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      Dalgona Coffee with jaggery

      Time12 Min

      A mere mention of Dalgona Coffee evokes an image of frothy coffee with its amazing texture and taste. Dalgona coffee is made with coffee, warm water, and sugar whisked vigorously to form a coffee-froth mix. It is usually enjoyed with chilled milk. This coffee can be made with amazing variations. Dalgona Coffee with Jaggery Recipe is one of them. In this recipe, sugar is replaced with jaggery that ... gives it a distinctive taste and texture, but it is still delectable. Dalgona coffee has been making people go gaga over its amazing creamy froth texture. For the uninitiated, this coffee originated in South Korea where they also have toffee by the same name. Coffee addicts love making this coffee and enjoy its amazing taste. The Dalgona Coffee with Jaggery ingredients is usually available in all household kitchens. Get all the ingredients ready before setting out to whisk this delectable beverage. People across the world went crazy trying to whip away this coffee to get a much-deserved caffeine fix and also a way to come out of the self-quarantine slumber. Be ready with some muscle power and necessary ingredients before you start following the Dalgona Coffee with Jaggery Recipe. This coffee also finds its genesis in typical Indian fenti hui coffee. The only difference in this Indian coffee and Dalgona coffee recipe is that the latter uses chilled milk instead of hot milk. When having friends over for an impromptu get-together, what better way to entertain them that serving them with a cup of Dalgona coffee. Dalgona Coffee With Jaggery Calories and Its Health Benefits Coffee is one of the best ways to meet your caffeine requirements. Dalgona coffee not only does that but also gives you a chance to enjoy licking its frothy top. It is undoubtedly a perfect beverage fix to sustain scorching Indian summers. Whether you are binge-watching Netflix or just looking for ways to come out of boredom, this coffee recipe is the perfect option. The Dalgona Coffee with Jaggery has 287 calories per serving.

      Nutrition Info. (per serving)

      ProteinFatCarbsFibre287 Cal287 Cal287 Cal287 Cal
      • 12gProtein
      • 10gFat
      • 38gCarbs
      • 0gFibre


      Dry Grocery

      Jaggery Powder

      Jaggery Powder

      3 teaspoons

      Coffee Powder

      Coffee Powder

      3 teaspoons


      Cow Milk

      Cow Milk

      1.25 cups



      1 teaspoon

      In a thick glass bowl add instant coffee powder, jaggery powder and 1 teaspoon of water.
      Whisk for 10 minutes. The mixture becomes airy and will begin to have a whipped cream like consistency. It should look light caramel in colour.
      Pour cold milk of your choice in a glass.
      Layer the whipped coffee mixture carefully on top.
      And voila! Stir well before you drink and enjoy!
      This Dalgona Coffee With Jaggery benefits is ample. Some of them are-
      • This beverage has a lot of carbs that give instant energy. • It has proteins that are the building blocks of our body. • It instantly improves energy levels. • Reduced risk of liver disease. When you just want to enjoy a few moments of peace or your well deserved “me-time”, check out Dalgona Coffee With Jaggery Video, make the drink and enjoy a date with yourself.


      We hope you had fun making it! Enjoy the meal.

      Dalgona Coffee With Jaggery

      The Dalgona coffee was a trending beverage on social media during the quarantine with many people trying out various versions of this coffee. Many people are not aware of what dalgona coffee meaning is or how to make it. Read on to know more about this.

      What is Dalgona Coffee?

      There are many Indian beverages like Cold Coffee, Masala Chai, Adrak Gud Chai, Digestive Tea, etc which are had as a health drink or as a beverage. But what is Dalgona coffee? Dalgona coffee meaning is an instant coffee with a twist or a makeover. It is made from basic ingredients like instant coffee, milk, sugar, and cream that you find in most Indian households. While many make this frothy beverage using sugar, it can also be done using jaggery to give it a healthy mix. Yes, Dalgona coffee without sugar is also possible and gives the same yummy taste. The best part of the Dalgona coffee recipe is that it is easy and quick to make and can be had at any time of the day and in any season.

