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      No Egg Mayonnaise

      Time7 Min

      The No egg mayonnaise made from cashew nuts is an excellent substitute for the regular egg mayonnaise and is not only creamy but matches the consistency of the egg mayonnaise and spreads smoothly. The traditional mayonnaise has heaps of oil and is an unhealthy option. The earliest substitute for egg mayo used to be condensed milk. The mayo taste was on the sweeter side and not a very good alternat ... ive. The cashew nut mayo is naturally requiring less oil and an excellent choice because of its neutral flavour. The vegan no egg mayonnaise is made from cashew nuts that you need to soak for less than an hour in water. No egg mayonnaise benefits are many. Healthy and nutritious, the whole food plant-based 'no egg mayonnaise' calories are low. A tasty and perfect substitute answer as compared to the other vegetarian mayonnaise options. The cashew mayo remains fresh in the fridge for a few days after preparation. This No Egg Mayonnaise is a healthy, vegan, vegetarian choice and ideally suited for people who have egg allergies. No egg mayonnaise at home is easy to prepare. It would be good to use a high-speed blender or a handheld blender to arrive at the smooth consistency required in mayonnaise. The No egg mayonnaise restaurant style is a good substitute for the regular mayonnaise, whether it is to be used as a spread for sandwiches or as a salad dressing for potato salads and macaroni salads, or dips for French fries. Also goes well with dips with chips, tortillas, and salad vegetable sticks like carrots, cucumber, and red bell peppers Ideal accompaniment with Indian snacks like the vegetable cutlets, patties, harabara kababs, or folded into the mashed potatoes for some enhanced flavour.


      Dry Grocery

      Cashewnut (2 Piece Split)

      Cashewnut (2 Piece Split)

      80 g



      1 teaspoon

      Refined Oil

      Refined Oil

      2 teaspoons

      Fruits & Vegetables



      1 unit




      3 pieces



      1 tablespoon

      Wash the cashewnut and soak it for 25- 30 minutes. Drain it and put it in a blender jar.
      Add oil, salt, garlic, water, and lemon juice.
      Make a fine paste and check the seasoning.
      Use it as per requirement .
      Helpful Tips:
      Some tips for you on how to make the 'no egg mayonnaise.' If for whatever reason you are unable to soak the cashew nuts for 30 min, you can microwave them in water for three minutes and let them stand in the water until they turn soft, or boil them in water for 20 minutes and the cashews will plump up and become twice their size. Were you tired of the same taste? Substitute garlic for mustard or herbs or some smoked paprika powder to have a variation.


      We hope you had fun making it! Enjoy the meal.

      What is Mayonnaise?

      Mayonnaise is a thick cold sauce that is mostly used in sandwiches, salads and hamburgers. It is also used as a base for many other sauces including tartar sauce.

      Origin Story: No Egg Mayonnaise

      Mayonnaise is also popular by the name mayo and can be described as a thick cold dressing sauce that is used to enhance the flavour of burgers, chips, tortillas, sandwiches, tacos, salads, French fries and different snacks. Its rich and creamy texture is the perfect base for building many delicious snacks. You can never really think of enjoying a burger without the creamy mayonnaise. The first mention of modern-day mayonnaise appeared around the 18th century in French cookbooks. However, different variations of homemade mayonnaise already existed in France and Spain long before this. Similar versions of mayonnaise were published by people under different names. In fact, you can find a mention of a similar sauce in recipe books dating back to the fourteenth century. These versions were known by the name “aioli bo”. This version was then adopted by Duke of Richelieu’s cook and it soon spread to France when the Duke returned to the French court from Menorca. At this point, the sauce was known by the name “mahonnaise”. As time went by, the sauce made an appearance in a cookbook published in the year 1742. The name it is known by today, Mayonnaise came about in 1815. Since then many variations of the sauce like garlic mayonnaise have been attempted. This is what led to the invention of the no egg or eggless mayonnaise recipe. Since the original mayonnaise ingredients included eggs, the sauce was off-limits for vegans, vegetarians and people allergic to eggs. Fortunately, the arrival of the veg mayonnaise recipe changed this reality. Today, mayonnaise has a permanent position in most household pantries across the world. In fact, it was even honoured with the title “Mother Sauce of Cold Sauces” by Auguste Excoffier.

