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When it comes to health, you must not settle for anything but the best. It goes the same even when you search for gyms in Pune. The city has plenty of fitness centers where you can work on your body and make it fit. All you need is a bit of self-discipline and the right gym that motivated you through your fitness journey. We, at Cult.Fit, have also opened various good gyms in Pune. Almost every ... fitness centre in Pune by Cult is known for offering a high-end fitness experience. Our gyms in Pune have a holistic approach to help you build a strong physique and a healthy mind as well.

Cult Aundh

Cult Aundh

1st Floor, Plexus, Above CCD Lounge, ITI Rd, Ward No. 8, Aundh Pune, Maharashtra 411007
Cult Wakad

Cult Wakad

1st Floor, Vantagio, Next to Flechazo, Wakad Road, Shankar Kalat Nagar, Wakad Pune, Maharashtra 411057
Cult Magarpatta City

Cult Magarpatta City

1st & 2nd Floor, Above Jeep Showroom, Magarpatta Rd, Keshav Nagar, Hadapsar Pune, Maharashtra 411028
Cult Kalyani Nagar

Cult Kalyani Nagar

3rd Floor, Fortaleza Complex, Kalyani Nagar, Pune Pune, Maharashtra 411006

Which are the best gyms in Pune?

If you have been searching for the best gym in Pune, your search ends with us. To help you find the best gym in Pune, we have listed below our gyms in Pune. So instead of looking for a list of top 10 gyms in Pune, check out these Cult centers: Cult Aundh Cult Wakad Cult Magarpatta City Cult Kalyani Nagar To know more about these gyms in Pune, the works they offer and what facilities you can get there, keep reading.

What types of workouts are available at gyms in Pune?

Unlike what most people think, there are various types of workouts you should perform to build a perfect and toned body. Trying a variety of workouts not only improves your health but also makes the whole gym experience fun. Here are some of the different workouts you should try at gyms in Pune: Yoga: Yoga training is an ancient method of wellness that provides peace of mind while keeping your body fit. Our yoga experts can train you in yoga postures according to your level of expertise. So whether you are a beginner or advanced, you can learn yoga at our center. S&C: This workout means strength and conditioning. While strength building is a very popular part of bodybuilding, people often ignore conditioning. Cult gyms make sure that these two complement each other with workouts like bodyweight movements and stamina boosting exercises. HRX Workout: This one is a Cult.Fit exclusive workout which you won’t find in other gyms in Pune. This online workout training workout is designed by Hrithik Roashan himself. So if you too want a fit body like Hritik, do take our subscription and get tips from the actor. Boxing: Workouts are not always about exercises but also contain sports like boxing. So, take the step ahead and learn boxing with our trained professionals. Dance Fitness: Cult gyms in Pune also offer dance workouts. The coaches at our gyms can train you in various dance workouts ranging from Zumba to cardio. Our dance workouts are intense and help in burning calories and losing weight fast. Other than these gym offers in Pune, you can also get online sessions on demand for personal training. Check the information on our gyms in Pune with fees and get started.

What are the facilities/amenities available at gyms in Pune?

When you search for a “gym near me Pune”, always check the facilities available. Here is the list of some amenities and facilities the best gym in Pune will have: State-of-the-art fitness equipment like weights and resistance bands Personal Locker Shower areas Changing area Café Yoga mats Drinking water and towels Each of our fitness centres in Pune has these facilities. Not just this, we also take the best possible safety measures to make sure that you stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. These include: Contactless attendance Regular check-up of body temperature Sanitization of each and every area and equipment Sanitized and Hygienic Changing Areas Search the best gym in Pune near me and we are sure you’ll find us there. You can also visit our centers such as the gym in Aundh or the gym in Wakad to check the facilities yourself before buying the subscription.

Are there any gyms for ladies in Pune?

Finding a good gym may be hard but finding a good ladies gym in Pune is even harder. Well, not anymore. Our gyms offer training to both men and women. We also provide specialized workouts for ladies and pregnant women along with personalized online classes.

Which areas in Pune have the best gyms?

We have opened gyms in Pune in almost every major area of the city. So if you are worried whether you will find a Cult gym in your area, chances are high that we will be in proximity. Here are some areas where you can find our gyms: Aundh Wakad Magarpatta City Kalyani Nagar If you want to know more about our gyms in Pune with fees and facilities, contact us at

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