Mobility Exercises

These mobility workouts will help increase your body’s range of motion and bring down overall stiffness of the body.
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Mobility Series 1

The movements in this series will help increase your body's range of motion. Everybody and anybody can do these exercises! Mobility is a key to staying fit, healthy and aging gracefully!

Mobility Series 2

The movements in this series will help increase your body's range of motion. Everybody and anybody can do these exercises! Mobility is a key to staying fit, healthy and aging gracefully!

Mobility Series 3

This series will help take mobility a notch higher. Focus on improvement of range of motion, more flexibility and joint functionality.  Mobility is key to staying fit, healthy and ageing gracefully.

Get Moving - Beginner

Your body has been designed for moving around! This series has been designed specifically for people who have jobs that require long hours of sitting at the desk. The sessions in this pack are simple, effective and short! Get going!
What is Mobility?
Mobility is the basic form to check one's flexibility and characteristic skills of a person. It may simply refer to jumping, running, kids exercise, and doing any activity like HIIT workout without pain. So, mobility exercises are the primary aspect of any physical activity.
What are Mobility Exercises?
Mobility exercises make the joints flexible by allowing them to reach their full range of motion. This is done with no stiffness or pain. Mobility exercises are the flexibility of muscles to support the joints and make the tendons also become more malleable. The exercises for mobility that are performed to improve flexibility are static stretching for an extended period. This indicates the warming up before a workout. Furthermore, dynamic stretching exercises for mobility that happen during a movement are considered better than those warm-up stretches. The mobility exercises are the basis to perform any physical activity with better efficiency.
Who Can Do Mobility Exercises?
Mobility exercises are not intense and hence can be done by everyone very easily. Age is no bar here as far as they are done in a proper form. Even older adults can perform exercises for mobility in a gentle manner without pushing hard to achieve flexibility. Hence mobility exercises are ideal for all age groups.
Who Should Avoid Mobility Exercises?
Mobility exercises are meager impact stretches like pilates exercise and are refrained to people with health conditions like recent surgical procedures, fractures, injuries, and other complications involving the joints in the body.
List of Best Mobility Exercises
The list of best mobility exercises are:
Ankle Mobility
Ankle mobility exercises aim at achieving better balance, performance, and fewer falls during various physical activities like squats and deadlifts. This is done by standing tall next to a wall for support. Next, rock the toes forward and make a tip-toe position. Then rock back onto the heels by lifting the toes off the ground. Repeat this mobility workout routine ten times to get better flexibility in the ankle dorsiflexion and plantar flexion.
Hip Openers
Hip openers are the best mobility exercises for a hip. The hip is a ball and socket joint that can move in all directions. It is essential to warm up the hip and the surrounding muscles before any workout session to make them stable and more balanced. Stand with the feet to the hip width and plant the feet firmly on the floor. Life the left knee to the chest level and make a circle with it. Then repeat these exercises for mobility on the other side. Perform this ten times to work the hip flexors, extensors, abductors, adductors, and glutes. Do this as a daily mobility routine.
Floor Windmill
These mobility exercises help to work the thoracic spine and give excellent mobility to it. One can take a towel or a foam roller to work the core muscles, spine, obliques, and upper back. Lie on the floor on the side and bend the knees and hip. Make a ninety-degree by resting the knees on the floor. Straighten the bottom leg and rest the leg on top with the foam roller or towel. Make sure not to change the position and have the arm together, straight out in front of the body. Lift the top arm, open up to the ceiling, and rotate the head until the hand reaches the other side of the body. Hold this full-body mobility routine for few seconds and then repeat these exercises for mobility five times on either side.
Shoulder Pass-Through
These mobility exercises are the best way to warm up the shoulders, improve posture, and prevent significant injury. This works on the rotator cuff, chest and upper back, and anterior deltoid. Stand with the feet to the shoulder-width apart and take a sturdy, long item or bar. Keep the arms straight and raise the bar above the head. Hold it tight so that the posture is balanced and proper. Reach out overhead as far as you can and then return to the starting position. Repeat these exercises for mobility five times.
Neck Circles
Neck mobility is one more critical aspect of everyday life. These mobility exercises work the neck flexors, trapezius, and extensors. Sit or stand in a comfortable position with the hands-on lab. Tilt the head to one side and then slowly roll the head forwards towards the chin. Feel the stretch and keep going as far as you don't feel any pain. Then continue to move the heat to the other side and the opposite side of the neck. Make half circles of this mobility workout routine three times, but do them slowly and smoothly throughout the motion. Do this as a daily mobility routine.
What Exercise are the Mobility Exercises to be performed at home?
The best mobility exercises that one can easily perform at home without any supervision or help are: 1. Diaphragmatic breathing – Perform this at least ten times every day. 2. Cat pose – Do this easy pose at least five times to be beneficial. 3. Pistol squat – This should be done five times every day. 4. Align stretch is the easiest full-body mobility routine that should be performed five times on each side. 5. Hip circles – Perform this totally for a count of 10. 6. Leg swings – Swing 5 times on each leg.
Health Benefits of Mobility Exercises
The health benefits of mobility exercises are: It reduces the risk of injury. Exercises for mobility will improve posture and balance of the body. Mobility workout increases the range of motion and gives more freedom of movement. Exercises for mobility will improve the circulation of blood flow all over the system. Mobility workout increases body flexibility. Exercises for mobility will improve the efficiency of moves. A mobility workout reduces the tension and soreness in the muscles. Exercises for mobility will create a positive state of mind. Mobility workout tremendously improves every physical performance.
The Disadvantages of Mobility Exercises
Mobility exercises do not cause any disadvantages in a typical scenario. But unfortunately, they are seen to cause few hiccups in scarce situations. They are: A mobility workout might cause a tear on the muscles or the connective tissue when overstretched. It can lead to micro-trauma, which may not be visible during the early stages but surface sometime during the long run. This is because sometimes people use dumbbell exercises and incorporate them into mobility exercises. In hot climates, any forced stretching activity might cause cramps or lactic acid build-ups. So, it is better to avoid these exercises for mobility during summers.
Dos & Don'ts
The various dos and don'ts of mobility exercises are stated below. Perform the mobility exercises before and after every physical workout session. Do a mild form of mobility exercises initially and then increase the intensity. Take necessary precautions if there are any health conditions like osteoporosis and few others. Do not perform the mobility exercises without the advice of a health care provider if you have any severe health issues. Avoid the mobility workout on the injured area or even if there is a slight pull or discomfort in it. This will aggravate the pain and worsen the condition. Do not perform any mobility workout after hard intervals. Ballistic stretching should never be done without guidance, and only athletes can incorporate them with their warm-up routine.
Things Required to Do Mobility Exercises if You Are at Home & Gym?
The primary things that are required to perform mobility exercises in both home and gym are:
1. Yoga mat 2. Water bottle 3. Towel 4. Supportive wall 5. Ventilated space 6. Exercise ball
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