At-Home Dance Exercises

Most of the time, dance and fitness go on the same lines. A dance workout is a fun way to get lean muscles and weight loss. If you do it with proper balance and coordination, a dance workout can actually stimulate your whole body. A 30 minute dance workout can burn 130 to 250 calories. And most importantly, there is a dance exercise for everyone.
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What is Excess Weight?
A person is said to have excess weight or being overweight when they carry more weight than what is considered healthy for their height. This weight may come from your body fat, muscles, water, or bones. Usually, a BMI (Body Mass Index) scale is used to assess whether or not a person is obese and may be at risk of severe health concerns. This is where the importance of dance exercises comes in keeping you at your optimal weight.
What are Dance Exercises?
Dance exercises are an action-packed combination and sequence of dance moves that are aimed towards gaining fitness. In addition, dance workouts may have other objectives such as losing weight, increasing flexibility, strengthening and toning the muscles, enhancing cardiovascular health, bettering your balance and coordination, and more. Dance fitness workouts involve several dance forms such as Zumba, Pole dancing, Belly dance exercise, Bollywood dance moves, Salsa, Tap dance, Ballroom dancing, Swing dance, etc. These exercises are versatile and include dance fitness for kids and adults alike.
What Causes Excess Weight?
Excess weight or obesity is a result of several factors. Some of the major reasons why you are overweight may include: When your calorie consumption is more than what you expend, this may be due to your lifestyle choices of consuming sugary and fatty foods or being immobile for some reason. Another reason for obesity has a financial constraint that doesn't allow you to consume healthy foods. Genetics plays a major role. If your parents or siblings are obese, the chances are that you will be too. Lack of dance exercises or movements of any kind that help in burning calories. Aging causes your metabolism to slow down and muscle mass to reduce. This makes it easier to gain weight. Hormonal changes lead you to crave food more. Certain medical conditions may lead to obesity. These include hypothyroidism, Cushing syndrome, PCOS, osteoarthritis, etc. Experiencing chronic stress and depression leads to weight gain as certain people turn to food for comfort. Long-term dependence on anti-depressants may also lead to weight gain. Taking other medications like birth control pills and steroids also leads to weight gain.
What are the Symptoms of Excess Weight?
Here are some signs that you are carrying excess weight: The first symptom is the very obvious fat on your body that doesn't let you fit into your clothes. If your BMI ranges between 25.0-29.9, you will be categorized as being overweight. If it is 30 or greater, you are considered to be obese or extremely obese. You experience shortness of breath even with minimal physical effort. You sweat excessively without exerting yourself. You have trouble sleeping. You have visible fatty tissue deposits and dark patches of skin, especially around the neck. Experiencing frequent fatigue or body & muscle aches. Having stretch marks on your thighs, back, and hips.
Who Can do Dance Exercises?
One of the biggest advantages of dance workouts is that they are customizable for almost everyone. Dance exercises can be easily done by: People who want to lose weight can do dance workouts for weight loss. Those who experience frequent episodes of stress, anxiety, and panic attacks can take up dance workouts. There are dance workouts for beginners who are new to exercise. Pregnant women can easily do modified versions of dance workouts at home. Children as young as five years can take up dance exercises. Seniors can easily take up dance workouts. People who have limited mobility can do seated dance workouts. Those who have undergone surgery and are recovering can do dance exercises. Those who have suffered an injury can do dance exercises to recover faster.
Who Should Avoid Dance Exercises?
Certain medical conditions render dance exercises ineffective or risky for some categories of people. These include: Pregnant women should always do dance exercises only after consulting their doctor. People who are suffering from high fever, flu, or cold should avoid dance exercises. Avoid dance workouts if you have medical conditions such as heart disease, asthma, osteoporosis, or spondylitis. Avoid dance exercises if you have recently undergone surgery or suffered an injury and are yet to recover. If you are stressed or tired, avoid dance exercises. Skip dance workouts for a few days if you are sleep-deprived or fatigued. If you have sore muscles or achy joints, avoid doing dance exercises till you recover.
What is the List of the Best Dance Exercises?
Wondering how to lose weight? Here are some of the most impactful fat-burning dance workouts that will help you achieve your goal of losing weight: 1. Salsa 2. Belly dance workout 3. Bollywood dance workout 4. Zumba
Which Dance Exercises Burn the Most Weight at Home?
