Strength Training Exercises

Strength training is critical for any fitness routine, also known as weight training or resistance training. It is a group of exercises designed according to the person's ability and age to improve flexibility, mobility, and enhanced performance in all the major muscle groups. Enroll today for online strength training classes curated and guided by cult.fit experts.
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Get Strong - Beginner

These sessions will help you Get Strong! The workouts in this pack will begin with Warm Ups, move into the Main Movements and end with Cooldowns. These sessions will help you improve your overall strength!

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These sessions will help you Get Strong! They will be a step up from Level 1. The workouts in this pack will begin with Warm Ups, move into the Main Movements and end with Cooldowns.

Get Strong- Advanced

These sessions will help you Get Strong! They are a step up from the intermediate level . The workouts in this pack will begin with Warm Ups, move into the Main Movements and end with Cooldowns.
Strength Training Workout on cult.fit
Strength building exercises are a set of physical workouts followed by many sports as a part of their training regimen. They are done to improve both endurance and strength. It is mainly done with the help of weights by incorporating various training techniques like isometrics, plyometrics, and calisthenics. Strength training exercises provide multiple health benefits to the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones by improving their strength, bone density, functionality with an increased metabolic rate. In addition, strength exercises increase fitness levels, just like cardio exercises with the help of various workouts that make use of incremental weights and target specific muscle groups. Most importantly, this special training is an anaerobic activity and a regular endurance workout for beginners will prevent the lactate levels from increasing.
What Exactly is Strength Training?
Strength exercises work all the muscles with the help of weight and dumbbells with their resistance. All these workouts will increase lean muscle mass and also aid weight loss by burning more calories. Strength training exercises are essential because when people drop in their weight, they tend to lose muscles also. Therefore, this training method will help to manage muscle mass by creating more robust muscles. Examples of strength training are using resistance bands, weight machines at the gym, lifting weights, bodyweight for resistance, squats, push-ups, pull-ups, and crunches.
What are Strength Training Exercises?
Strength training exercises will tone and work the muscles by offering resistance against the muscles, which will exert a force. Any strength training exercise aims to use a resistant force that will work on the targeted muscle groups of the body with eight to twelve repetitions per exercise twice or thrice every week. When strength training exercises are done at a gym, one can use the weight and machines to develop the muscles and chisel them. But when these exercises are done at home, the bodyweight is used as a resistance against the muscles. This has the same effect and impact on the body as using the weights.
Who Can Do Strength Training Exercise at Home?
For strength training, you need not spend more hours for results. It will need only nine minutes of exertion to do the full-body workout and build strength. Anybody can perform strength training even with any fitness level. Kids from eight years of age who are mature enough to understand and follow the instructions can practice this technique well.
Who Should Avoid Strength Training Workouts?
Strength training is safe when performed correctly, but a specific population should refrain from practicing strength training. For example, people with injuries, herniated disks, muscle tear, fractured bones, cartilage damages, etc., should avoid this type of training as improper workouts will aggravate the condition leading to permanent damage.
List of Best Strength Training Workouts
The list of strength training exercises that give the best results are:
Lunges are strength exercises that will boost the hamstrings, the back of the thigh, and the quadriceps in the front of the thighs. Furthermore, the gastrocnemius and gluteus maximus work better with this particular exercise. This is done by standing with the feet shoulder-width apart and the hands-on-hips. Next, take a generous stride length forward and bend the knee such that a right angle is made between the thigh and the shin. Hold for a few seconds and then return to the standing position. Repeat the same movement to the next leg and keep doing it for ten repetitions. One can do this strength workout with a small weight on both sides, which is optional.
Squats are used to strengthen the quadriceps, soleus, and gluteus maximus. Stand with the feet shoulder-width apart and then bend slowly at the hips with the knees lowered forward. Make sure this is done so that the thighs are parallel to the floor and then return to a standing posture. Again, one should do this strength workout for three sets with ten repetitions and a few minutes break between each set. Hold weights in both hands, and this is again an optional step.
Standing Calf Raise
These strength exercises are seen to strengthen the gastrocnemius muscles. Stand on the corner or edge of a step with the front of the foot only placed on it. For balance, hold the railing while performing the entire set. Make use of a small weight ball on one foot and lift the opposite foot off the ground. Then raise the heel by taking the weight as high as possible and return to the same position. Lower the heel until the stretch on the calf muscles is felt and then return to the original position. Perform this for ten repetitions, and then if the body permits, perform one more set. This exercise will enable sculpting of the calf muscles.
Wall Push-ups
Wall push-ups are the best strength training workout at home. It will strengthen the chest, arm, upper back, and shoulder muscles. Place the palms on a flat wall to shoulder height. Start by taking a step back and lean close to the wall. Let the hands hold some of the weight with the elbows and bend them. With the back and neck straight in line with the legs, avoid bending along the hips. Hold for a few seconds, then return to the upright position by straightening the elbows. Throughout the session, keep in mind to have the abdominals contracted and prevent the back from arching. Perform this for two sets of 10 repetitions in each. Take a 1-minute break in between to help the body recover.
Biceps Curl
