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Calorie Crush - Beginner

Want to crush those calories ? then look no further. The sessions in this series are designed to burn that stubborn fat for a leaner meaner look. The sessions are comparatively longer and consists of warm up, main movements and cool down

Calorie Crush - Intermediate

The Intermediate level is a progression from the beginners level. The movements are focused and are designed to help you burn those calories. The movements are scalable which gives you the flexibility to do them at your own pace.

Calorie Crush - Advanced

A step up from the intermediate level, this advanced series is more challenging. The movements are neither tough nor easy but are scalable which gives you the flexibility to do them at your pace.
Crush Calories with Ayesha

Crush Calories with Ayesha

Enjoy your favourite workouts by Ayesha Reid

HIIT - Beginner

This beginner’s s pack of High Intensity Interval training trains you in short bursts along with short recovery periods. This format is excellent in burning that stubborn fat in lesser time. The movements are simple and easy to execute. The sessions consist of 10 main movements followed by cool down. Let’s get Started!

HIIT - Intermediate

This pack is the intermediate level and is a progression from the Beginner's level of HIIT. The sessions are longer and will help you break down those calories. The moments are done in short bursts with short recovery which time. This will help you burn more fat with lesser time.

Fat Burn - Advanced

The movements in this pack have been designed to engage your larger muscles to ensure a greater calorie burn. The movements will activate and engage your core, glutes and upper body. Get ready for some powerful exercises that will help burn that fat!

Fat Burn Advanced II

This pack features fairly simple excercises that help you get rid of that excess fat. A meticulous mix of movements and programming makes this pack effective.

Belly Burn - Beginner

Want to have a strong midsection and work towards a flat stomach? The sessions in this pack are aimed at helping strengthen the midsection, burning the belly fat and helping improve overall fitness! While doing this pack, ensure to eat healthy and eat clean!

Belly Burn - Intermediate

Get ready to fire up that midsection in this series! Apart from primarily attacking your core and midsection, the movements will also aim at strengthening your upper and lower body. Make sure to eat clean to see maximal impact!

