: Package Price Discounted Price 3 Month Package 11,970 INR 8,990 INR 6 Month Package 22,440 INR 13,990 INR 12 Month Package 43,380 INR 16,990 INR The contact details are: Email Id Address 3rd floor, ASV Crown Plaza, No.391, Tambaram Main Road, Velachery Chennai

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