      The story behind Dalgona Coffee

      Most people are now aware of the Dalgona coffee meaning but did you know how or why the coffee was named after it. Like the dalgona coffee recipe which is made by simple ingredients, Dalgona a South Korean dessert is a candy made of sugar and baking soda. These spongy toffees are available on the streets of South Korea, especially around schools. The word Dalgona comes from the South Korean word Dalguna and means sweet. The candy is made using a sugar mixture which is stirred until it becomes foamy and becomes light caramel-coloured cream. This is what looks like whipped coffee and hence derived from dalgona coffee meaning. Dalgona coffee became a trend on social media, because of a South Korean celebrity Jung II Woo and other Korean Youtubers who commented and followed. The story goes that the Jung II Woo featuring in an episode of ‘Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun – Restaurant ordered a coffee. He wanted to have a custom-made coffee of a 2:2 proportion of instant coffee and sugar. To this one of the commentators suggested that it is sugar candy. Hence the name Dalgona coffee.

      Dalgona Coffee Recipe Ingredients

      The coffee Dalgona is made using simple ingredients and the recipe of dalgona coffee calls for a 2:2 ratio of coffee powder and sweetener. Coffee powder: The coffee Dalgona is made using instant coffee powder and not the coffee powder that is used to make South Indian filter coffee variety. You can purchase any brand of your choice and it does not make much difference in its taste. Jaggery: The classic recipe that most people use is sugar which is the regular granulated sugar that you use in your homes. Though the sugar and coffee powder is used in equal proportions, sometimes it becomes bitter and hence you may have to adjust this by adding more. As a healthy alternative instead of sugar you can use jaggery which gives the same amount of sweetness and a better taste than sugar. Water: There is a need for some quantity of water to blend the sugar and coffee powder. It is important to use hot or at least warm water to help the coffee powder and jaggery to blend and form a smooth, fluffy, and creamy texture. Milk: Use any kind of milk of your choice and it comes out perfect. Some of the milk choices are full-fat, half-fat, skimmed milk or any vegan milk like almond milk also works its magic.

      Health Benefits of using Jaggery over Sugar

      In the new normal, people are looking to stay healthy. Replacing certain foods with others goes a long way in maintaining health. One such replacement is choosing sugar over jaggery. Below are the health benefits of using jaggery over sugar. Jaggery, also called Gur, is made by boiling sugarcane juice and solidifying it. It can be made using date palm or even coconut but sugarcane is the most widely used to make it. Prevents constipation: Jaggery aids in digestion by activating the digestive enzymes. So eating jaggery after a heavy meal enables digestion and prevents constipation. Detoxifying: Jaggery has antioxidants and zinc and selenium minerals which prevent the buildup of free radicals. It not only detoxifies the body but also cleanses the liver by removing toxins from the body. Boosts immunity: Due to the presence of antioxidants, it prevents free radicals, boosts immunity, and fights infections. Eases menstrual symptoms: Consuming jaggery can ease pain and menstrual cramps. It also reduces mood swings and other PMS-related symptoms. Boosts energy: It provides more energy over a long period and is a natural sweetener even better than store-bought honey which has nutrients stripped. A word of caution is that jaggery should be consumed in moderation as it is rich in calories. People who are diabetic or on a weight loss diet should check intake. However, using jaggery is much better than using sugar in your desserts.

      Dalgona Coffee Recipe at Home

      This Dalgona coffee recipe at home is simple and easy to make. Though it looks like it is a difficult task to make it, the steps are easy and simple. Dalgona coffee Ingredients that serves 1 Milk: 1 cup Water: 30 ml Jaggery: 2 tsp Instant Coffee Powder: 2 tsp Ice Cube: Few cubes Steps to make Coffee Dalgona Take a medium-sized bowl. Add coffee, jaggery, and hot water to it. Use a hand mixer or whisk and mix it vigorously until the mixture becomes a smooth creamy texture. You can also whisk using your hands if you do not have the tools to whisk. But ensure that you whisk until it becomes thick and holds the shape. For optimal fluffiness, you will have to whisk for about 10 minutes if you are not using any tools. Adjust the taste by adding more sweeteners if required as the coffee has a bitter taste. Take a tall glass and fill it with milk and ice. Take a scoop of the whipped coffee and gently place it on top of the milk. Sprinkle some coffee powder on top of the swirl to make it more photogenic. The milk and the creamy layer can be mixed to get an even taste. Word of caution: The recipe of dalgona coffee is simple but make it when you want to serve it as the creaminess and the fluffy texture deflates in about 15 minutes.

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