Belly Burn - Advanced

Get ready for some explosive work-out's for your midsection! These intermediate-advanced sessions helps enhance your endurance and strength. Also, remember to eat clean and eat right.
What Are Calorie Burning Exercises?
Calories can be described as a type of unit of measurement. It measures energy. Every item of food contains a number of calories. When you eat that food, your body absorbs those calories. Calories are not exactly bad for our health However, eating too many calories than our body requires can lead to weight gain. The calories you consume are used by your body. But when you consume more than your body requires, it converts the extra calories to fat. Consuming too many calories leads to additional weight gain which can lead to health issues. This is where calorie-burning exercises come in handy. You can burn off those pesky extra calories with physical activities. High calorie burning workouts are designed to help you burn the most calories possible. However, you will need to follow a low-calorie diet to see change. You need to avoid high-calorie foods like junk food, soda, candy, and so on and switch to a balanced diet in order to get the most benefit offered by calorie burning exercises.
When Should You Do Calorie Burning Exercises?
Although you can do your calorie burning workouts at any time of the day, it is the most effective in the morning. Studies have shown that doing high calorie burning workouts in the morning burns more calories and also improves oxygen circulation. It results in a more rejuvenating feeling post-workout than evening workouts. You can squeeze in a session of calorie burning exercises early morning before you start your day. This will help you have a great day and fall asleep faster at night. Once you get used to working out every morning, it will become a part of your regular routine. In fact, calorie burning exercises on an empty stomach in the morning can burn more calories. Working out in the evening might seem like a good idea if you are strapped for time. However, it will prevent you from falling asleep quickly at night. You can get over this by waking up an hour earlier than usual and squeezing in a quick session of calorie burning exercises at home.
Who Can Do Calorie Burning Exercises?
The best thing about calorie burning workouts is that they can be done by anyone who has no mobility issues for fast weight loss. As long as you follow precautions and do not over-strain yourself, you can go ahead with a high-intensity exercise calories burn session. It is always a good idea to talk to your doctor before you get started on a new exercise regimen. Yoga for weight loss is also a great way to burn calories and tone your body.
Who Should Avoid Calorie Burning Exercises?
People who have severely limited mobility need to avoid high-intensity exercises. Pregnant women are advised to avoid high-intensity workouts. People who have low-density bones also need to avoid high-intensity exercises.
List Of Best Calorie Burning Exercises At Home
High-Knee Running Butt Kicks Mountain climbers Swimming Stationary bicycling Sprints Walking Running Aerobic Dance Jumping Jacks Jumping Rope
High-Knee Running: Best Calorie Burning Workout
High-knee running is one of the highest calorie burning exercises. It helps raise your heart rate and strengthen your lower body at the same time. High-knee running is one of the best calorie burning exercises to burn calories at home. Let’s take a look at how to do this calorie burning workout: Find an empty spot and run in place as you lift your knees till your thighs are parallel to the floor. Remember to move your arms up and down as you run in place. High-knee running requires around 30 minutes and helps burn around 360 calories. Total Time: 30 minutes Calories Burned: 240 to 360
Butt Kicks: Easy Calorie Burning Exercise
But kicks are another one of the highest calorie burning exercises to do at home. This is a high-intensity workout that is the best exercise to burn calories. Let’s take a look at how to do this calorie burning workout: Stand in an empty spot and lift your right heel towards your butt. Then repeat with your left heel. Alternate between your heels while you pump both your arms at the same time. Speed this up to make this process a maximum calorie burning exercise. Butt Kicks being an easy exercise to burn calories can help burn up to 360 calories in 30 minutes. Total Time: 30 minutes Calories Burned: 240 to 360
Mountain Climbers: High Calorie Burning Exercise
Mountain climbers are one of the best exercises to burn calories at home that burn the most calories. It is a full-body workout and burns the most calories in less time as compared to other calorie burning workouts. Let’s take a look at how to do this calorie burner workout: Get into a plank position with your shoulders positioned over your hands. Then engage your core as you lift your right knee gradually towards your chest. Return to the plank position and repeat the above step with your left knee. Repeat these steps repeatedly till you tire out. This process is an efficient Total Time: 30 minutes way and a maximum calorie burning workout. Calories Burned: 240 to 360
Swimming: Fastest Calorie Burning Exercise
The best thing about swimming is that it is a low-impact workout that improves blood flow, muscle strength, lung, and heart capacity. Studies show that thirty minutes of swimming will help you burn as many calories as thirty minutes of running. However, swimming places less stress on your body and is a great choice for people with limited mobility or joint problems. You can increase your calorie burning while swimming by doing water aerobics or laps. Total Time: 30 minutes Calories Burned: 200 to 300
Stationary Bicycling: Easy Calorie Burning Exercise To Do At Home
A stationary bike can be used to give HIIT for beginners a try. You can alternate between slow and fast cycling to burn the most calories with this calorie burning workout. Let’s take a look at how to do this work out: Start with a 5-minute warmup. Then alternate between 1-minute speed and 2-minute recovery intervals Your speed intervals need to be 7 to 9 and your recovery intervals at 5 to 6. Total Time: 30 minutes Calories Burned: 210 to 311
Sprints: A High Calorie Burning Workout
Sprints are one of the exercises that burn the most calories. If you don’t have enough time to go for a long run, try a print instead. This is a high-intensity workout that will improve your physical fitness in the long run. It is a good idea to warm up by doing some high-knee running or jumping jacks. Total Time: 30 minutes Cardio Calories Burned: 240 to 350