      Uses of No Egg Mayonnaise

      The eggless mayonnaise has been a game-changer for vegans, vegetarians and people allergic to eggs. Until the veg mayonnaise came into existence, people who stayed away from eggs, could not indulge in the deliciousness offered by this rich and creamy cold sauce. While the original mayonnaise recipe includes eggs, the No Egg Mayonnaise recipe has come as a godsend for vegetarians and vegans alike. It is used in different healthy recipes as the calorie count is lower than regular mayonnaise. Let’s take a look at some of the different ways you can use mayonnaise sauce: As A Dip: Eggless mayonnaise can be used as a dip with chips or French fries. It is often placed on a Charcuterie Platter along with cheese, olives, nuts, cured meats, crackers and baguette bread. Sandwich Saviour: Turn any boring sandwich into a delectable one with just a dollop of some thick and creamy veg mayonnaise. It pairs well with different types of sandwich fillings like vegetables, tuna, chicken, bacon and egg. The possibilities are endless. Salad Dressing: If you are looking for ways to add more zest to your salads, eggless mayonnaise is the answer. With no animal fat and low cholesterol, eggless mayonnaise will help you stick to your mayonnaise healthy diet. Besides adding mayonnaise to your dishes, it can also be used for several other interesting purposes like: Eliminate Watermarks On Wood: The next time you see watermarks or water stains on your wooden floor or furniture, try rubbing a bit of mayo over the mark and letting it sit for several hours before you wipe it away. The moisture present in the mayonnaise unlocks the water stain, leaving behind stain-free wood. Remove Crayon Marks: Young kids often like letting their creativity loose on your walls. Well, you can stop despairing and use mayonnaise to break down those crayon marks to reveal a clean wall. Clean Stainless Steel: If you have stainless steel appliances, here is your chance to make them shine brightly without any fingerprint marks. All you need to do is wipe the stainless steel surface with microfiber with some mayonnaise. Chewing Gum Removal: If you have chewing gum stuck in your hair use a bit of mayonnaise to soften it up. You will soon be able to remove that pesky wad of gum without resorting to scissors. Polish Piano Keys: You can keep your ivory keys shining by buffing them with a microfiber cloth with some mayonnaise.

      Variations of No Egg Mayonnaise

      Since the inception of eggless mayonnaise, many variations have come to light. Let’s take a look at some of the different types: Plant-based eggless mayonnaise made from cashew nuts. Veg mayonnaise made from condensed milk and fresh cream. Eggless mayonnaise recipe with ingredients like soy milk or aquafaba. Several healthy mayonnaise recipes use substitutes for eggs. The original mayonnaise recipe uses eggs, making it unsuitable for people who do not include egg in their diet. Fortunately, the many variations of the eggless mayonnaise recipe have overstepped this problem. They can finally have eggless mayonnaise as a dip, sandwich spread and taco spread. The best thing about mayonnaise is that it is easier than how to make tomato sauce. The mayonnaise sauce is extremely beneficial to people who keep a close watch on their daily calorie intake as well. With the added advantage of how to make mayonnaise being an easy task, no egg mayonnaise can become a permanent part of your home!

      Recipes to Make with No Egg Mayonnaise

      The no-egg mayonnaise condiment is a versatile cold sauce that can be paired with a variety of dishes. It is also used to make several delicious dishes like: Aloo Tikki Burger, Coronation Chicken, Broccoli Salad, Chicken Schnitzel, Spanish Omelette, Creamy Potato Salad, Succulent Fish Fillets, Corn Salad, Tuna Sandwich

      Adding no egg mayonnaise recipe to your repertoire is a great way to improve your dishes and cooking skills. You can use eggless mayonnaise in vegan and vegetarian dishes without worrying about eggs. It is also a great substitute for regular mayonnaise for people allergic to eggs. It is no wonder that mayonnaise is considered the mother of all cold sauces to relish tasty sandwiches and burgers! It is time for you and your family to taste this wonderfully creamy and rich cold sauce.

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