Fat Burning Exercises

This pack includes easy fat burning exercises that will help you burn that excess fat.
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Fat Burn - Advanced

The movements in this pack have been designed to engage your larger muscles to ensure a greater calorie burn. The movements will activate and engage your core, glutes and upper body. Get ready for some powerful exercises that will help burn that fat!

Fat Burn Advanced II

This pack features fairly simple excercises that help you get rid of that excess fat. A meticulous mix of movements and programming makes this pack effective.
What is Fat?
The food that we consume contains nutrients that provide energy and other required substances to the body. The nutrients are further classified into three major groups, which are carbohydrates, proteins and fats. The fat group of the nutrients is from food items like butter, nuts, oil, meat, fish and dairy products. It is used as a fuel source and is the primary form of stored energy in the body. Higher amounts of fat are bad for health. But small or moderate amounts of fats are required in the diet for good health, and these fats come in various forms known as saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. One can effectively burn the fat in the body with types of physical fitness like abs workout, dancing for weight loss, weight training, cardio, etc.
What are Fat Burning Exercises?
Fat burning exercises are high-intensity exercises that have to be done at a challenging pace and fitness level to fat burn. The whole concept of fat burning exercises is to perform the workout at a mark below the maximum effort to help the body burn more fat and calories. Higher-intensity workouts consume more oxygen that helps spike the body metabolism, thereby causing the fat burn. But it is considered that both moderate-intensity and high-intensity workouts are effective to burn fat efficiently. Hence, fat burning exercises have to be essentially a mix of both cardiovascular and strength training exercises. Strength training is necessary here as the more muscles a person develops and has, the more fat the body will burn in resting condition. To make it more specific, HIIT has been proven to be the fastest fat blasting workout as it results in greater extents of post-exercise oxygen consumption.
What Causes Fat?
Fat gets deposited in the body due to various reasons, and they have to be driven out of the body with fat burning exercises to lead a healthy life. Some of the reasons why fat gets accumulated are stated below. They are: Excessive carbohydrates intake leads to body fat Sitting for longer durations Drinking less water Not sleeping for more extended periods or failing to relax Improper intake of proteins and fibre Genetic condition or hereditary leads to accumulation of fat even if the person eats less. Consumption of alcohol Lesser inclusion of fruits and vegetables in the diet Following irregular mealtimes
Symptoms of Excess Fat
Overweight and obese people are most likely to have excess fat in their body. But besides only these two criteria, the other symptoms to determine whether a person has extra fat stores in his/her body are: High blood sugar that shoots more than 100mg/dL Higher body mass index Frequent hunger and a huge appetite Bigger waist circumference that is more than 30 inches in men and 35 inches for women
Who Can Do Fat Burning Exercise?
Anyone and everyone who wants to reduce their body weight and tone their physical structure can start performing fat burning exercises. Losing extra pounds also develops sound mental health and confidence in a person with fat burn. So, people who have an inferiority complex or suffering from stress or depression can practice these fat burning exercises to feel refreshed and change their perspective in life.
Who Should Avoid Fat Burning Exercises?
Though fat burning exercises are designed for people on the heftier side aiming to help cause fat burn and lose weight, it is restricted for a fewer crowd, and they are: Pregnant women People with neural problems Patients with unstable mental health conditions Patients immediately after post-surgery must strictly refrain from performing these exercises.
List of Best Fat Burning Exercises
Though there are a lot of high-intensity workouts that contribute to the best fat burning process, the best among them is: Jogging or running Swimming Cycling Weight training Brisk walking Interval training Yoga Pilates
What Exercise to Perform at Home to Burn Fat?
There are specific fat burning exercises that can efficiently perform at home to lose fat quickly and easily without the support of other equipment. The fat burning exercises at home are explained in detail below to practice them regularly at home: Jumping Jacks These fat burning exercises are essential cardio exercises to bring the heart rate up. It is done by performing it in a standing position with the arms resting on the sides of the body. Then, bending the knees and jumping, make sure that the jump is wider than the shoulder width. Simultaneously thrust the arms out over the head and then return the body to the starting position. Repeat this exercise to reduce fat by continuously doing it for 30 seconds and jumping continually without a break. Do these fat burning exercises at home to see better results. Squat Jumps This exercise to reduce fat is done with a squat. Place the feet to shoulder width and lower the body to a primary squat position with the back and the upper body in a lifted posture. Then lower the hips and the butt to the ground like sitting on an imaginary chair. Keep the core tight, and then launch yourself into the air into an explosive jump. While landing, take care to fall to the feet lightly and then immediately perform another squat. Keep repeating these fat burning exercises for 40 seconds. This is an excellent workout to burn the fat from thighs and butt and burn calories with the explosive jump. Burpees Burpees are the best fat burning exercises to work out the whole-body parts by increasing the heart rate. Start in a standing position with the feet wide apart to the shoulder width. Lower the body to a squat and then place the hands on the ground in front of the feet. Jump again and land in a plank position. Again, make a jump to return to the feet with one more powerful jump straight up. Keep