Walking: Easiest Calorie Burning Exercise
If you have limited mobility or injuries, walking is the best cardio workout. It doesn’t place too much strain on your body, yet is a great calorie burning exercise. The best part about walking is that you don’t need any fancy equipment. You can just walk around your home or even in your backyard. You can increase the cardio calories burned by increasing your walking speed. Total Time: 30 minutes Calories Burned: 120 to 200
Running: Intense Calorie Burning Workout
Running is one of the best exercises that burn the most calories. It helps improve your flexibility, increases your endurance, and also gets your blood flowing. All you need is a great pair of running shoes and you are ready to go. You can increase the number of calories you burn by running faster. Listening to a podcast or some music will make this work out even more enjoyable. Total Time: 30 minutes Calories Burned: 240 to 350
Aerobic Dance: Calorie Burning With A Groove
If you are looking for calorie burning exercises at home, aerobic dance is your answer. It burns plenty of calories and raises your heartbeat. You can try your hand at popular dance workouts like Bokwa or Zumba. All you need is a great playlist and some space to indulge in some high-energy dance. Total Time: 30 minutes Calories Burned: 250 to 340
Jumping Jacks: High Calorie Burning Exercise
Jumping jacks are another cardio exercise that raises your heart rate and burns calories. It is also a full-body workout. Fortunately, this workout does not require much space and can be done in any corner of your home. Jumping jacks can be a part of your easy calorie burning exercises or your warmup. Let’s see how to do this work out: Stand in an empty spot with your feet together. Then place both your arms at your sides. Then jump with legs wide apart and lift your arms all the way over your head at the same time. Repeat this till you tire out. Total Time: 30 minutes Calories Burned: 240 to 350
Jumping Rope: Calorie Burning Exercise To Do At Home
Jumping rope is a simple cardio activity that can be a part of your high calorie burning workout and can help build lower leg strength at the same time. This high calorie burning activity only requires a jumping rope and a free spot. In fact, many people who are not able to go to a gym do jumping rope as a part of their most calorie burning workouts at home to stay fit. Total Time: 30 minutes Calories Burned: 210 to 340 Regardless of which calorie burning workout, you choose to do, remember to wear the right footwear and warm up properly before working out. Warming up also protects your body from injuries. Experts recommend starting slowly and building up your tolerance and endurance before going ahead full steam with your workouts. This will help your body get used to the new routine. Over time the workouts will burn your calories and help you build more muscle. You can also combine cardio and weight workouts together for increasing the number of calories you burn. In fact, the best exercise to burn calories is a cardio and weight training exercise.
Health Benefits Of Calorie Burning Exercises
Controls Your Weight: Calorie-burning exercises are helpful in controlling your weight. In order to maintain a particular bodyweight, you need to burn the calories that you eat and drink. This is where a daily workout routine comes in handy. Lowers Your Risk Of Heart Disease: Studies have shown that exercise strengthens your heart and also improves your blood circulation. It helps lower your risk of high cholesterol, heart disease, and coronary artery diseases. Lowers Blood Sugar: If you are having trouble lowering your blood sugar levels, calorie burning exercises is your answer. It reduces your risk for type 2 disease and metabolic syndrome. Improves Your Mood: Another major benefit of calorie-burning exercises is that it improves your mental health and mood. It can also work as a great stress buster. Improves Your Judgement Skills: Exercise stimulates your brain and body. This helps you make better decisions and also improves your learning and thinking skills. Strengthens Bones & Muscles: Regular exercise goes a long way in improving your bone and muscle strength. This is why teens are encouraged to exercise regularly. With routine muscle-strengthening workouts, you can maintain or increase your muscle strength and mass. Reduces Your Risk to Several Cancers: Regular calorie-burning workouts reduce your risk of developing some types of cancers like uterine, colon, breast, or lung cancer. Prevents Injuries and Falls: Studies have shown that regular calories burning workout sessions go a long way in reducing falls as it helps improve your balance and strengthens your balance. Improves Sleep Quality: You can finally get good quality sleep night after night with regular calorie-burning workout sessions. Improves Sexual Health: Including routine calories burning sessions goes a long way in improving your sexual health. It will lower your risk of erectile dysfunction in men and improve sexual arousal in women. Increases Your Lifespan: A regular workout is a sure-shot way of improving your health and helping you live longer.
Disadvantage Of Calorie Burning Exercises
Interestingly there are no disadvantages of calorie-burning exercise as long as you follow precautions and listen to your doctor and personal trainer.
Dos & Don’ts
Calorie Burning Exercises can be done by anyone who is physically healthy with no mobility issues. You can consider modified exercises if you are recovering from an injury, have limited mobility, or certain health conditions. You need to talk to your doctor and personal trainer before you head out for the HIIT workout calories burn session. Your trainer can recommend modifications that will not place undue pressure on your body.
Things Required To Do Calorie Burning Exercises If You Are At Home & Gym?
If you are planning on doing some high calorie workout at home, you need to follow a few precautions: Always wear comfortable clothing that does not restrict your movement. Remember to wear appropriate footwear. Remember to warm up before your workout and cool down once you are finished working out. Drink plenty of water to avoid becoming dehydrated. At the end of the day, calorie burning exercises are a great way to get toned muscles and burn plenty of calories.
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