Here is a detailed step-by-step explanation of the best dance exercises: Salsa: One of the most high-intensity dance exercises, practicing salsa is a great way to rev up your metabolism and get almost all the muscles groups moving. This is one of the few dance workouts for weight loss that burn almost 600 calories per hour. This is amongst the best dance workouts for weight loss that boosts your metabolism and builds your stamina. It keeps you alert and, in the long run, improves your cognitive functioning. To start this dance exercise, mark your position on the floor and stand straight on it. Step forward with your left foot and rock back on your right foot. Move your left foot back while keeping your weight on the ball of your foot. Stay in this position till the beat ends. Push your weight from the ball of your foot to the heel. Step backward with your right foot. Put your body weight on your left foot. Step your right foot forward and balance your weight. Duration: 60 minutes Belly dance workout: This is perfect for those with heavier lower bodies and who want to dance to lose weight. This is one of the best weight loss exercises that tones your lower body muscles and improves your heart health. Start this dance workout by doing a hip circle by pulling deep within your core and moving your torso in a circle. Ensure that your feet are placed firmly on the ground. Rotate in both directions. Follow this up with a hip twist to work on your core, back, and spine. Hold your shoulders straight and twist your hips forward and back. Try standing on one leg or bend your knees. Bollywood dance workout: This is one of those dance workouts that will not only crush the calories but leave you with a happy and heady feeling. One of the best dance workouts, this is a high-energy routine that boosts your blood circulation and improves the strength of your muscles. Bhangra: This is amongst the most popular exercises in Bollywood dance workouts. Start by kicking out your right leg with your hands beside you. Lunge your arms forward and shift your weight. Hop with your right leg while kicking out your left leg. Keep your arms above your head and continue pushing them through the ceiling. Balle Balle moves: One of the most-loved dance exercises, start by walking forward with high energy while raising your arms above your head. Keep your left arm below your chest. For a freestyle Bollywood dance workout, play a fast Bollywood track on your TV and try imitating the dancers' moves. This is one of the best ways to enjoy Bollywood dance workouts at home. Duration: 50-60 minutes Zumba: Originating from Latin, this dance exercise combines some amazing aerobic moves that help in improving the strength of your muscles. It acts as an interval training dance workout that alternates between slow and fast movements. Attending Zumba classes for an hour burns between 600-800 calories and gives you a full-body workout. Start this dance exercise by standing with your feet apart shoulder-width. Step to your right and bend your knees. Return to the middle. Now step to the left and bend your knees again. Come back to the middle. Duration: 60 minutes
What are the Benefits of Maintaining a Healthy Weight?
Maintaining a healthy body weight is probably the only way to enjoy a long life free of diseases. Here are some of the most important reasons to keep your weight at optimal levels: It reduces the risk of serious conditions such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, osteoporosis, etc. Maintaining a healthy weight helps in preventing certain types of cancers. It relieves you of joint pain and tension that comes with carrying excess weight. When you are at a healthy weight, your energy levels increase. You are more productive and creative and perform well at work. You have a stronger immune system that helps ward off infections. You feel confident about yourself. This helps in teaching positivity and better interpersonal relationships.
What are the Disadvantages of Being Overweight?
Being overweight has more disadvantages than you can think of. It leads to: Low self-esteem, irritability, and anxiety about how you look. You are at risk of serious health concerns that may cut your life short. You fall ill frequently. Your legs and backache are due to excess weight. You feel low on energy, and it takes a lot of effort to do even the simplest tasks.
What are Some Dos and Don'ts of Dance Exercises?
Whether you are taking dance fitness classes or learning dance fitness workouts at home, there are some things to always keep in mind. These include:
Never start your routine of dance exercises for beginners without learning the moves from an experienced trainer. This helps in preventing muscular stress and injuries. Be regular with your dance fitness classes. Taking too frequent breaks will not give you the desired results. Do a minimum of a 30-minute dance workout for it to be effective. If you are doing a dance exercise workout at home, choose a space that's well-lit, clean, and free of distractions.
Never give yourself unrealistic goals to avoid stress and anxiety. This is especially applicable for workouts for beginners. Never start with your dance exercise workouts without consulting your doctor, especially when you suffer from medical conditions. Don't overstrain or exert yourself too much during your dance workout for beginners at home. Don't work out without taking adequate breaks and rest periods. This helps in preventing muscular fatigue.
What are the Things Required to do Dance Exercises if you are at Home or the Gym?
Here are the things that will make your dance exercise routine more effective: A yoga mat Comfortable clothes and shoes Water bottle Dance videos or music Video apps for exercise tutorials
Frequently Asked Questions about Dance Exercises:
Which are the Best Dance Workouts?
Some of the most exciting and high-energy dance exercises include Bollywood fitness dance, Salsa, Belly dancing, Zumba, and Pole dancing. They can be done anywhere without the use of any fancy space or equipment. All you need is some good music, and you are ready to rock.
Is Dancing 30 Minutes a Day a Good Exercise?
A 30-minute dance workout is a great exercise, provided you keep the intensity and tempo of your moves high. A half-hour session of dance to lose weight will help you burn almost 250-300 calories.
How do you Dance with Exercise?
There are some great dance-inspired exercises, including ballet, salsa, Zumba, etc., that are intense and fast-moving. These use up the whole of your body and engage almost all the muscle groups.
Is Dance a Cardio Exercise?
Dancing exercises are whole-body cardio workouts that strengthen your cardiovascular system. They target almost all muscle groups and build the necessary endurance.
Do Dance Exercises Help Lose Weight?
Like most cardio exercises, dance exercises are also high in intensity and help burn many calories. This is coupled with their strengthening of your muscles, which helps build lean muscle mass and improve your metabolism. This helps you burn fat faster, even when you are resting.
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