How To Lose Weight

Here's how to lose weight at home with exercises & yoga. Below is a list of the best exercises & yoga poses for you to do at home & lose weight, curated by experts, just for you.
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Weight Loss Workouts

Weight Loss Workouts

Want to lose weight and tone up? Here are some 25 - 50 minutes Cardio and HIIT workouts handpicked by experts to give you maximum calorie burn. These workouts are great for all fitness level. Do 3/4 workouts in a week. You can do a workout as many times as you like.

6-Weeks Yoga for Weight Loss

Join Anil for this 6-week yoga for weight loss plan
5 Asanas for Weight Loss

5 Asanas for Weight Loss

These 5 asanas when practiced can aid weight loss.
Yoga for Weight Loss

Yoga for Weight Loss

The sessions in this pack will consist of Vinyasa Practises in which postures are performed one after the other in a smooth continuous motion. It might seem challenging at first, but please take it at your own pace and allow the body to adapt over a few classes. Vinyasa Yoga builds heat in the body and improves strength and stamina which leads to weight loss, when practiced regularly. These sessions have been created by Lara Saluja, Anil and Anvita.
What Are Exercises To Help Lose Weight?
Different types of exercises yield different results. Some exercises are good for building strength; others are good for boosting stamina. If you want to know how to lose weight by exercising, you will have to acquaint yourself with the following exercises: 1. Forward Lunge 2. Burpee 3. Explosive Lunge 4. Dance exercise 5. Squat 6. Double Lunge The best part about these exercises is that they do not require you to have special gym equipment. So, if you want to know how to lose weight without going to the gym, you can perform these exercises regularly and experience the results yourself.
What Causes Extra Weight?
Before knowing how to lose weight, you have to know what is causing it in the first place. Only then can you achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Here are some reasons that might be causing you to gain weight: 1. Medications: Some medications can cause you to gain some extra weight as a side effect. For example, certain medications given to treat diabetes and depression are seen to cause weight gain. 2. Insulin: Among other vital functions, one primary function of the insulin hormone is to store fat. But due to the modern lifestyle and diet, our body sometimes starts showing insulin resistance. When this happens, the body starts storing energy in the fat cells instead of making it available daily. 3. Addition to Junk Food: If you are searching for how to lose weight at home, the chances are that you might already know this reason for weight gain. High-fat junk foods are made in a way that they stimulate your brain and become an addiction. After a few meals, people lose control over their eating behavior, making them gain extra weight. This is why nutritionists often suggest people learn healthy recipes so that they can stay away from junk food. 4. Genetics: This is another common factor that makes people obese. It is found that children of overweight people are more likely to gain extra weight than children of lean people. This does not mean that it is predetermined whether a person will gain weight in their adulthood. 5. Pregnancy: A mother has to store food and energy in her body for herself and the child. She has to eat to support the growth of the child. This leads to sudden weight gain in most women. After giving birth to the baby, their body couldn't adapt quickly, and a lot of fat still stays on the mother's body. This is the reason why most women search for how to lose weight after pregnancy. 6. Hormonal Changes: If you have not made any changes in your diet or lifestyle, but you are still finding yourself searching for how to lose weight at home, the chances are that you have some hormonal changes. Menopause, hypothyroidism, and many other conditions can cause an imbalance of hormones in the body, eventually leading to weight gain.
Symptoms of Gaining Extra Weight
The symptoms of gaining extra weight depend on the cause behind the weight gain. For example, if dietary changes cause weight gain, you will not experience any significant changes in your body. However, if some medical condition causes the weight gain, you will likely experience some symptoms. Some symptoms are common to most people who gain weight, no matter what the cause is. These symptoms are: 1. Shortness of breath 2. Extra sweating 3. Heart palpitations 4. Skin sensitivity A cult.Fit, trainers can help you detect if you are gaining extra weight or not, the cause of your weight gain, and how to lose weight with exercise.
Who Can Do These Exercises?
If you are searching for how to exercise to lose weight but are worried if you will be able to do the exercise or not, there is good news for you. Anyone can do these exercises. So whether you are a teenager or a senior citizen, you can perform these exercises in the sessions given above..
Who Should Avoid Weight Loss Workouts?
Generally, anyone can do weight loss exercise. But certain medical conditions can cause health problems when you perform the exercises. The conditions are: 1. If you recently had an injury in the neck or the spine 2. If you have intent joint pain or a fracture in bones 3. If you are pregnant or have delivered a baby in the recent past You can start doing a weight loss workout for beginners once your condition changes or improves, but you have to do it under the supervision of an expert. At cult.fit, you can have training from certified trainers who will check your health and tell you how to lose weight with exercise safely.
List of Best Exercises To Do
There are a lot of exercises that can help you lose weight. Some of these exercises can give you faster results at the cost of extra effort. Others will help you lose weight gradually without causing you much discomfort. Here is a list of some exercises that will help you lose weight: 1. Jump rope 2. Squat 3. Yoga 4. Burpee 5. Forward Lunge 6. Double Jump
What Exercise Burns The Most Fat at Home?
