Yoga for Weight Loss

The sessions in this pack will consist of Vinyasa Practises in which postures are performed one after the other in a smooth continuous motion. It might seem challenging at first, but please take it at your own pace and allow the body to adapt over a few classes. Vinyasa Yoga builds heat in the body and improves strength and stamina which leads to weight loss, when practiced regularly. These sessions have been created by Lara Saluja.
Yoga for Weight Loss
6 sessions
Intense sessions with Lara Saluja
5 Asanas for Weight Loss
5 sessions
6-Weeks Yoga for Weight Loss
30 sessions
Join Anil as he takes you through this guided series of practices across 6-weeks that will help you manage your weight holistically.
What is excess weight?
The weight that you carry over and above the recommended limit for your height is termed is excess weight. It is calculated using Body Mass Index (BMI). BMI of more than 25 and 30 are considered to fall in the overweight and obesity ranges.
What are yoga asanas for weight loss?
The ancient art of yoga is a combination of asanas (postures), meditation, and deep breathing to promote fitness and inner peace. Yoga postures for weight loss are a series of asanas done to burn excess calories, strengthen and tone your muscles, and toe your body. These yoga for weight loss asanas are more intense and done faster than the other asanas to rev up your metabolism for you to lose weight faster and more holistically.
What causes excess weight?
Several reasons are responsible for weight gain in a person. These include: Poor lifestyle choices such as consuming high-calorie foods and drinks and choosing not to exercise. Genetics Experiencing chronic stress, depression, and anxiety. Having poor sleep patterns. Medical conditions such as PCOS, Cushing syndrome, thyroid, etc.
What are the symptoms of excess weight?
Besides the very obvious sign of excess body fat accumulation, here are some other symptoms of obesity in a person: BMI of more than 25. Shortness of breath even after minimal activity. Excessive sweating. Troubled sleep. Constant pain in muscles and joints. The appearance of stretch marks.
Who can do yoga asanas for weight loss?
Yoga exercises for weight loss are customizable for a versatile set of people. These include: People who are overweight and want to lose weight can do slimming yoga asanas. Pregnant women can easily do yoga postures for weight loss. Seniors can take online yoga classes. Children as young as 7 years can take up kids yoga classes. People who have limited mobility can take yoga classes for weight loss. Those who are recovering from injuries or surgery can do weight loss yoga at home. Those who suffer from postural problems can do [*yoga for back pain*](https://www.cult.fit/live/fitness/yoga-for-lower-back-pain/reduce-pain-using-yoga/DIYPACK076/p).
What is the list of the best yoga asanas for weight loss?
Here is a list of the most impactful and best yoga for weight loss poses that will help you achieve your weight goals: Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Dog Pose) Utkatasana (Chair Pose) Virabhadrasana (Warrior Pose) Trikonasana (Triangle Pose) Salabhasana (Locust Pose)
Which yoga asanas help you lose weight at home?
Here are some of the most effective poses of yoga for weight loss explained in detail: Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Dog Pose): This is one of the best asanas of yoga for weight loss that uses your weight to expend more calories. Stand up erect and place your feet around 2-3 feet apart. Bend your upper body gently aiming to touch the ground with your hands. Your body should form a ‘V’ shape. Keep your hands firmly placed on the ground for a few seconds and return to the original position. Duration: Hold for 10-20 seconds. Reps: 8-10 Utkatasana (Chair Pose): One of the best postures of yoga for weight loss this helps in toning and strengthening your legs, back, and stomach. It is also one of the best poses of yoga for digestion that prevents stomach disorders. To do this yoga asana for weight loss, stand tall with your feet hip-width apart. Lift your arms gently and stretch them towards the sky. Now bend your knees gently while keeping your thighs and knees parallel. Your neck and head should be in the same line as your arms. Duration: Hold for 30 seconds-1 minute. Reps: 8-10 Virabhadrasana (Warrior Pose): This is one of those yoga asanas for weight loss that give your body an amazing stretch and make you sweat profusely. Being a standing pose, it sets the base for weight loss yoga at home. Stand straight with your legs wide apart. Gently raise your arms overhead and touch your hands. Extend your right leg to the back as much as you can. Come back gently into the original position and repeat with the other leg. Duration: Hold for 8-10 seconds Reps: 10-12 Trikonasana (Triangle Pose): This amazing yoga exercise for weight loss is very effective due to its lateral motion. This is one of the best poses of yoga for weight loss that especially burns fat from your mid-waist. Stand with your legs wide apart while keeping them straight and knees unbent. Raise your right hand straight towards the sky. Bend your torso at the waist to the left side. Reach your left foot with your left arm till your fingers reach your foot. Tilt your head left. Come back to the original position and repeat on the alternate side. Duration: Hold for 20-30 seconds Reps: 10-12 Salabhasana (Locust Pose): It is one of those asanas of yoga for weight loss that give it an amazing bend and stretch. This asana of yoga for weight loss regulates your metabolism and circulation and helps strengthen the muscles in your hips, thighs, shoulders, and legs. Lie down on your belly with your chin placed on the floor. Keep your knees on the ground and hands below the hips. Gently lift your upper body including your head, thighs, and legs. Hold your breath and stay in the position for a few seconds. Get back gently to the original position. Duration: 20-30 seconds Reps: 5-6
What are the health benefits of losing weight?
