2-Ingredient Kaju Katli

Time1 Hr 10 Min

One of India’s favourite sweets, almost every Indian has certainly tasted this delicious dessert at some point or the other. This 2-Ingredient Kaju Katli Recipe will help you learn How to make 2-Ingredient Kaju Katli and allow you to experience the joy of a truly homemade treat. The 2-Ingredient Kaju Katli Ingredients are jaggery and split cashew nuts and are readily available across the country. ... This dish takes just a little over an hour to prepare and is sure to be a hit among the kids and the adults alike. Traditionally prepared during Hindu festivals like Diwali and Ganesh Chathurthi, the 2-Ingredient Kaju Katli has become an important part of Indian cuisine in the last few centuries. Cashew nuts being native to Brazil were in fact introduced in Goa by the Portuguese some five hundred years ago and have since become extremely popular. Since this 2-Ingredient Kaju Katli Recipe replaces sugar and ghee with plain jaggery, it also ensures that it is relatively low in calories and fat while not compromising on the richness and taste of the classic Kaju Katli. When you prepare 2-Ingredient Kaju Katli at Home, ensure that you consume it in moderation as it is an extremely rich sweet that can upset your health if eaten in excess.

Nutrition Info. (per serving)

ProteinFatCarbsFibre438 Cal438 Cal438 Cal438 Cal
  • 12gProtein
  • 28gFat
  • 34gCarbs
  • 2gFibre


Dry Grocery

Cashewnut (2 Piece Split)

Cashewnut (2 Piece Split)

250 g

Jaggery Powder

Jaggery Powder

4 tablespoons

Lightly Toast The Cashew Nuts On A Low Flame For 4-5 Min And Let It Cool Down.
As The Cashew Nuts Are Cooled Down, Pulse Grind The Cashew Nuts In A Blender. It Should Be Coarse Powder.( Do Not Over Blend Or It Will Release It's Oil).
Lightly Grease Plate With Oil And Set Aside. Take A Saucepan Add Jaggery Powder And Water, On A Low Flame Let It Boil For 2-3 Min Until It Starts To Thicken
As The Jaggery Syrup thickens, Add The Powdered Cashew Nuts And Mix Well To Avoid Any Lumps. Turn off the heat.
While The Mixture Is Still Warm Transfer It To The Greased Plate And Spread The Mixture With Spatula,Try To Spread It Evenly.You can use the base of a metal bowl to even this out on the plate.
Allow It To Cool At Room Temperature For 20 -25 Minutes. As It Cools Down, It Will Get Firm. Check the mix if it is firm enough to cut. If not you might want to cool this in the refrigerator. Cut It Into Square/Diamonds As Desired.And Serve.
Health Benefits of 2-Ingredient Kaju Katli
The 2-Ingredient Kaju Katli Calories count is 438 per serving which is considerably lower than alternate variants made with sugar and ghee instead of jaggery. The 2-Ingredient Kaju Katli Benefits stem primarily from the rich properties of cashew nuts and the goodness of jaggery. Rich in good fats and with hardly any sodium, cashew nuts can help lower bad cholesterol and keep blood pressure under check. With a low glycemic index, cashews are also diabetic-friendly provided that they are eaten in small amounts. Cashew nuts are also packed with protein. The benefits of jaggery cannot be ignored either. Many believe jaggery to have immunity-boosting abilities that can help overcome common illnesses like colds and fevers. Jaggery is also an excellent source of iron and other minerals and therefore, proves to be an excellent alternative to processed white sugar. Watch the 2-Ingredient Kaju Katli video and enjoy this classic Indian sweet at home today!


We hope you had fun making it! Enjoy the meal.

