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      6 Pack Abs

      6 Pack Abs

      06 Sessions
      Sessions in this pack

      Session 1

      47 Min

      Jumping Jacks, Glute Bridges, Plank


      Session 2

      49 Min

      Hamstring Swipes., Worlds Greatest Stretch, Superman


      Session 3

      50 Min

      Inch Worm, Bodyweight Crunches, Side Plank


      Session 4

      54 Min

      Sprawl, Bird Dog, Single Leg V-up


      Session 5

      55 Min

      Jumping Jacks, 2 Point High Plank, Star Side Plank


      Session 6

      54 Min

      Side To Side Shuffle, Pigeon Pose, Plank Walks

      About this pack

      Essential workouts for a strong core with a focus on abs muscles. Core exercises strengthen your abs and other core muscles for better balance.


      Attack and strengthen your Core and Abdomen

      Improve Endurance

      Helps tone muscles

      What to expect from 6 Pack Abs?
      For this six pack workout at home, we have our Strength coach Niran Ponnappa who will take you through all the exercises to help strengthen your core. With each session lasting for about an hour, this pack is specially designed to target your core and help tone those muscles so that you get 6 pack abs that you can flaunt.
      Movements included
      With some high intensity exercises such as Side to Side Shuffle, Pigeon Pose, Plank Walks and some simple other movements like Jumping Jacks, Glute Bridges and Plank these sessions have a good mix of simple and complex movements making them effective for everyone.
      Health benefits:
      In addition to strengthening your abs and core muscles and toning them, this six pack workout at home also improves your cardiovascular endurance which in turn helps regulate your weight, lowers blood pressure, aids sleep, strengthens immunity and much more. Like all of our other packs, every session of this workout pack too begins with a quick warm-up followed by the main movements and finally cool down. Are you ready to develop your core and abs? Let’s get started with the first workout session.

      What are 6-pack-abs?

      The six pack abs that we see is the rectus abdominis muscle, which is a muscle located on the front of our abdomen between the lower ribs and the pelvis. The function of the rectus abdominis muscle, a postural muscle, is to help the lumbar spine flex, in helping us breathe, keeping the internal organs intact, exercising, defecation, labour, and lifting heavyweights. So what are six pack abs? The rectus abdominis is a group of two parallel muscles separated by a band of connective tissue called the linea alba. Also, bands of other connective tissues called the tendinous intersections traverse the rectus abdominis muscles cutting it into 8 distinct bellies. For people who have low body fat and engage in six pack abs workout, these bellies can be seen externally. Though bellies in groups of four, six, and eight are often visible, a pack of six abs is more common.

      What is a 6-pack-abs workout?

      A six pack workout is a group of exercises that help strengthen the muscles in the abdomen, which in turn helps to make the six pack abs visible externally. These six pack exercises concentrate on first lengthening the abs muscles, then creating tension on them, and then contracting them into the shortest position to help you make six packs. These 6 pack abs exercises can be customised according to your goals and fitness levels. However, it is not only a six pack abs workout that will help you get those chiselled abs. You need to have lean muscles on your belly for your abs to be visible. For this, combine your six pack workout with cardio exercises and weight loss yoga postures to help you achieve your training goals faster and more effectively. Six packs, nutrition is equally critical for weight loss and supporting muscle growth in the abs region. Effective six pack nutrition strategies include increasing your protein and fibre intake, staying hydrated, and stopping the intake of refined and sugary foods.

      How effectively can we do a 6-pack-abs workout at home?

      Doing a six pack abs workout at home is possible and easier than we think it to be. For an effective six pack workout routine, you don’t need expensive machinery or equipment. This is how you can do six pack exercises at home: For your six pack workout at home, you need a clean and calm space. The spot that you choose for your six pack exercises must not have any sharp edges or heavy furniture. You need a bench and yoga mat to start with your six pack workout at home.

      Who can do a 6-pack-abs workout?

      6 pack abs workout must be done by everyone who has fitness as their priority. However, if you have any specific health conditions, you must consult your doctor before starting six pack exercises. Six pack workouts, since they contribute to stronger abdominal muscles and not just a six pack, are advisable and customisable for: There are specially customised six pack women exercises for those who are pregnant. Seniors can easily do six pack exercises. Children can do abs strengthening and six pack exercises at home or gym. People who suffer from back pain can start a six pack exercise regime and make a pack of six abs. People who have suffered injuries or undergone surgeries and are recuperating can do six pack exercises at home.

      Who should avoid 6-pack-abs workout?

      People who suffer from any of the following issues or medical conditions, must not start 6 pack exercises without consulting their doctor: Avoid six pack exercises if you have a fever. If you are experiencing stress you should avoid six pack abs workout that may put an unnecessary strain on your heart. Doing a six pack abs workout when one is sleep deprived increased the risk for injuries. If you have sore or fatigued muscles, six pack abs exercises must be avoided for a few days. If you have recently suffered from a bout of asthma, heart disease, head injury, spondylitis, etc., you should avoid high-intensity six pack exercises. People who have undergone a surgery must avoid six pack exercises immediately after their procedure. Pregnant women should do six pack exercises only after a doctor’s approval.

      What is the list of best 6-pack-abs exercises?

      Here is a list of some of the most effective 6 pack exercises. These include six pack exercises at home or gym with or without the use of equipment: Dumbbell crunch Tuck and crunch Crunches Plank twists Upward plank Bicycle crunches Flutter kicks Hanging leg raise Decline plank with foot touch Seated Russian twist

      6-pack-abs exercises explained.

