Cold Coffee

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There’s just something about cold coffee that brings a smile to your lips if you’re a coffee-lover, isn’t it? While a steaming hot cup of java in the morning is the best bet for your caffeine kick, nothing beats the heat on a hot summer day like cold coffee does! Cold coffee is also much easier on the stomach than your regular cup of Joe. Cold coffee is a popular drink all around the world, howev ... er, its origin can be traced to Algeria, somewhere around 1840. Since then, there has been no going back for this delicious drink! From pretty little café’s, college canteens, to movie theatres and shopping malls, cold coffee is one of the most popular drinks being served round the clock. But cold coffee can be made at home too, given that the only ingredients you need to make cold coffee are milk, coffee powder, sugar, and ice cubes. All of these ingredients are easy to come by, so if you’re craving cold coffee, all you need to do is head to your kitchen! You can take this coffee recipe up a notch by adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream to the beverage. If you happen to be a health freak though, you can give the ice cream a pass. This in no way will diminish the appeal of the drink! If you want to make a healthier version of cold coffee, all you have to do is use honey instead of sugar, and skimmed or toned milk instead of your regular full-fat milk!

Nutrition Info. (per serving)

ProteinFatCarbsFibre128 Cal128 Cal128 Cal128 Cal
  • 7gProtein
  • 0gFat
  • 25gCarbs
  • 0gFibre


Dry Grocery

Slim Milk

Slim Milk

1 cup

Coffee Powder

Coffee Powder

0.75 teaspoons



1 tablespoon

In a blender, add Slim Milk, Instant Coffee Powder and Honey. Blend it till it gets frothy.
Serve chilled in a glass. Garnish with Coffee Powder.
The Benefits of Cold Coffee
Could our favorite cold brew coffee pass off for a health drink? Well, it is safe to say that coffee has a lot of health benefits. The caffeine that is found in coffee beverages, happens to hold the record for being one of the most regularly consumed psychoactive substances. Caffeine can help increase the adrenaline rush in your body, which in turn can give you a boost of energy. Coffee is also great for metabolism when consumed moderately, so this means it can aid in weight loss as well. It can also help burn the fat cells in your body. However, there’s a catch here, because if you’re looking to lose weight with coffee, you best consume it as black coffee or use skimmed milk instead of your regular milk! Coffee has a significant amount of antioxidants, so it can help ward off the free radicals in your body, protecting you against inflammation. That’s all the reasons you need to make your favorite cold coffee right away!


We hope you had fun making it! Enjoy the meal.

What is Cold Coffee?
Summer demands a food or a beverage that is cool yet intense, something that is refreshing yet intense. And nothing defines all of these terms other than a cold coffee! Also known as iced coffees, cold coffee is a beverage that is a boon in summers. It is so tasty that it should come with a warning: Beware, you can get addicted to this wake-up-and-seize-the-day beverage! If you know how to make cold coffee, you can rest assured that you are going to enjoy summers no matter how hard the heat waves are. And if you already love hot coffee, then there is no chance that you are not going to like cold coffee. And guess what, a cold coffee recipe is very easy to learn. Even if you are new to the kitchen, you can learn how to make cold coffee just in minutes. You will find that homemade cold coffee prepared by you tastes better than coffee made in restaurants because it includes your labor of love. So, without wasting any time, let’s jump straight to the best cold coffee recipe!
How to Make Cold Coffee
Learning how to make cold coffee takes only a few minutes. You will almost master it on your first try. Before jumping straight to the cold coffee recipe, prepare all the ingredients. Thankfully, you do not require any ingredient that is not usually present in the kitchen. Now that you have prepared all the ingredients as listed above, it is time to make cold coffee. The best part about making cold coffee at home is that you can increase or decrease any particular ingredient according to your taste. Above is your step-by-step cold coffee recipe: If you are a vegan but want to have a cold coffee, you can do that easily. Just replace regular milk use any non-dairy milk of your choice and your vegan cold coffee will be ready to be relished. Other Variations of Cold Coffee There are commonly known variations of cold coffee in the market like iced coffees and cold brew coffee. These are called variations but are not variations technically since the iced coffee recipe and cold brew cold coffee recipe are very different from that of cold coffee. Iced coffee is simply a regular brewed coffee served over ice cubes. This variant is very easy to make and takes only a few minutes. Since ice cubes can dilute the coffee, you have to add extra ground coffee to prevent that from happening. Another way to stop dilution is by making coffee ice cubes. Cold brew coffee is not as simple as an iced tea. You have to steep coarse-ground coffee in cold water for at least half of a day (12 hours). The flavor of this coffee becomes strong and hence you do not need to add extra ground coffee to make it. This coffee is less acidic than the previous one.
Other Beverages You Might Like
If you like cold coffee, there are chances that you might also like other beverages made at home. Here are a few beverages that are easy to make yet very tasty: Dalgona Coffee: A darling of social media, dalgona coffee is a very tasty beverage made with coffee. Interestingly, this coffee is very photogenic, which matters to some people and not to others. Masala Chai: If you want something as powerful and refreshing as coffee, masala chai is the perfect beverage for you. It has become a cult to drink chai. And you will know why, once you taste it. Adrak Gud Chai: You add extra ginger and replace jaggery with sugar in a chai, you get a special taste of it. Adrak gud chai is the perfect option to try for people who are bored of drinking normal chai. Digestive Tea: If you are having a digestive problem and finds it difficult to digest strong beverages, digestive tea is your option to try.
Goodness of Cold Coffee
What is better than drinking tasty cold coffee? Drinking tasty cold coffee and getting healthy benefits with it. Yes, you read it right. Cold coffee has many health benefits such as: Improves Your Metabolism: When you drink a chilled glass of cold coffee, your body metabolism gets boosted. The caffeine present in cold coffee can convert the food to energy. And a high metabolism can also help in burning more calories. All of these effects lead to losing weight at a fast rate. Lifts Your Mood: The caffeine present in the cold coffee also can change the state of your mind. If you sleep-deprived and feeling very low, a glass full of cold coffee and boost your mood and increase your brain functioning. Treats Heart Diseases: There are many heart diseases like heart attacks, coronary artery disease, and stroke that are known to be fatal for a large part of our society every year. Many scientific studies have proven that cold coffee contains compounds like phenolic compounds, caffeine, trigonelline, and lignans which can help you stabilize your blood sugar level, lower your BP and fight against these heart diseases.
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