What is Kaju Katli?
A classic Indian dessert, Kaju katli is an all-time favourite sweet Indians love to relish on special festivals such as Diwali and Bandhi Chor Divas. The name kaju means cashew and katli means fudge. Thus, kaju katli is a fudge that is prepared with powdered cashews. It is often made by thickening milk with sugar but you can also pick other ingredients such as jaggery to make sugar free kaju barfi. Sometimes, kaju katli is also known as kaju barfi. The sweet has a smooth texture and melts in the mouth with mild flavours. While we have shared the easy kaju katli recipe with only two ingredients, you can try other variations by adding more kaju katli ingredients such as cardamom and dry nuts to increase the flavours and taste.
Story Behind Kaju Barfi’s Origin
Most of the sweets have a story associated with their invention and kaju katli is no exception. The legend of kaju katli’s origin goes back to the Mughal era when Jahangir was the emperor. He captivated several Hindu kings and Sikh gurus in his Gwalior fort and kept them imprisoned for many years. All the prisoners lived in palpable condition and the suffering had no end. One of the prisoners was the 6th Sikh Guru, Guru Hargobind who tried to improve the quality of prisoners and took various steps to help the inmates. Even Jahangir was very much impressed by the Guru. He declared that he would release the Guru and anyone who can cling to his robe when he goes out of the prison will also get his freedom. Guru Hargobind secretly arranged for a huge clock with 52 tails and freed the Hindu kings and other prisoners. This is how Guru Hargobind came to be known as a liberator (Bandi chor). It was the day of Diwali celebration and Sikhs all over also celebrate this day as Bandhi Chor Divas. It is said that on this day, Jahangir’s royal chef prepared kaju barfi as a token of appreciation for the Sikh guru. Originally, kaju ki barfi was made with thickened milk or rabri mixed with ground cashews and almonds.
Tips To Make the Perfect Kaju Katli
Done with the story? Let’s help you with some easy yet effective tips that can help you make the best kaju ki barfi. The process of the kaju barfi recipe may be simple but you will take time and these tips to make it right. So, read and follow them while making kaju katli mithai: Always take time to choose the cashews correctly. Test them first before adding them to the recipe. Your cashews should taste fresh and have the right creamy flavour. If you feel any change in the taste or smell staleness, do not proceed. We suggest you buy only premium quality unsalted cashews for kaju katli sweet. When it comes to grinding the cashews, use a small spice grinder and blend it for 20-30 seconds. Try not to over grind as it can lead to the release of oil from the kaju and affect the sweet’s texture. Also, get rid of any coarse cashew pieces by using the sieve. As for the mixture, boil it on a low flame and keep stirring constantly while cooking the jaggery-kaju mixture. This will ensure no lumps affect your kaju barfi and you get a perfect batter for the dough. The cashew mixture can really stick when you remove it from the pan. So, use parchment paper to roll the dough. You can also grease the plate and transfer the dough ensuring nothing sticks. In case your sugar free kaju katli mixture sticks a lot, it means it is still not prepared well. So, continue to cook the mixture for a little longer. With these tips, your kaju katli recipe will surely turn out to be like the ones made by professionals. Now, wait no more, gather the ingredients and treat your loved ones with creamy and healthy kaju katli sweet today!
Other Sweet Dish Recipes to Try at Home
Once you know how to make kaju katli, don’t stop there. Try other healthy recipes of Indian desserts and we are sure you would not help but make them for special occasions every now and then. To make your task a bit simpler, we have scooped out some of the tastiest and easiest sweet dish recipes you can prepare at home. Take a look! Besan Ladoo: Round and golden-hued dessert, besan ladoo is prepared with gram flour, sugar, ghee and cardamoms. You can also add dry nuts and fruits to enhance the flavour. It is usually made for special occasions and weddings to enjoy the festivities and good news. Gajar Ka Halwa: A special winter dessert, gajar ka halwa is a dish no one can deny. This carrot-based sweet dessert is one of the finest Indian desserts you would often find at weddings and festivals. If you want a light and nutritious dessert, gajar ka halwa is for you! Double Ka Meetha: Also known as Shahi tukra, double ka meetha traces its origin to Mughlai cuisine. It is a bread pudding that has an irresistible and rich taste you would become a fan of in just one bite. Sabudana Kheer: A delight for people who fast during Navratri and other festival days, sabudana kheer is easy to make and extremely delicious to taste. It is made using sago, milk and sugar along with cardamom and dry fruits. You can also try other variations depending on your taste and experiment with the ingredients. Vegan Kheer: As the name suggests, a vegan kheer does not use any dairy product. Thus, instead of dairy milk, you will have to use almond milk, rice milk, cashew milk or even hazelnut milk. You can choose any type of milk to prepare a creamy and sumptuous pudding. The fragrance and the flavour of vegan kheer are fabulous; thus, do try it once.
Indian desserts are not just about their tastes, they add the extra smile on people’s faces on happy occasions. So, try them today and bring some joy to the people you love!
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