This exercise will strengthen the biceps muscles that are at the front of the upper arm. Perform this by standing comfortably with the feet to the shoulder-width apart and optionally hold a small weight on one hand while doing this. Bend the elbow as you raise the hand weight to the shoulder height. Give a pause by flexing the elbow. Then return to the starting position by slowly lowering the arms with the wrist also straight. Perform three sets with five repetitions in each. Take 30 seconds in between each set.
Quad Knee or Arm Extension
This is done to strengthen the lower, middle, and upper back muscles. Make use of a floor mat and position on the fours to have the back flat. Try to stay parallel to the floor and concentrate on keeping the neck straight. Next, slowly raise one arm and the opposite leg off the ground by keeping the head, neck, and back straight. Hold for a few seconds without arching the back and then lower them to repeat for the other side. Perform this for five repetitions on each side and take care to have the abdominals tight.
What Type of Strength Training Exercise is Best to be Done at Home?
Strength training can be done at home without any equipment very quickly, and those list of strength exercises are: 1. Squats 2. Push-ups 3. Pull-ups 4. Crunches 5. Glute Bridges 6. Superman 7. Lunge 8. Plank
Health Benefits of Strength Training
The health benefits of strength training are: It increases the lean muscle mass or prevents the loss of it. Best strength exercises increase bone density. Bodyweight strength training reduces the risk of osteoporosis. Strength training exercises at home increase muscle strength, thereby making the day-by-day activities easy. Strength training for beginners is seen to increase metabolism and aids in managing or losing weight. Strength training workout decreases the risk of injury. Bodyweight strength training offers better support to the joints. Strength-building exercises boost the body's metabolism. It burns more calories. Strength training exercises at home reduce anxiety. Strength training for beginners improves sleep and helps to relax the mind better. Best strength exercises help solve diabetes by reducing blood sugar levels and improving the body's sensitivity to insulin. Strength training workout protects the bone health tremendously. Strength training for women lowers the risk of colon cancer.
Downsides of Strength Training Exercises at Home. If Any?
The disadvantages of strength training exercises are: Practicing strength training exercises at home without guidance is unsafe, which can be taken care of with cult.fit's at home strength training video sessions that are curated by fitness experts. Performing strength training at home wrongly will lead to severe health problems that may be dangerous or a permanent crisis. When using a barbell, there are a lot of chances of getting trapped under it. There are numerous chances of strain and sprain to the joints and muscles. Heavyweight beyond a person's body condition will cause internal injury. Muscle tends to become stiff, and this is a widespread problem. Strength training exercises will lead to muscle cramps that cause more imbalance to the body's electrolytes level. This leads to dehydration.
Dos & Don'ts
The dos of strength training exercises are: Start with a comfortable amount of weight and do it appropriately only 12 to 15 times in the initial stages. One can gradually increase weight and repetitions with time for the strength and conditioning workout. Learn to perform the exercise correctly as the better one-acts, the better will their results. The entire strength training exercises list helps move through the full range of motion with a decreased weight and increased repetitions. Breathe well by slow inhaling and exhaling during all mobility exercises. Concentrate on breathing and always make sure to exhale as you lift the weight and inhale as you lower the weight. Work the abdomen, legs, hips, shoulder, arms, chest, and back muscles. Strengthen the front and back of the arms in a balanced way. Make it fit into the routine or perform them at least twice a week or take up strength training at home. Plan the daily sessions and segregate them to work for all the major muscle groups without exercising the same muscles in a row.
The don'ts of strength training exercises are listed here. Do not skip the warmup as cold muscles are at more risk of being prone to injury. Make five to ten minutes of brisk walking or other gentle aerobic exercises to warm the muscles. Do not rush and perform the sessions in a controlled and unhurried manner during online strength training classes. Performing the training slowly will help to isolate the muscles well. Take sufficient breaks in between online strength training classes and do not push the body beyond its limit. Do not overdo, and when fatigue hits, make sure to take extra time to prevent the risk of injury. Do not ignore pain during strength training classes online. Try exercising after a few days with less weight to help the body cope up and recover. Wear the right shoes to protect the feet and other anti-slip gloves and guards to safeguard hands, knees, and elbows.
Are 30 minutes of Strength Training enough?
How to increase stamina? Strength training can be done with just thirty minutes to work all the big muscle groups of the body like the chest, back, and legs, which eventually develops stamina effectively. Building core stability is the fundamental key of any workout. A 30 minutes body pump workout will target the significant muscles by lifting weight or with high repetitions. It will build endurance and strength and also offer fat-burning effects with solid calories. The upper body, arms, and lower body can develop well in just 30 minutes, and a weekly session will help chisel the core and expand the body's functionality. Strength training at home with just 30 minutes will improve the overall performance across all other workouts. This can be done anywhere, strength training at home without equipment or in a gym with equipments.
Can you do Strength Training at Home?
One can perform strength training at home very easily as dumbbells are portable. The list mentioned above of strength training workouts can be performed at home with or without weight and resistance bands. Hence carving and isolating muscles is not a very difficult task with strength training at home as they can be easily done with just thirty minutes of time allotment.
Things Required to Do in Strength Training if You Are at Home & Gym?
The primary things that are required to perform strength training exercises at home and gym are:
1. Appropriate weights 2. Exercise mat 3. Barbells 4. Weight machines 5. Towel 6. Water bottle 7. Comfortable clothes 8. Fitting shoes 9. Anti-slip gloves 10. Elbow guard 11. Knee guard