repeating this exercise to reduce fat and make them more challenging; a push up can be added while reaching the plank position. One should do this for 40 seconds, and one can perform 3 sets to see better results. Do these fat burning exercises at home to see better results. High Knees High knees are the fillers for fat burning exercises to increase the workout intensity, and it is done in a standing position. The knees are lifted towards the chest and switched to the other leg instantly. This is done at a nonstop pace by alternating between the legs. Then place the hands in a running motion. Keep doing this for 60 seconds without any break in the middle to burn more calories and fat from the body. Skater Jumps Skater jumps are another efficient cardio exercise and practical fat burning exercises to be performed at home. It is done in a standing position with the feet to the hip-width. Then with one foot planted behind in a cross angle, almost like a curtsy lunge, it is performed to the other leg. The arms are swinging motion across the body from side to side in coherence with the leg movement. Keep performing this continuously by leaping from side to side for 60 seconds without any intervals in between to burn the maximum fat. Do these fat burning exercises at home to see better results. Plank Jacks These fat burning exercises are a variation of plank and is started in a plank position with the wrist in line with the shoulders. One must extend the straight body line, and one must plant the feet on the floor together. Jump by widening the legs out and then jumping back inside with the legs together faster. Then one should do this continuously without stopping for 60 seconds. This is seen to tighten the core and also burn fat in the lower body effectively.
Health Benefits of Losing Fat
Fat burning exercises at home provide the best results to human health. The health benefits of losing fat with various fat burning exercises are: Fat burning exercises burn calories and excess fat, thereby helping to maintain weight or lose the extra pounds. The fast weight loss gives a perfect shape to the body. Fat exercise creates a better hormonal balance in the system. Fat loss workout increases the body's immunity. It decreases and reduces the cellulite in the body. This tones the body well and makes the person look more attractive. All the best fat burning exercises develop excellent mental health and thereby combats depression. Fat burning workout creates a positive outlook on everything in life, and also on regular practice it helps the person stay fresh and relaxed. The best exercise for fat loss is the best stress reliever to fight all other problems in his/her day-to-day life. Fat burning exercises reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems that are associated with the heart. Best fat burning exercises control the cholesterol levels in the body. Fat loss workout improves the heart health tremendously that he/she will be able to perform their daily chores with more power and stamina. A high-intensity fat loss workout at home delivers oxygen to the tissues and provides the body with the required nutrients. Fat loss exercise at home boosts the endurance levels in the body. All the best fat burning exercises promotes better sleep patterns and helps people suffering from sleep issues. Exercises that burn fat fast boost a person's confidence and self-esteem as his/her body changes with a more attractive physical structure. Fat loss exercise at home changes the appearance of the skin and complexion. Fat burning workout lifts the mood and emotions. This is done by stimulating the brain chemicals and helps all the people who are exercising to remain happy, relaxed with less anxiety. Fat exercise is also seen to spark the person's sex life and drive effectively. The best fat burning exercises treat erectile dysfunction in men.
Disadvantages of Having Fat
The adverse effects of having excess fat in the body may interrupt daily activities and cause severe health conditions. They are: Increased sweating Breathlessness Joint and back pain Feeling tired most of the time Snoring while sleeping Difficulty performing all the physical activity Low confidence and self-esteem Leads to depression Increased chance of developing type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, atherosclerosis and other severe conditions like stroke or coronary heart disease Higher chances to develop cancer and mostly bowel, breast and womb cancer Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease and is a situation where the stomach acid leaks out of the stomach lining to the gullet Reduced fertility Osteoarthritis worsens and aggravates people increasing the stiffness and pain in the joints. Sleep apnoea where the person has interrupted breathing with more daytime sleeping patterns The person develops liver and kidney problems Chances to create gallstones in the body Breathing difficulty with the body's overweight and asthma problems Gestational diabetes or pre-eclampsia in pregnant women is a dangerous health issue.
Dos & Don'ts
The various dos and don'ts associated with fat burning exercises are: Perform regular training of fat loss exercise Make use of energy fluids in between all the fat loss workout plan Make nutrition a priority Always stay hydrated while performing the best fat burning workouts. Remain consistent as that is the essential thing in any physical activity. Do not repeat the same best fat burning workouts regularly. Instead, mix and create combo moves or variations. Do not overdo the fat loss exercise. Do not consume more water immediately after doing the calorie burning exercises; and instead, wait for some time and then drink it at a slow pace. Do not lose hope if you are unable to see results immediately with fat loss exercise. If you have any health complications, always consult a physician before practising a fat loss workout plan. Online classes and workouts for fat loss exercise do not work for everybody.
Things Required to Do Fat Burning Exercise if You Are at Home & Gym?
The things that are required to do fat burning exercises at both home and gym are: Peaceful and spacious workout environment Comfortable clothes Proper shoes Sufficient water Energy drinks Towel Accessories like plank bands, exercising mat, etc. Music system to create a relaxed feel while pushing the body