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      How to make sprouts

      Time24 Hr

      Everyone knows sprouts are healthy to eat. By germinating the beans, grams or seeds, sprouts are made. This enhances their nutritional values. Sprout is a healthy Indian dish which can be eaten in breakfast or as an evening snack, though most prefer to have sprouts in their salad. Sprouts also make a healthy option for lunch meals for office goers. Even kids eat sprouts in their salads as protein ... in sprouts is good for their growth. Most people wonder how to make sprouts at home as home-made sprouts are better in nutritional content, clean and healthier. Sprouts are easy to grow indoors and don’t require any special equipment or process. Home-grown sprouts are also better as we have control on the quality of beans or seeds used and they are always fresh. Nutritionists recommend having sprouts daily for their various health benefits including better metabolism and weight loss. The Sprouts protein content is high, so it is preferred by weight-conscious people and people on weight management. One can also go for organic beans and lentils to get the best benefits of sprouts. Sprouts can be made from many seeds, grams and beans, though most people prefer moong sprouts or chana sprouts. Moong sprouts nutrition is high, so it is the most popular type of sprout. They are eaten raw or boiled with other raw vegetables or can be made into soups or other green moong recipes. Sprouts are so popular that even at parties or marriage functions, there are options of sprout salads.

      Nutrition Info. (per serving)

      ProteinFatCarbsFibre1014 Cal1014 Cal1014 Cal1014 Cal
      • 72gProtein
      • 7gFat
      • 163gCarbs
      • 52gFibre


      Dry Grocery

      Green Moong Whole

      Green Moong Whole

      0.5 cups

      Chana Brown Small/kala Channa

      Chana Brown Small/kala Channa

      0.5 cups

      Moth Beans

      Moth Beans

      0.5 cups

      Wash and soak all the three lentils separately for 12 hours or overnight. Drain all water the next day from the soaked lentils and wash each soaked variant individually. Take three kitchen towels or any other cotton cloth. Spread each cloth over a bowl. Place each soaked lentil in its respective cloth.
      Tie the knot and tighten the cloth and keep it in the bowl in a dim corner overnight or for a minimum of 12 hours. Do not cover the bowl
      Sprinkle some water on the kitchen towel to make it a little damp. Do so every 12 hours. After a day the green moong and moth beans would have sprouted. The Kala chana might require a few hours more.
      Once sprouted, wash the lentils. Store refrigerated in containers upto 3 days.
      Health Benefits of Eating Sprouts
      Sprouts are healthy and nutritious to eat daily as they are a good source of fibres, vitamin A, Omega-3 fatty acids, iron, copper, proteins, anti-oxidants, etc. The benefits of eating sprouts are: ● Promotes better digestion- sprouts have a high count of living enzymes and dietary fibres. Living enzymes boost metabolism and dietary fibres regulate digestion, resulting in better digestion. ● Improved blood circulation- Eating sprouts boosts blood circulation as they have a good amount of iron and copper. ● Weight loss- sprouts nutrition, being high and sprouts calories count being low is good for weight loss. ● Builds Immune System- The various vitamins present in sprouts aid in making the immune system stronger. ● Improves hair growth- Sprouts stimulate sebum production in the scalp, thereby preventing thinning of hair. Learn how to make sprouts at home from this simple recipe and enjoy their health benefits.


      We hope you had fun making it! Enjoy the meal.

      What are Sprouts?

      Sprouts are small and young plants that happen due to a natural process where the seeds, grains, or legumes germinate. These are harvested just before they grow and consumed raw or by cooking it lightly. The sprouts are considered the powerhouse of nutrition. These little plants or vegetables play an important role in maintaining proper health as they are high on nutrition and the sprouts for weight loss are highly recommended. There are many different types of sprouts and commonly found in markets and Indian homes. Some of them are: Sprouted grains like brown rice, amaranth, buckwheat, etc. Bean sprouts like the mung bean, black bean, and kidney beans. Green peas sprouts Seed and nuts sprouts like sunflower, sesame, pumpkin, almond, and more.