There are a lot of health benefits of maintaining an optimum weight, which include: It prevents the risk of serious conditions like type-2 diabetes, heart diseases, stroke, high blood pressure, and more. Your muscles and joint pains and ache no longer trouble you. You feel more confident about yourself. It improves your sleep patterns.
What are the disadvantages of being overweight?
Here are some disadvantages of carrying excess weight: People who are obese tend to have a negative self-image. This impacts their confidence and interpersonal relationships. You are at a higher risk of heart diseases, type-2 diabetes, stroke, etc. You experience broken sleep. You have less energy. You are constantly plagued by muscle and joint pains. People who are overweight are more prone to stress and anxiety.
What are some do’s and don’ts while doing yoga for weight loss at home?
There are some things that need to be kept in mind before doing yoga for weight loss. Dos: Always do a warm-up and cool-down session before and after your session of yoga for weight loss. This will get your circulation better, fastening the rate at which you will burn calories. If you are hard-pressed for time or just want to save on travel time, don’t hesitate to explore online yoga classes in India for weight loss. Whether you are doing yoga at a studio or taking an online yoga class for weight loss, minimize the distractions such as your TV and phone. Be consistent with your sessions of weight loss yoga at home. Taking frequent breaks may not give you the desired results. Don’ts: Never start yoga for weight loss on your own. Whether you are doing weight loss yoga at home or taking online yoga classes for weight loss, it is important to learn the techniques from an experienced trainer. Don’t give yourself unrealistic weight loss goals. For example, 30 days yoga for weight loss is an achievable goal. Never be too harsh on yourself. Every person’s body is different and takes time to respond. Take adequate rest between your sessions of yoga for weight loss to prevent fatigue.
How much weight can you lose doing yoga?
Yoga is amongst the gentlest forms of exercise for losing weight. Weight loss asanas help in weight loss by bringing about a change in your lifestyle and behavior. The best yoga asanas for weight loss get you into the right mental space and helps in curbing harmful habits like emotional eating and dependence on drinks and smoking to feel better. Yoga for weight loss has a tremendous impact on your metabolism. Its regular practice not only helps you lose weight but also keeps the weight off. It is difficult to determine how much weight would a person lose through weight loss asanas. The efficacy of yoga for weight loss depends on several factors such as your lifestyle, age, gender, or medical conditions.
Which yoga is best for losing weight?
The type of yoga and weight loss go hand in hand. If losing weight and maintaining it for times to come is your objective, the style of yoga postures for weight loss is important. For example, Hatha yoga, which involves moving your body slowly and at a deliberate speed as you try to relax and focus on mindfulness, may not rev up your metabolism that much. While it’s excellent for helping you calm down, this type of yoga may not result in substantial weight loss. That being said, there are a few styles of yoga for weight loss at home for females and males that help in losing weight over a shorter timeframe:
Ashtanga yoga for weight loss: In Sanskrit, ‘Ashtanga’ means ‘eight limbs’. This yoga style is based on eight principles of life that revolve around inducing mindfulness, discipline, breathing practices, and more. Considered to be the best yoga for weight loss, its yoga postures are physically demanding that serve as a great fat-burning activity.
Bikram yoga for weight loss: Bikram yoga for weight loss consists of a fixed sequence of 24 postures and 2 breathing exercise (pranayama) rituals. It is sometimes practiced as ‘Hot yoga’ i.e. it is done in a room that’s heated up to 41 degrees with humidity levels of almost 40%. This is to replicate the tropical climate of India, the country where Bikram yoga originated. The heated environment coupled with intense yoga postures helps in improving your muscular strength and in enhancing your metabolism.
Vinyasa yoga for weight loss: Vinyasa yoga is that style of yoga for weight loss that involves a progressive series of yoga postures that seamlessly flow into each other. Each of these transitions in Vinyasa yoga for weight loss is performed at high speed. This style of yoga for weight loss helps in increasing your heart rate that burns tonnes of calories, essential for dropping those extra kilos.
How can I lose weight by yoga in 10 days?
Though yoga is considered to be a slow-paced form of exercise that is less strenuous and low impact. However, nothing could be far from the truth. Yoga for weight loss is an excellent workout for burning calories and losing weight. If you have a goal to lose weight quickly in, say, a period of 10 days, you need to make your yoga for weight loss more challenging. Here are some smart tricks to crank up your yoga asanas for weight loss and lose weight faster: Increase the intensity and repetitions of your yoga postures for weight loss. This is the best way to increase your heart rate, improve your metabolism, and burn more calories. Add high-impact variations to your postures of yoga for weight loss. These may include jumps, lunges, and push-ups. Incorporate weight training in your postures of yoga for weight loss. Not only will this increase your heart rate and the subsequent calorie burn, but also strengthen your muscles. Concentrate more on standing postures of yoga for weight loss as they are made for a full-body workout, essential for losing weight. Start visualising a fitter you during your sessions of yoga for weight loss. This will help you in motivating yourself each day to do yoga and doing the best that you can.
Can you lose weight by doing yoga every day?
Yoga for weight loss works in more ways than one. It doesn’t just work on your physical fitness and lets you achieve your targeted weight, but it also makes you more mindful of your actions and lifestyle choices. It also induces discipline that lets you stick to your practice and attend your yoga classes for weight loss regularly. By inculcating patience, the best yoga for weight loss lets you holistically achieve your goals without stressing yourself too much.
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