      Here is a detailed step-by-step explanation of some of the most effective six pack abs exercises both for men and women: Dumbbell crunch: One of the most effective 6 pack abs exercises, this engages your back and shoulders too. Start this six pack body exercise by lying on your back and holding a dumbbell or a weight plate across your chest in both hands. Raise your torso and then lower it as you engage your abs. Total reps: 3 sets of 10 reps each Total time: 3 seconds Tuck and crunch: This six pack exercise is great to engage both your upper and lower body. For this 6 pack workout, lie on your back and place your hands behind your head and raise your legs. Bend your knees at a 90-degree angle and raise your torso as you draw your knees towards your chest without letting your feet touch the floor. Total reps: 5 sets of 15 reps each Total time: 3 seconds Crunches: This is an exclusive six pack exercise that works the abs wonderfully and is an ideal six pack workout at home. Lie down on your back and plant your feet on the floor hip-width apart. Bend your knees and place your arms across the chest as you contract your abs and inhale. Exhale and slowly lift your body keeping your neck and head relaxed. Total reps: 3 sets of 15-20 reps each Total time: 2 seconds Plank twists: This six pack exercise is also a great exercise to lose belly fat that engages your entire body. To begin this 6 pack abs exercise, get into a forearm plank position while ensuring that your core is tight and your back is straight. Begin to rotate your mid-body as you keep your upper body stationary. Once your right hip dips towards the ground, rotate the other way. Total reps: 3 sets of 5-10 reps each Total time: 3 seconds Upward plank: This is a great 6 pack workout that recruits not only your abdominis muscles but also the core. For this 6 pack abs workout, sit with your legs extended and arms straight, and palms down on the mat. Begin by taking your belly button towards the ceiling pushing it through your heels and palms. Total reps: 5 sets of 15-20 reps each Total time: 5-10 seconds Bicycle crunches: This is one of the most effective exercises to make a pack of 6 abs and to engage your abdomen and obliques. To start, assume a tabletop position with your knees bent at an angle of 90-degrees and fingers interlaced behind your head. Crunch up and rotate as you bring your right elbow to your left knee and allowing your right leg to extend. Total reps: 3 sets of 20 reps each Total time: 2 seconds Flutter kicks: This is a challenging yet very effective exercise to develop a pack of six abs. To make six pack through this exercise, lie on your back with your legs extended up towards the ceiling so that your body forms an angle of 90-degrees. In slow motion, lower your right leg towards the ground. Return your right leg to start and lower your left leg down. Total reps: 3 sets of 12 reps each Total time: 2 seconds Hanging leg raise: This is a tough but very rewarding exercise that helps you make six pack if you are consistent with it. Start this six pack exercise by hanging dead with your legs straight and knees and ankles touching. Raise your knees and ankles by using your lower abs then slowly lowering yourself back. Total reps: 5 sets of 10 reps each Total time: 3-5 seconds Decline plank with foot touch This is a great exercise to let your six pack abs be visible. To start, get into a decline plank position supporting yourself on your forearms raised on a bench. Lift one foot off the bench and move it to the side to touch the floor. Continue this six pack abs exercise on alternating sides. Seated Russian twist: This is a very effective exercise to make six pack abs that targets and engages your obliques and spine. To start this six pack exercise, sit on the ground with bent knees. Lean back while keeping your back straight. Place your arms in front with hands one on top of the other. Pull your navel to the spine and twist slowly to the left. Total reps: 5 sets of 5-16 reps each Total time: 2 seconds

      What are the benefits of doing 6-pack-abs exercises?

      Here are some of the most important benefits of six pack exercises: When coupled with strength training, 6 pack abs exercises help in improving your ability to lift weights. This is a great advantage of six pack exercises not only for those who lift heavy weights but also in daily activities. Six pack workout gives us strong abdominal muscles that are essential for a good posture. Regularly doing 6 pack abs exercises helps in giving us a balanced gait, muscular coordination, and stability. 6 pack abs exercises help in respiratory functions like breathing properly. Regular six pack workouts help in reducing chronic back pain. Six pack workouts help in better performance in sports like tennis, swimming, etc. that use the core strength. A 6 pack body looks great aesthetically and improves our confidence and self-esteem.

      What are the disadvantages of doing 6-pack-abs exercises?

      There are no inherent disadvantages of six pack body exercises but some risks that occur due to not following six pack tips like: Since to attain a 6 pack body, you need to have less than 13 % of body fat, it may result in issues like reduced bladder control, weaker immunity, etc. A 6 pack body with its low levels of fat that provides a necessary cushion around the joints and organs, you may be at risk of frequent injuries. Among other problems fat-reduction related problems of six pack, women especially are at a higher risk of menstrual and hormonal issues.

      What are the dos and don’ts of 6-pack-abs exercises?

      Here are some six pack tips that must be followed for a safe and effective workout: Do’s: Make nutrition your priority while engaging in a six pack body workout regime. Include strength training in your six pack exercise regime. Always integrate a warm-up and cool-down session to avoid injury and fatigue while exercising for a pack of 6 abs. For making six packs, women should customise their exercises according to their health. Don’ts: Don’t overlook your back since just doing six pack exercises without engaging the spine creates balance problems. Never start six pack exercises at home without consulting your doctor and trainer. Don’t do intense six pack body exercises every day to avoid injury. Never be obsessed with a six pack body and things like getting six packs in 30 days. Instead, build fitness organically in your lifestyle.

      What are the things required to do 6-pack-abs exercises if you are at home or the gym?

      Here are the things required for doing six pack exercises at the gym: Dumbbells Abs core machine Abs crunch plate Abs curl machine For six pack exercises at home, you will need: A yoga mat

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