      Sprouting the Seeds

      Traditionally sprouting was done in most Indian homes and the sprouts recipe was also popular but somehow lost its popularity. But with everyone turning to homegrown and healthy foods, sprouts making has regained its popularity. It is also one of the easiest foods that you can grow at your home without the need for any specific training or even special equipment. Sprouts are lean vegetables that everyone can grow. Here’s how to make sprouts at home: Different types of seeds can be used for sprouting and depending on what you want to sprout use those sprouting seeds. The most important thing to consider during sprouting seeds is the amount of water it needs. A thumb rule is to take one part of sprouting seeds and three parts of water. Use a clean jar and soak the seeds using the desired quantity of water. Ensure that all the seeds are wet. Leave the jar open or closed with the lid. You can also use a muslin cloth to ensure it is breathable. Depending on the seeds you have used, the soaking time varies. It is usually a maximum of 4 hours after which you should drain the water from the sprouts. Add more fresh water and rinse out the remaining water by turning the jar upside down and keep the sprouts aside. Now the only thing left to do from your side is to rinse the sprouts twice a day, rinse the sprouts with water and put them back into a bowl. Within a day or two baby sprouts start to appear and you can harvest them at this stage or wait for them to grow longer. To begin the harvest, put all the sprouted seeds onto a cloth or a kitchen towel and spread them so that it gets air-dried. Now the sprouts are ready to use. Sprouts for weight loss are used as it satiates and keeps the stomach full without any hunger pangs.

      Reasons to Eat Sprouts

      Sprouts of all types are considered highly nutritious, they are also versatile and can be had as snacks or as a meal. Sprouts Bhel and Sprouts Salad are the best ways to have them. Some even like to add a dash of nutrition to popular street foods like Aloo Tikki Chaat. There are many health benefits of these sprouts, it includes: Eating sprouts helps in controlling and reducing blood sugar levels. That is because it has lower levels of carbs and also controls insulin. Learning how to make sprouts at home and eating them improves digestive health. It contains insoluble fibre, which means it helps to boost the good bacteria in the stomach. That not only supports the digestive system but also reduces constipation, gas, and bloating. Eating sprouts can reduce bad cholesterol levels and increase good cholesterol. Keeps the heart healthy by Lowering bad LDL and an increase of good HDL reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and atherosclerosis. It contains high quantities of copper and iron and thus helps in maintaining your blood circulation. Apart from keeping all the important organs healthy, it also helps in stimulating hair growth.

      Uses of Sprouts

      Sprouts can be added to your diet in a variety of ways and can be had raw or cooked. It can be used in: Salads Soups Rice dishes Sandwiches or burger patties Blend to smoothies and added to batters As a spread on bread, vegetables, or crackers Prepared as stir-fries

      Sprouts Recipes

      Sprouts Salad This moong sprouts recipe is easy, healthy, and tasty to make at home. The moong sprouts salad is low fat, healthy, and gluten-free. For this sprouts recipe, you can use store-bought sprouts. But it is better to learn how to make sprouts at home to ensure there is no contamination. Rinse the sprouts with enough water and drain them. To get a little crunch, half-cook the sprouts, or it can even be boiled or steamed. To make the salad, chop onions and tomatoes finely. Add salt, green chillies, pepper powder, and chat masala to the chopped veggies and sprouts. Season with lime juice, coriander and mix it well. Serve moong sprouts recipe salad immediately. Chana sprouts, bean sprouts, or mixed sprouts can be used instead of moong sprouts. Sprouts Bhel Bhel is a popular comfort food that is simple, delicious, and healthy. Most importantly, it is easy to make. To make these mixed sprouts, you can follow the easy & delicious recipe of sprouts If you do not have mixed sprouts, it can also be done using only bean sprouts or chana sprouts.

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