Jump Rope: If you want to know how to lose weight in the easiest and fun way, jump rope is the answer for you. As compared to most beginners' exercise, it can burn your calories at a faster rate. Before starting the exercises, make sure that the rope is of the correct length. Here is how you can do it: Keep your feet together and hold the ends of your jump rope. Keep your elbows in toward the ribs and swing the jump rope. As the rope comes near your feet, hop with both feet. Sets and reps: You can keep one foot in the air and hop with another. Change the feet with each set. Do three sets with a repetition of 1 minute. Squat: If you are looking for how to lose weight for women, the squat is your answer. Along with burning calories, squats also help you build overall strength and engage your core and lower body. Here is how you do squats the right way: Sit straight with your feet hip-width apart and arms clasped in front of your chest. Keep your back straight; your weight should lie in the heels. Bend knees and lower down into a squat position. Your thighs should become parallel to the floor. Just make sure that your knees are in line with your toes during the entire exercise. Rise back to the starting position, maintaining an even pace. Sets and reps: When you are just starting with the exercise, three sets with 15 reps each are enough. Burpee: If you are looking for the answer to how to lose weight for men, you will rarely find an exercise better than a burpee. Here is how you can lose weight and build lean muscles with burpee: Stand straight, your feet should be shoulder-width apart, and your arms by resting at your side. Now, push back your hips, bend your knees, and lower into a crouch reaching your palms to the ground. Lower back into a squat position and get ready for the next rep. Complete three sets with eight reps each. Now, place hands on the floor with a shoulder-width distance. Shift your weight to your hands and jump back to land in a plank position. Jump feet forward in a way that they land outside of your hands. Now, jump again, reaching your hands overhead. Sets and reps: 3 sets with 8 to 12 reps each are enough in the starting days. Forward Lunge: Lunge is a very famous type of exercise used for many purposes. There are many variations of the lunge exercises, but the most famous variety for effectively losing weight is the classic forward lunge. With this exercise, you can focus on your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and many other significant muscles. Here is how to do forward lunge the right way: Stand straight with your feet hip-width apart and your hands on the hips. Slowly, take the right step forward. You should have complete control over your body. Keep your spine tall and lower the body until your front and back leg are perpendicular to each other. Take a pause, take the right leg back to the starting position, and repeat the same process with your left leg. Sets and reps: 3 sets of 10 reps per side is enough when you are a beginner. You can join cult.fit if you want to know more about how to lose weight. Our trainers give both online and offline classes on losing weight the easiest way.
Health Benefits of Losing Weight
Here is a list of some of these health benefits: Better sleep: There are many scientific studies done on the effect of losing weight on sleep. Almost all of these studies show that losing even a mere 5% of your weight can lead to better sleep. Alleviates Joint Pain: The wear and tear done by daily work and the pressure of body weight are the two leading causes of joint pain. But when you lose some extra kilos, your skeletal frame has to support a lesser weight. Relief From Stress: Better sleep, better eating habits, and exercising regularly are the pillars of losing weight. And when you do them daily, not only do you lose weight, but you also start feeling relaxed. And if you want to lose stress and extra weight, you should know how to lose weight with Online Yoga Classes , as yoga makes people feel relaxed. Improves Cholesterol Level: Having extra weight is often linked with uncontrolled cholesterol levels. Just by losing 5-10 percent of your body weight, you can reduce LDL cholesterol levels. Reduces Blood Pressure: Having extra weight can increase your chances of high blood pressure. If you have extra fat, particularly around your waist, the risk of high blood pressure becomes even higher.
Disadvantages of Having Extra Weight
If you do not lose the extra weight, you might experience the following problems: Risk of Certain Types of Cancer: If you are overweight, you are at a high risk of developing the following types of cancer: colon breast thyroid ovarian pancreas And many more By losing weight, you reduce the chances of developing these types of cancer. High Chances of Heart Disease: By losing extra weight, you reduce the chances of stroke, heart disease, and many other cardiovascular diseases. Getting treatment for these diseases can be expensive, and you can prevent yourself from them free of cost just by maintaining a healthy weight. Type 2 Diabetes: Many factors lead to the development of diabetes but being overweight is one of the significant factors for developing type 2 diabetes. In this condition, your body stops responding to insulin correctly. And over time, your body becomes quite resistant to insulin. But you can reduce your chances of having type 2 diabetes by achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.
There are many other disadvantages of having extra weight like the inability to enjoy daily tasks, drop in confidence, and many more.
Dos & Don'ts
Here is a list of Dos and Don'ts that will help you perform weight losing exercises the right way:
Always perform warm-up exercises before doing weight losing exercises like lunges or burpees. Always wear comfortable clothing to avoid extra sweating. Seek the help of experts if you are a beginner.
Never have a meal immediately after or before doing the exercise. There should be a gap of at least 2.5 to 3 hours. Never jump straight to advanced level exercises. Always start with beginner exercises to make sure that your body is flexible enough.